It ended with the young Frenchman, the people's champ and now the champion of the World carried high above the crowds under exploding confetti and Andorran champagne. A four day fight to the near-death in crazy conditions saw Loic Bruni take his first ever win, while Rachel Atherton stole back her crown and the new junior champs Laurie Greenland and Marine Cabirou reigned supreme.

Strap on your flux capacitors and wind it back to where it all began before the summer, to those holy steeps of Lourdes where Aaron Gwin came out swinging, firing the warning shots that were a sign of his intention to dominate 2015. Emmeline Ragot landed on the top step on home soil and Crimmins got off to a winning start against his junior rivals. With Scotland at it's most hostile, Fort William would elude Gwin and fall to the experienced hands of Greg Minnaar while Rachel Atherton began her clean sweep of the rest of the season. From there we witnessed Gwin steal show in his inhuman obliteration of the Leogang course 'sans -chaîne' that would be the beginning of the end for the men's contest. Loic Bruni reliably rode to second place while Minnaar and Josh Bryceland managed to interrupt the 'starred and striped' winning machine at Lenzeheide and Mont-Sainte-Anne. Meanwhile Laurie Greenland took his strangle-hold on the latter part of the season and would take both series overall and World Championship titles, while Marine Cabirou managed the same in the junior women's despite fracturing her spine mid-season.

Now it's time to get nostalgic and take a closer look back at each and every piece of the puzzle...

bigquotesI'm really excited to keep it going now - Aaron Gwin with the season all planned out.

Welcome Pilgrims

It's a Wild, Wild Ride

Holy Smokes

The Last Crusade

Winners - Aaron Gwin :: Emmeline Ragot :: Andrew Crimmins

The devout gather in the cave on the side of the church for mass and a chance to be healed in the waters that run from the cave walls.
Track-side vicars keeping in righteous with the bar and rim heckling-combo.

bigquotesStraight soap, hair and all. Everything with the soap - Greg Minnaar on personal hygiene in the Highlands

The Bog Walk

Wet Willy

Washed Out Willy

After the Storm

Winners - Greg Minnaar :: Rachel Atherton :: Martin Maes

The infamous Scottish Dust is flying through the air in abundance this weekend
Mick Hannah muscles through the massive holes that have developed in the new bog section just below the first woods. If the sun ever does come out this section will get really nasty.

bigquotesIt doesn't feel real, it feels so weird right now... - Connor Fearon tries to comprehend his second place.


The Teddy Bear's Picnic

Getting to Grips With It

The Wizard of Aus

Winners - Aaron Gwin :: Rachel Atherton :: Andrew Crimmins

Clouds and the threat of rain in the morning eventually cleared out to give us another scorching hot day.
Because the view here never gets old. Mountains framed in steel culverts.

bigquotesWhen you don't get on well with the track and you're battling, not riding well, it sucks - Greg Minnaar riding the struggle bus all the way to top spot.

Swiss Made


Legacy of Brutality

Peaty's Playground

Winners - Greg Minnaar :: Rachel Atherton :: Laurie Greenland

Let the festivities begin
Rat Roost. Ratboy attacked the first corner and tore it a new one this morning. I ll be mining dirt out of my ears for a month.

bigquotesSome bits I nailed, but others I was holding on too tight, telling myself 'relax you pussy!' - Josh Bryceland reveals his inner monologue from finals.

Legend Status

Air Canada

Slip and Slide

Mont Sainte Rat

Winners - Josh Bryceland :: Rachel Atherton :: Laurie Greenland

Elite Teams were looking pretty color coordinated out there today.
Laurie Greenland got a little too close to the edge of the new drop. Mechanic Ben Arnott was luckily close by to save him from a nasty fall.

bigquotesVal di Sol will be interesting for sure - the gloves are off now and everyone will just be wanting that end of season win. - Rachel Atherton.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Dust and Bones

The Dust Hasn't Settled Yet

Are You Not Entertained

Winners - Aaron Gwin :: Rachel Atherton :: Laurie Greenland

Well color me stupid... It bearly seems a year since we was last in town and here we are in Windham NY the United States of America.
Some of the crowds resembled a modern day Braveheart display of patriotism. Much beer was funneled.

bigquotesEvery time I race, I wanna win - to do anything less than that would be selling myself, my sponsors and everything we worked for a little short - Aaron Gwin with an unbreakable mindset

The Final Chapter

Back to the Roots

A Matter of Pride

Winner Takes All

Winners - Aaron Gwin :: Rachel Atherton :: Loris Revelli

The weather moves in and out at a rapid pace here in the Italian mountains.
Aaron Gwin your 2015 season World Cup champion.

bigquotesVive le Roi! - Said everyone.

The Long and Winding Road

A Brief Intermission While We Get Underway

A River Runs Through It

Rise and Shine

Vive le Roi

Winners - Loic Bruni :: Rachel Atherton :: Laurie Greenland

Big gaps. But what will the time gaps be like
Wet and muddy was the story of today for everyone in Andorra.

2015 Women's Overall Series Standings

1 Rachel ATHERTON - 1660
2 Manon CARPENTER - 1079
3 Tahnee SEAGRAVE - 986
4 Tracey HANNAH - 907
5 Emmeline RAGOT - 785
6 Myriam NICOLE - 670
7 Morgane CHARRE - 642
8 Casey BROWN - 536
9 Emilie SIEGENTHALER - 521
10 Katy CURD - 489

Could this be the straw that breaks the trophy-cabinet s back

2015 Men's Overall Series Standings

1 Aaron GWIN - 1329
2 Loic BRUNI - 1059
3 Troy BROSNAN - 1013
4 Greg MINNAAR - 1006
5 Josh BRYCELAND - 836
6 Gee ATHERTON - 760
7 Danny HART - 624
9 Samuel BLENKINSOP - 546
10 Brook MACDONALD - 542

Aaron Gwin wrapped it all up in a tidy package here at Val di Sole. Now he looks toward the next item to check off his list World Champs.
2015 was a good year for racing down hills, we can say that. How about 2016 - well, of course, it's going to be a banger too and so far it seems to hold some pretty significant changes for the teams that should stir things up a treat... Let the rumors fly! Over and out!

About your Pinkbike World Cup Photography Team

Matthew Delorme • Age: 40 • Years Shooting: 8
Matthew DeLorme is just one of Pinkbike’s motley crew of World Cup Photographers. He currently lives out of a Ogio bag, and calls the road his home. Delorme works for Trek Bicycle, covering their MTB racing programs. He can usually be found laying in the dirt trackside, cracking jokes and saying things that make little to no sense. He enjoys capturing accessory moments and the journey every bit as much as catching the action shot.

Nathan Hughes • Age: 28 • Years Shooting: 3
Nathan Hughes was snared as mainstay Pinbike media crew for the 2013 World Cup and has been trapped behind the lens and the keyboard ever since. In between the biggest bike events of the year Nathan can be found on client shoots, making far-off travel stories and trying to catch a moment to spin the pedals himself. A great appreciation of the wilderness, the fear of a normal life and the quest for the perfect picture will have him hooked and looking to raise the bar for years to come.

Dave Trumpore • Age: 35 • Years Shooting: 4
Dave spent the bulk of the past 17 years racing professionally before realizing that despite qualifying for the random World Cup final here and there, the next generation was just way too fast and way more talented. Upon hanging up his racing boots in 2010, it would be a few years until Dave picked up a camera and started shooting the odd race here and there as a way to stay in touch with all the friends he had made over the years, and the rest as they say is history. In just a few years time his photos have graced the pages of just about every MTB magazine and major media outlet, while his commercial client list includes a who's who of the cycling industry, and he is lucky enough to shoot regularly with some of the best riders on the planet. Currently at Pinkbike, Dave shoots the Downhill WC and the Enduro World Series as well as contributing to the occasional editorial story.

MENTIONS: @natedh9 / @davetrump / @mdelorme

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