2017 French Enduro Series Round 4, Samoëns - Day One - Photo Epic

Jul 15, 2017
by Kike Abelleira  

Day 1 of the 2017 French Enduro Series in Samoëns is in the books, and both the Elite Men and the Elite Women categories have a different race leader than what we are used to in the Series.

Racing today included three tracks and five stages. Stage 1 and Stage 3 were in the same track, as we're Stage 2 and Stage 4. These first two srages were ridden once in recce mode before racing. Stage 5 had a track walk on Friday.

There were no surprises in the Elite Men category. Adrien Dailly made good on our predictions and took the scratch lead. The young leader of the EWS won almost all of the Stages, just missing the Stage 2 victory against the Series leader, Nicolas Quere. Dailly has a solid 24 second margin over Quere, and 55 seconds over third fastest man Dimitri Tordo.

In the womens field we witnessed an impressive performance today from Mélanie Pugin. She will start tomorrow with a huge margin of 2 min 29 seconds over Estelle Charles and close to 3 minutes over the series leader Julie Duvert. It's worth mentioning that Mélanie Pugin has history with the DH scene, being the third junior at the 2008 World Championships, and has raced World Cup a few years ago.

Tom de Carlo was the fastest junior today, followed by Albin Cambs and Alexis Saint-Dizier. Dennis Bonnet leads in Master 1 and Thierry Boillot in Master 2.

Full Day 1 results here.

This man was looking really fast today, just behind Adrien Dailly and taking a stage win. Nico Quere, leader of the series and 13th at EWS Millau two weeks ago.

Despite getting top15 times in 4 out of 5 stages today, Elliot Trabac sits 43rd due to a disastrous Stage 5 with a mechanical issue.

The man of the day, Adrien Dailly, at the top of Stage 1.

A few switchbacks on Stage 1 before going deep into the woods.

Perfect grip conditions in the ski station mountain.

Maxime Alessandroni in the woods of Stage 1.

Dimitri Tordo in attack mode.

Lush is the word for Stage 2 and 4.

Over the snake root.

Elliot Baud sending it in camouflage mode.

Dailly on the only stage he didn't win today.

Irenee Menjouhad a great day and sits 5th scratch.

Julie Duvert wants to secure the overall title this weekend.

Body language for balancing.

Melanie Pugin has her eyes on the race win.

There are plenty of roots and broken trees on these trails.

Steep and fast top of the Stage 4.

Morgane Jonnier in equilibrium.

Into the darkness at the Stage 3.

Remy Absalon was the sixth fastest man today.

Estelle Charles, second in Samoens today, and currently second in the EWS u21 overall.

Riders chat during the lunch break and checking race times on the live feed of chromosome.fr

Camille Servant on social media during the break while his father wrenches.

It was a pretty warm day in Samoens. Hydration was key.

Riders gathering at the start of Stage 5.

Baptiste Gaillot, 18th at EWS Millau a couple of weeks ago, dropping in at Stage 5.

Camille Servant on the attack for a 4th place at the last stage of the day.

Entering the dark zone. Yannick Pontal, top 10 at every stage.

Even though is summer, there was quite a lot of muss on Stage 5.

Pierre Real trying to match the colours of nature.

Youn Denied trying to keep on the bike with a rear flat tire on Stage 5.

There were some fast segments on the last stage of the day.

The leader in the junior field, Tom de Carlo.

Finish line set in the city center of Samoens for Stage 5.

Let's see what Sunday brings us. Can Adrien bring it home?

MENTIONS:: @kabelleira


  • + 8
 No half-shell helmets pour les Francais. C'est une bonne idee.
  • + 3
 Rules in french for enduro and gravity , full face, back protection, knee pad and elvow protection (only in dh)
  • + 6
 Great photos! Thanks.
  • + 1
 Thank you!, much appreciated
  • + 1
 Is there a map of the stages? I'm going there in two weeks and I would be very happy to ride them
  • + 1
 look on Trailforks, maybe they added the event and route
  • + 2
 Would be great to see more shots of the female competitors.
  • + 1
 Alright, it makes sense, noted for the next one. I'm sorry girls!
  • + 1
 I thought the french enduro series was only about e-bikes?!?
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 Great photos!
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 thank u man!

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