2013 Oregon Enduro Series Finals

Sep 4, 2013 at 13:09
Sep 4, 2013
by Oregon Enduro  
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The Oregon Enduro Series has put four great races in the books for 2013 with the series finals at Mt. Hood and Sandy Ridge coming up September 7th and 8th. The Oregon Series has been providing some of the best race venues in the world for years. The Oregon Enduro Series led the charge in mountain biking by creating the first premier enduro series in North America in 2012 and again in 2013 by investing and developing a state of the art RFID chip timing system with Innovative Timing Systems. The 2013 Oregon Enduro Series has been an exciting battle between the best enduro athletes in North America. The enduro format is here to stay as proven by the growth of Amateur and Pro participation this year. Here at the Oregon Enduro Series, we love to give our fellow mountain bikers a reason to come together and enjoy the sport we are so passionate about. The events are meant to be a balance of fun and competition and we are proud to be at the forefront of enduro in North America. Thanks to the support of our participants and sponsors we have been able to provide a series of world-class events in the Pacific Northwest and a platform for some of the best mountain bikers in the world to display their talents.

Nate Hills Sram Wolf Rock Racing from Dillon CO on a fast loose corner of stage 6.

The Series finals will be held September 7th & 8th at Sandy Ridge on Day 1, followed by Mt Hood on Day 2. It will be an all-out battle to the end with 250 points up for grabs over five stages of racing. It will also be the sixth race in the North American Enduro Tour. With only two races left on the NAET series, the Mt Hood/Sandy Ridge race will be an important opportunity to move up the National rankings. The competition is very tight in the eleven different Pro and Amateur categories. With the competition so close and facing some of the most exciting terrain of the season, the Oregon Enduro Finals are guaranteed to be a nail biter.

2013 Oregon Enduro Series 4

Check out the HUGE Raffle and Prize List for the Finals! With almost $6,000 in cash and $40,000 in product! Click here for prize list!

Current rankings after four races:

Top 5 Pro Men
1st: Curtis Keene 672 pts.
2nd: Chris Johnston 602 pts.
3rd: Aaron Bradford 546 pts.
4th: Josh Carlson 502 pts.
5th: Mason Bond 494 pts.

Top 5 Pro Women
1st: Rosara Joseph 744 pts.
2nd: Jennifer Johnson 572 pts.
3rd: Carolynn Romaine 510 pts.
4th: Katie Jay Melena 382 pts.
5th: Zoe Taylor 332 pts.

Click here for complete series results

Curtis Keene roosting in front of Mount St. Helens on his way to the overall win.
This year’s Pro Men’s category has been a who’s who of the fastest mountain bikers on this side of the planet. The current top three in the series all have a chance at the Championship when the lowest three stage results are dropped out of the twenty-five stages in the 2013 Oregon Enduro Series. The current top three, Curtis Keene, Chris Johnston and Aaron Bradford, have a buffer with three of the other top ten competitors on the injured reserve list….we look forward to seeing Josh Carlson, Tyler Horton and Mathew Slaven up to speed again soon.

Mason Bond hitting one of the loose corners of the BTI trail.
The young guns Mason Bond and Marco Osborne have been strong all year and will look to step up in the overall rankings through the technical fast rocky sections of Sandy Ridge and Mt. Hood. Veterans Adam Craig and Nathan Riddle know these trails well and the results should show it. Adam Craig has been consistently moving up the EWS and NAET series and will look to jump up from his current 7th overall OES ranking.

While I don t mean to pick on Rosara Joseph She did win the race after all this photo illustrates how intense this seemingly simple jump can be. Rosara had speed coming up to it but scrubbed it at the last second. You can see the intense look on her face as she is now forced to hit the g-out at speed. She made it through safe but my guess is that if she were to race this trail again she d be jumping this one.
Rosara Joseph has a commanding lead over the competition in the Pro Women’s category. The race for second overall will be close as Jennifer Johnson and Carolynn Romaine are neck and neck.

WTB s Jeremiah Newman.
The Amateur categories are sure to be exciting to watch, as there are many close overall points standings. Jeremiah Newman has a big lead in the Expert Men 19-39 category over a tight race between Tony De Cordoba and Dennis Yuroshek for second. The Expert Men 40+ overall will be anyone’s race as Doug Riipinen, Ian Fitzpatrick, Rich Maile and Erik Schulz are all within striking distance of first place. The top spot for the Sport Men 19-39 category looks to be locked down by Colin Longmuir, but second could go to Aiden Jones or Sean Connaghan. Only two points separate Sport Men 40+ first and second, Robert Christensen and Steven Finlayson, followed by Santiam’s Thom Weeks in third.

The Expert Women's race is close to being wrapped up by Sarah Tingey, but Liz Miller and Jamie Sage will be battling for second overall. Sport Women 34 & Under is being dominated by Adele Mery, but second through fourth places are separated by only 60 points. In Sport Women 35+ Stephanie Armesto has an impressive lead in the overall, but all the ladies in the Sport Women category are winners in our book. Tracy Fitzpatrick, Heather Pola, Amy Esnard and Patrica Lenz round out the top five.

Junior racer bike check. Winter Nason has been at the top of the Jr. racer standing the last few years so we wanted to catch up with him to see what he is riding Its a 2013 Enduro 29er with a 2014 fox 34 enve carbon wheels full xo drivetrain ti brake and rotor bolts Specialized command post xtr pedals and it has a tooth components front chain ring...
The Nason brothers seem to be a force to recon with in the Juniors category with Winter Nason in first and his younger brother Duncan in fourth. Winter has a solid 100+ point lead in the series, but he will have to keep it up at the Finals as Louis Mollett, Matt Erbentraut, John Curtis and brother Ducan will all be pushing to move up on the podium.

The enduro format is about finding the best all around mountain biker and a five-race series offers an opportunity for consistent well-rounded athletes to rise to the top. Stay tuned to see how the 2013 season will pan out for these great athletes and everyone who has made it out to the Oregon Enduro Series for fun and camaraderie at these great events.

Muscle Milk Challenge
The Oregon Enduro Series is the first series to encourage and reward its competitors for giving back to their communities through outreach programs, trail advocacy and charitable causes. With the Support of Muscle Milk and the participation of several teams we have donated over $2000 in cash and product to the winning teams and their charitable organizations. We still have the finals to award one more $250 donation and then the overall winners of the Muscle Milk Challenge will receive four free entries to the 2014 Oregon Enduro Series.
Muscle Milk Team winners Fly Racing

2013 Media Coverage
The Oregon Enduro Series media coverage has been second to none and with our international media partners (pinkbike.com and Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine) we have a global reach. In partnership with Teller Digital, the Oregon Enduro Series has created several amazing videos supporting the series and our sponsors.

The Oregon Enduro Series is proud to be a part of a new chapter in mountain biking history. Enduro in North America is thriving and will continue to grow with support from great sponsors like Santa Cruz, Shimano, Roval, FOX, ONE Industries, Bell, Tioga, Muscle Milk, E13 and The Hive, Dakine, Chainbrew, Ninkasi, Gravity Dropper, Clif Bar, SR Suntour, Yakima, Silverado Jewelry, Oakley, ODI, GoPro, Chris King, Genuine Innovations, Continental Tires, Stumptown, Troy Lee Designs, and Kore. You can find great products from these Enduro supporting companies at shops like Santiam Bicycles in Salem, OR and Washington Square, Hutch’s Bicycles, Discover Bicycles and Dirty Fingers Bicycles. We will continue to produce great Enduro events in the Pacific Northwest and increase our reach of introducing more people to mountain biking and great experiences outdoors. We strive to be part of trail stewardship throughout the region and dedicate our time and resources to make the trails we race and ride on better and more sustainable every year.

Go to www.OregonEnduro.com for more details.
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  • + 7
 I raced two of the OES events this year. I may enter a few next year too as the venues are pretty awesome. I hope that the 2014 series is coordinated with the Cascadia Dirt Cup so that both series' can be raced. It's a stretch but I think these series would be considerably better if the courses were not published ahead of time. Racing an unknown course levels the playing field for everyone.
  • - 3
 not sure if sending a bunch of mountain bikers blazing down a trail blind is the best plan.
  • + 7
 Why not? Everyone's got a 'first run' on a trail all the time.
My understanding is that many of the enduros over on 'the continent' are done this way so that there is no prerunning.
The 'worst' part of the OES is knowing that you're visiting someone's local tracks, and they're gonna smoke you no matter how fit you are.
  • + 3
 In a local series, there will always be a number of people with access to each venue well before the race. Racing blind would seem to only increase the local advantage. A few runs (or even just one) for the riders who don't know the trail make a huge difference, and those extra couple runs for the local riders don't give them much more than they already had. As a non-pro, I really appreciate the chance to look at what I'm about to race so that I'm prepared.
  • + 1
 Thats the whole point of Enduro, you dont want to ride blind ride XC, go DH simple, change the channel dont blame the game!
  • + 1
 I'm not blaming the game, Maverickdh00. I'm pointing out what I see as a weak point in the event that I want to continue to participate in. I've raced DH, XC and marathon events in the expert category so I have some experience under my belt. Enduro better matches what I want in a competitive event. I just wish the format was a little different.
  • + 2
 None of the tracks on the Enduro World Series are run blind. They are all part of different, well established race series, and each series is run a bit differently. The first in Italy allowed shutting to preview the tracks. For Val d'Allos, racers got a snapshot run 2 hours before the timed run for each of the five different tracks (stage 4 was run 2 x) allowing them time to review helmet cam footage to memorize the main features of the track. Les Deux Alpes allowed scouting on foot the day before the races started. I can't recall the Colorado venues rules, but the Whistler race tracks were published and riders were allowed to scout them the day before as much as they wanted, as long as they didn't use outside assistance. Anyway, the point is that in no case are the "big" races run completely blind.

The Enduro of Nations format used to be that racers would do multiple runs on one track in the am, then switch to a new track in the pm, and then do the same the next day. The initial run was always "blind" in those cases, but since racers were allowed to scout the tracks the day before on foot, and since each run was timed, and since the winner was based on the cumulative time, it all tended to shake out in the end.

The E of N format always tapes new, virgin sections in the wide open piste, similar to what they did at Val d'Isere, which serves to mitigate the local knowledge to some extent--even if you're a locak, you literally have NO idea what's lurking in the high grass on those stages until you scout 'em
  • + 10
 See you all there! (we're brining the pump track and a bbq)
  • + 6
 After a full season of fiascos without apology, OES has raised the entry fee to $130 for this race. Worst race promotion ever. Get ready to wait until 9:00pm for your "unofficial" results on Sunday night.
  • + 2
 But they have a sweet dj............... /sarcasm
  • + 0
 Might want to try having fun on your bike, and look on the bright side sometimes. The courses are sick, and the results get handled eventually. There have been MANY apologies made. Might want to at least post correct info, between the whining.
  • + 6
 Any word on Slaven's recovery?
  • + 3
 Was thinkin the same...I want to see him race this
  • + 1
 Oregon has a bad reputation to outsiders and especially the Midwest and Eastcoast. They think we're a bunch of hicks. If this was the Virginia enduro series it would have 60 comments. My Westcoast starts in southern Oregon and ends in north BC. PNW 4 LIFE
  • + 3
 Lets hope they finish the series strong.... the event coordinators that is. Brilliant sponsors, great location.. don't ruin a good thing.
  • + 7
 OES should just give up. How many years have they blown it for? The Cascadia dirt cup in there first year is proving to be a much better series.
  • + 5
 Totally agree. How many races have been blown because of timing failures? With the high cost of racing these events and the high cost timing devices used yu would think they would be able to figure it out. Fun events for sure but not worth the money when they screw up every race.
  • + 1
 Yeah they need to upgrade from the eggtimers.
  • + 4
 I hate to say it because it's a good series with great sponsors, but they are seriously logistically impaired. Too many folks more interested in "looking" the part than actually putting in the grind behind the scenes to make things run right.
  • + 0
 hey there wiscodh; so if the promoters for OES 'just give up', exactly what Oregon race series will you have next year? To the best of my knowledge, OES has been working to sort things out. quit whining anonymously online and offer the promoters constructive criticism. And yeah, aaronbulit, there have been a few blunders, which OES has acknowledged. Yeah, it's frustrating. But I'd wait and see if they are able to get that sorted before throwing them completely under the bus.
  • + 1
 I hear you meagerdude. I'm not giving up on OES or throwing them under the bus, just frustrated with the organizers and the screw ups. The races are super fun and clearly going to be a huge success in the future. I just think that a more professional approach to organizing these events needs to be made. With the high cost of doing these events they need to be run well.
  • + 2
 Does OES do trail work or contribute money for trail repair after a race? I have only ridden sandy ridge once, some weeks after a race, and the trails were pretty blown out.
  • + 1
 At all of the Cascadia Dirt Cup events they've given very generous checks to the local trail organizations; There was a pretty noticeable difference between WA down in Yacolt, and then OES there a couple weeks later, and the attention, partnership and support the Cascadia Dirt Cup gave to CCMTB. On the CDC website they've clearly identified this as a top priority and mission - it's all about the trails. And the fact that they're doing this through some great venues and some very professionally organized events makes all the difference, I know where I'll be spending my time and dollars riding season.
  • + 1
 ^^^^^ well stated.
  • + 0
 @thuren you're 100% truth....they acting like no races, no riding.....posers....elitist. I personaly don't care about times. I bullshit with other riders like I'm buzzed, at "RACES"
  • + 2
 Why would you schedule this race the same weekend as the NW Cup finale? Just dividing the scene more and more.
  • + 5
 I asked myself this question too Bob, it's especially tough for me as a Pro DH and Enduro rider, to have to choose, not to mention with these both being finals for the respective series, and having team captain responsibilities that require me to be in two places at once. I hope that next year the two series (as well as the Cascadia Dirt Cup here in WA) can coordinate better. Not asking for all races in the series to be conflict free, but the finals would be nice.
In case you're curious, I'll be going to Hood, as I need the preparation for Trans Provence.

Good luck to all the racers, wherever you are.
  • + 1
 MattPatt- Because when I announced the OES, I would ensure the two didn't collide. I'm not announcing either anymore- so there goes that connection. Frown
  • + 1
 Good to hear, Matt. See you down there! I'll heckle you in the foulest French I know all weekend!
  • + 2
 When did trails become tracks?
  • + 1
 When you cross the equator
  • + 1
 Sounds great! Hopefully get to a few races next year!
  • + 1
 I hope to race next year must get faster!.
  • - 1
 Oregon is cool!
  • + 3
 Any updates on Matt Slaven's health after being shot in Santa Cruz? I'm sure he'd be at Mt Hood competing for a top spot if he was at full recovery. Moment of silence for Matt at the race maybe...?
  • + 5
 He's not dead! Just dealing with a lodged bulled in his clavicle that sits on an artery. Docs can't operate. He may be there........ringing cowbell.
  • + 2
 Ouch, that's rough man, Slaven's one tough mutha to take a bullet and live to tell the tale! Healing vibes to Matty!

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