Video: Course Preview with Magnus Manson - 2019 Canadian National DH Championship

Jul 25, 2019
by Panorama BikeParkTeam  
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Course Preview: 2019 Canadian National DH Championship, Panorama, BC

It is just days until Panorama hosts the inaugural Gravity Festival.

For the first time in Canadian mountain bike history two national titles in DH and Enduro will be contested on the same weekend at the same resort. We were fortunate to have current Canadian National DH Champ, Magnus Manson, join trail crew member Jeremy McDowell for our POV course preview.

The track has seen some major changes from last season including new sections like Wall Street and Loggarythm, as well as, countless upgrades and refinements to jumps, berms, and sightlines. All modifications are now national champ approved.

Sit back and let Magnus and Jeremy take you through the track.

Final Jump of 2019 DH Course

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 That looks so fun, wish I could be there to watch! good job Jeremy and Pano Crew!
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 Stoked to watch Canada's best go head to head for the privilege of wearing the maple leaf on their sleeve! Mark, Finn, and Magnus are the favorites, but the Quebec racers are on fire right now and some of the BC locals are coming on fast. Pano has been hosting highlevel events since back in the "Mad Trapper" days and the Enduro Series has been hosting multiple races a year to rave reviews - going to be great event, with great weather on really awesome courses.

I hope the T Bar is ready for the party that is coming their way!!
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 Looks like they fixed the finish jump! Course looks sick cant wait to ride on Saturday!
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I have no doubts that you'll provide an exceptions race experience for everyone involved as you always do. Aside from congestion my only real gripe is the shifting of the Enduro to Saturday. While I can appreciate the steps you've taken to lessen the cost of race entry, anyone who works on Friday is now obligated to either miss work without pay or use a vacation day should they be lucky enough to have one. There's also the changing of the reg cut off to being sometime Thursday prior to Fridays practice (unless there's still onsite reg mentioned that I missed because I don't always read things).

Don't get me wrong I love riding at your events and Panorama is my favorite bike park around but unfortunately I'll be sitting this one out. I hope it goes better than I could imagine and maybe I'll see you next year for Gravity fest v2.0.
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 Jeremy has a great television voice and rides like the wind. Track looks good too. Go Pano!
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 I don't think it's wise to have both events the same weekend. I know there's racers that would've liked to enter both but had to choose one or the other. The lift line will be impacted no matter what, which will limit the practice for the riders. That's a lot of people for the resort to handle. From parking to amenities, it'll put a strain on things.
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 A great resort with great trails and great race courses but hosting the National Enduro and the national DH on the same weekend is fucking retarded.
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 Soo many people agree with this statement as do I, but still going to be part of the shit show.
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 @kingfish666: I respect your bravery but I couldn't be any less interested. I expect this level of bullshittery from an RCR Resort, not Panorama.
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 @triptex: I'm racing that's why. Originally wasn't going but now have the weekend off so..racing
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 @kingfish666 and @triptex

Kenny and Eric - C'mon guys, where's the love! It takes an extraorinary amount of time, energy and money to execute the events. We've partnered up to help reduce the costs for the racers, pull the community together and bring an amazing festival together! We just returned from hosting Sea Otter Canada and we ran 6 events in 3 days and there was no complaints from the riders about scheduling, communication or a lack of fun!

Kenny Larkin, you've been a long time supporter of the Enduro series - you know the high level of organization we bring to the table and partnering with Pano for the DH just means that this carries over! There is nothing "retarded" about it - its simple really. More people, more bikes, more fun! The enduro course does not overlap the DH and we only use one bike park stage so the impact to the lift is nothing. Gimme a call if you have actual concerns and considerations. Trust me, we've got a solid plan!

If you guys are struggling to navigate the scene, gimme a call. I appreciate the feedback but lets be supportive first and work together make these events better.

- Ted Morton
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 @canadianenduro: I dont doubt the effort put into these events. I simply dont think the park and its infrastructure can accommodate the racers from both events at the same time. I do hope that I'm very wrong. Also side note how do you know my name??
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 How do they know your name? It’s right there on your first post. Saids BITCH.@kingfish666:
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 RESPECT to anyone who’s ever taken the time to organize a race or event. Let alone two national level events on the same weekend. Hope you guys hear more positive vibes over the weekend instead of local Racer Hate. REAPECT for you Guys. @canadianenduro:
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 @kingfish666: Hey Eric; The infrastructure here is more than capable, and we've designed the enduro course to be outside of the bikepark while the DH event is happening - we are using the lift at 7:30am and then again for only one lift in the afternoon. All of our trails with the exception of 1 are outside of the normal bike park.

Thanks for the feedback I think you'll be stoked on this weekend!
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 @canadianenduro: I took some time to read the race preview for the enduro, I didnt realize that 99% of the racing will be done outside of the bike park. I feel the hardest part for racers this weekend is finding somewhere to stay with out spending too much $. I know that most of our team is camping in a team mates back yard. See you there
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Hey guys, Triptex and Kingfish are spot on here.

The park and infrastructure here can not and will not handle this amount of people. Last year's DH race alone was officially the busiest day in Pano's summer history by a large margin - the queue for the Mile 1 stretched literally beyond sight, and now you've essentially doubled the amount of people in the resort.

I'm glad you've thought about how to 'save money' for the riders and likely make more money for yourselves, but have you thought about the staff at Panorama?

Some of the lifty's are working 10-11 hours shifts this weekend, whereas the housekeepers and inventory team have been working absolutely flat out for the last couple of days to accommodate the mass arrivals, all with no overtime. Nobody really seems to care about that.

'More people, more bikes, more fun'.... that may be true, but to a certain extent, I'm quite sure it will not ring true this weekend
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