2013 Suntour Epicon X1 140mm fork - Video

Jul 19, 2012 at 13:00
Jul 19, 2012
by Colin Stewart  
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The 2013 EPICON X1 is the long travel, AM, premium model fork from Suntour. Following its successful launch last year, the fork has been upgraded in several ways. Features, such as, "HOLLOW CROWN" and super light damping cartridges have been upgraded to offer better performance and more adjustability. The LO RC cartridges have also been updated to provide much better compression and rebound characteristics and new dust seals give reduced friction and improved sensitivity. The air spring has been completely reworked and, as a standard feature, the fork is now equipped with a 15mm Titanium Qloc axle. Travel lengths are available between 120 and 140mm and steerer tube options can either be 1 & 1/8th or tapered. Moreover, the fork will be available in 27.5" ( 650B ) for next season.

Leaving the summit.

The video above shows German pro-rider Max Schumann taking these forks out for a ride on some amazingly exposed single trail in Bavaria. Pics and video taken using a Nikon D800 by Colin Stewart, June 2012.

Nose wheely spot.

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  • + 13
 Dang. That trail has some pretty serious consequences if you scrape a bar on the rock or something- awesome video though!
  • + 24
 Yeah I'd say death is pretty serious.
  • + 2
 You have it dead on with you comment. I couldn't do it. I would get freaked out and start losing it. Exactly how not too do things, I know. But its still a cool trail and it would be really neat to be able to ride somewhere like that.
  • - 17
flag thenos09 (Jul 19, 2012 at 17:35) (Below Threshold)
 if he was a real man he would have had it pinned!!!! hahaha
  • + 2
 Every mountain with a cross at the top is always faarking lethally dangerous
  • + 1
 if thenos was a real man then his comment wouldnt have been so shitty!
  • - 2
 ever heard of a joke postblue?? if i even looked at that trail i would have to change my nappy
  • + 4
 Great video and awesome trail, the views alone would be worth a ride! With that said I've been looking into Suntour as a more serious competitor with the release of this fork along with their longer Durolux TA RC2 or RC2 AM/FR fork. I'm not ready to make the switch yet but I'm certainly keeping an eye on them - nice work Suntour!
  • + 4
 Woah........couldn't do that here.....H&S would be blocking that trail in their high viz and marking it of a bloody clip board.

That trail rocks, big balls for riding it man, fair play!
  • + 1
 Wow, i still remember when suntour made crappy department store forks for their main revenue. Now look how far they've come, with riders like James Doerfling and a wider range of forks. Props to the brand that decided to take up real mountain biking.
  • + 3
 140 is long travel? Nice video. Like most ads on this site it does little to actually inform me or give me an idea how it will work for me.
  • + 4
 nice one colin...
  • + 3
 Thanks man!!
  • + 1
 Amazingly scary trail. I thought the Zugspitze-X vid was gnarly enough. RIGHT! make a good ol' shreddin' vid with Herr Schumann!
  • + 3
 Another great video.
  • + 2
 Made my palms sweat just watching it.
  • + 2
 Big Mountian Adventures Big Grin
  • + 0
 what they did not show you is how many forks broke to make that video.......
  • + 1
 It looked like that one may have had a blown seal.
  • + 2
 Honestly these days I'd ride anything from them instead of my shitty boxxer that feels like shit even after a rebuild.
  • + 1
 Riding on the edge of the world.
  • + 2
  • + 0
 hmmm interesting
1:30 the Suunto watch on the right hand
1:55on the left hand

nice riding anyway
  • + 1
 when is the next episode on
  • + 1
 I got a sr suntour on my shwiin lol
  • + 1
 I've got 2010 Epicon TAD 15QLC with 100-140mm adjustable travel (remote lever on handlebar). Weight about 1,9kg. Working nice, stiff and sensitive enough. For me it's pretty nice fork, especially for it's low price.
  • + 1
 Seem like pretty decent forks and a nice video.
  • + 1
 Good location, very narrow bike trail... that's Big for Suntour forks
  • - 1
 Am I the only one who thinks the Smooth Jazzy 96kbps audio track is not the best choice?
  • + 7
 Its an unusual choice for sure. After reading your comment I started to think about it some. I guess he wasn't like shredding or really tearing things up perhaps metal isn't the right choice either. But lord knows I cant stomach that techo stuff anymore and rap (imo only) is for the more urban folk. I guess it work well enough for me in this instance.
  • + 3
 I found the song played well with the edit. It's different but the riding was quite smooth so the smooth song was fitting imo.
  • + 1
 i thought it was spot on, makes the video more mellow and accentuates the technicality of the riding rather than how fast hes going and just bombing over everything. chris akrigg uses the same kind of idea apart from when he uses shitty dance music
  • + 2
 Music didn't fit at all. One of the sketchiest trails I've ever seen and this vid was ruined by poor music choice..
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