Vitus Announces 2019 Dominer DH Bike

Jun 9, 2019
by Vitus Bikes  


The Vitus Dominer marries the best attributes from our highly acclaimed Sommet platform, adds more travel and a downhill specific tubeset to create the ultimate race-ready DH rig! For 2019 we have updated the main suspension linkage to run a metric shock and improve the overall suspension performance.  


With RockShox BoXXer triple clamp forks and RockShox Super Delux rear shock providing 200mm of travel at the front and rear, the Dominer handles the toughest trails with ease. Finished with race-ready components package such as a reliable Shimano Zee DH groupset, Maxxis super tacky DHF tyres, Novatec hubs laced onto WTB ST i29 rims and 200mm SRAM Guide RE brakes, the Vitus Dominer has you ready for any downhill challenge.
Intended Use – Downhill
Wheel Size – 27.5”
Travel – 200mm, Patented Four-bar V-Link Rear Suspension with horizontal floating shock mount
Recommended Fork Travel – 200mm
Construction – 6061 T6 triple butted
Large 150*12mm through axle with Collet lock security
Aggressive Downhill Geometry
ISCG 05 mounts for chainguide compatibility
Sizes – S, M, L
RRP UK: £2499.99 US: $2999.99 Germany: 2799 EUR Australia: $4149 AUD

Full Spec:

Frame: Dominer 27.5" 6061 T6 Triple-Butted Alloy, 200mm travel, Horst Link suspension system
Fork: RockShox Boxxer Charger Air RC 27.5" Debonair Boost, 20x110 Boost Maxle Stealth, 48mm Fork Offset
Rear Shock: RockShox Super Deluxe RC Coil, 225mm x 72.5mm, ML tune, Trunnion Mount, 22.0mm x 8mm lower hardware, S 250lbs / M 300lbs / L 350lbs
Headset: FSA No. 57-1
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Zee Threaded 83mm BSA
Handlebar: Nukeproof Neutron, 25mm Rise; Width: S: 780mm, M: 780mm, L: 800mm 31.8mm bar diameter
Stem: Nukeproof Neutron AL-6061; 31.8mm
Grips: Vitus Alloy single clamp
Rims: WTB ST i29 TCS 2.0, 27.5", 29mm inner diameter, 32H, Pinned Joint
Hubs: Front: NOVATEC Boost 20x110mm, 32H, J-bend; Rear: NOVATEC 12x150mm, 32H. J-Bend
Tyres: Maxxis Minion DHF 27.5" x 2.5", DH Super Tacky
Spokes: Stainless Steel, 14G Double Butted, Brass Nipples
Chain: KMC X10 NPBK
Crankset: Shimano Zee 36T, 165mm, 83mm
Brakes: SRAM Guide RE, 200mm SRAM CentreLine 6-Bolt
Rear Derailleur: Shimano Zee RD-M640-SS, 10-Speed Top-normal, Shadow Plus DH, 11-23/11-28T
Shifter: Shimano Zee SL-M640, 10-Speed
Cassette: Sunrace RS1, 11-28T
Saddle: Nukeproof Neutron
Seat Post: Nukeproof Neutron 30.9mm, 300mm. Zero Offset
Seatpost Clamp: Vitus 34.9mm
Chain Guide: MRP G4 CS, 34-38T ISCG 05

Leverage rate update - You can see that we have removed the regressive beginning stroke this helps with small bump compliance and plush feel, the remaining stroke has a consistently progressive rate, this can be seen in the forces graph.

Note: Dominer DH Metric = 2019
Dominer DH = 2018

Anti-squat update – This has been reduced to work alongside the new supportive leverage rate to give better bump compliance without pedal dive/squat
Anti rise update - We have increased this percentage to help with balanced feel when braking into corners.


The Vitus Dominer is available now from our retail partner Chain Reaction Cycles.



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 Looks nice, but those graphs are too small
  • + 33
 Would be good to see a PB ride review of this and not something costing 3 times as much. Call me old fashioned but there's still a segment of us out here buying bikes on a budget and since returning to the sport after a few years break in 2014, the pricing of complete bikes is still horrendous if you want a new ride and not some clapped out second hand shed of a thing.
  • + 3
 Below might sound like marketing BS, but it isn't, thought I'd give a voice for a budget bike. I ride a lot (>6h every week), XC, enduro and DH. Have ridden 10 years and competed for 5, locals and abroad.

Riding Dominer is simply fun. Price was reasonable and thus expected less. Build quality seems really good overall. It may not be the 0.1% fastest sled, but the thing just _feels_ to work. Every time I gear up and choose DH instead of enduro bike, I end up smiling a lot while riding.

Had big name bikes like Summum and Glory, but they got replaced for whatever reason, they just didn't click. Built Vitus Dominer '18 about 18 months ago and it's the first bike I plan to keep longer than 2 seasons.
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 @Novakki: indeed, I'm not knocking this output from Vitus, infact I've been keen to see it appear in 2019, as they indicated a delay to its launch earlier this year. It's 100% in the segment id personally be looking at for my next ride whenever that is based on my needs for DH. The spec looks solid, and I applaud their attention to this group of budget conscious riders. Let alone new kids getting into it. The price of entry into DH in 2019 is eye watering and it's sad because it's not a part of the sport that can be ignored, alot of people perhaps will miss out on the excellent culture of MTB because of it which is a shame. Perhaps it's rose tinted, but it's not nearly as accessable a sport as it was even 10/15 years ago.
  • + 21
 Anyone else thinks manufacturers over do it with their super duper hyder deluxe xyz names?
A while ago r2c2 was all to make it clear what you get.
  • + 7
 RC, R2C, R2C2, ahhh the simple days.
  • + 15
 Yes, here is just the simplified names for the Rockshox of Sram product tech. I never remember any of it because its too damn confusing. Like wtf, just say Maxle v.4. Not Maxle Ultimate. Its an axle, that is not ultimate.

Air Guides
Bleeding Edge
Bottomless Tokens
Charger 2 Damper
Charger Damper
Counter Measure
Dig Valve
Dual Flow Adjust
Dual Position Air
MatchMaker X Integrated
Maxle Lite
Maxle Lite DH
Maxle Stealth
Maxle Ultimate
Motion Control
Motion Control DNA
Power Bulge
Predictive Steering
Rapid Recovery
Sag Gradients
Solo Air
Torque Caps
XLoc Sprint"
  • + 3
 @chillrider199: "Predictive Steering" sounds most concerning. What if the "thing" (whatever it is) has a crystal ball malfunction and sends me in the wrong direction? Considering the number of "damn autocorrect" comments here in the comment sections, I don't quite trust predictions. I do my own steering, thank you very much.
  • + 2
 @chillrider199: so many names to make junk look good
  • + 1
 @vinay: Even funnier because it's literally just a larger diameter and a few notches to create friction. Sram needs to lay off the koolaid.
  • + 4
 @kanioni: For real, we can beef a lot of sram stuff for a lot of reason, but their suspension products are absolutely excellent and very near the top of what you can buy.
  • + 0
 @sherbet: But their names suck ass. Fox 36 Fit 4 Damper. Easy. Rockshox Lyrik Debonair Supercharged PowerBulge fork with MAXLE Ultimate... real catchy. (I dont know if thats an actual fork. But wouldnt surprise me.)
  • + 1
 @chillrider199: you gotta look up the old Avid Rollamajig
  • + 0
 @sherbet: still way off fox quality. If they did some actual engineering they wouldnt need a marketing budget that comes close to the GDP of a small country..
  • + 1
 @bonkywonky: Having worked with both pretty extensively, I'd disagree. The Pike and Lyrik are excellent forks that often win fork of the year shootoffs, and have a near cult like following for the Pike.

Can we please not turn this into a fanboy pissing contest, it's so pointless. Ride what you prefer.
  • + 1
 @bonkywonky: Eh, ease of service keeps RS performing at its peak tho. Anyone I have ever seen in the park is never on a fresh 40 and almost no one is doing any of the labor on Fox stuff. I can replace fluids in my Boxxer in 5 mins and keep it running like new after every park trip for the cost of oil and keeps the seals intact for much longer.
  • + 15
 Have you lost your mind??? Revealing a 2019 bike in 2019! 2019 is so last year...
  • + 2
 Yeah, like half parts on this bike are already MY 2022...
  • + 6
 If this rides anywhere nearly as good as my Vitus Sommet CRX, it'll be one hell of a bike. Both of my last two enduro bikes have been Vitus and they have served me well. I do agree with the colour schemes though, they were previously very bold. My last Sommet was bright yellow and everyone talked about it on trails, whereas the latest is a nice blue, but the cheaper models do lack excitement.
  • + 11
 CRC can't make Vitus bikes look too good, or people won't buy Nukeproof.
  • + 8
 Cracking bike ....cracking price ....take note all you greedy rip off manufacturers
  • + 7
 But if everybody bought 50$ catalog frames from China, who would do all the expensive development?
  • + 0
 @FuzzyL: good point. 'looks like a.... ?'
  • - 1
 @FuzzyL: Just when China says 'No problem we can do it', Trump says you can't be too good you know, like Japan, you'll needs to stop now and be a good boi now'.
  • + 1
 @Dustjunky I also used to think that only frame geometry and suspension cinematic matter, and that the industry had reached a level of quality in the process of manufacturing frames that made them very unlikely to break or spoil the ride due to poor materials, welds, or simply bad design, no matter the manufacturer.
That is, until i had the opportunity to witness first person a high quality frame production process, and test those frames myself.
Now I strongly doubt that cheap frames are really a good investment
  • + 2
 @Code98: the question ends up being whether the level of detail you observed in frame manufacture is likely to matter for normal riders 99% of the time. Or if you were right initially that we've basically reached a level where it's mostly irrelevant.

I'd buy a frame that cracked 1% vs. .02% of the time if it was half the cost.
  • + 6
 Good parts and value, but just so bland looking. I realize this is a catalog frame, but jeez I just wish they had picked a better looking one.
  • + 8
 First comment and you did not remind us what other bike it looks like, you deserve a beer .
  • + 1
 @hamncheez: I totally looks like a KHS.
  • + 1
 It´s probably an Astro frame, just like f.ex. Haibike, KHS, Raymon, Mondraker, Transition,...
  • + 6
 With everything Zee, why not install the cheaper, more powerful Zee brakes as well?
  • + 3
 Woah, that is odd.. of all the things to skip the brakes seem like a very strange choice.
Maybe they were thinking of aiming at a beginner rider who might not appreciate super grabby brakes?
  • + 1
 Sram must be giving their brakes to bike companies for nothing. . . I can't remember the last bike I saw spec'ed with Shimano brakes. Whenever I get a new bike It'll likely have to be a full build up so I don't have to swap parts on a brand new bike.

I only want a bike that has full Shimano drivetrain and brakes, Maxxis tires, Fox Transfer Dropper, Carbon handlebar (if an AM bike), Chromag Seat and Chromag Squarewave XL Grips. . . So I guess I'll just keep my current bike.
  • + 6
 Sram brakes keeps the bike coming back to the shops for bleeds and repairs.
  • + 3
 Much faster with Guide brakes on a DH because they don't slow you down as well Wink
  • + 3
 @PinkStatus: Does Vitus sell through physical shops? I thought it was sold through CRC exclusively who mostly sell over mailorder. So with that business model, they'd best keep people clear from the physical shops convincing them that online shops, some friends and maybe some internet forums is all they need. For the most part obviously, this goes a long way.

I ride with Shimano nor Avid brakes but going by the comment sections here it seems like the cheapest OEM brakes with least complaints here would be Tektro/TRP. I expect Hayes to soon deliver some good and cheaper new brakes too. They just needed to get their name back on the map with a new top end brake and it seems to have worked.
  • + 1
 @kingtut87: They are Guide E brakes though, which are codes with guide calipers. Actually quite powerful and affordable.
  • + 2
 @gnarnaimo: I agree they aren't necessarily a bad choice, but when speccing a complete Zee group, it's strange to only deviate on the brakes, which are one of the strong points of the See group.
  • + 2
 They didn't just buy complete bundles it seems. They got Zee on the bb, cranks, mech and shifter. But they used the KMC chain and Sunrace cassette. And they were already on board with SRAM with their suspension so it wasn't just a different supplier for the brakes only. That said, of course as CRC works with many suppliers already (being a shop), there may not be that much of an advantage to stick with a single supplier for a particular bike.
  • + 2
 Yes! This is the kind of press release every bike manufacturer needs to do. Nobody cares about all the marketing bullshit that companies do, everyone just wants to know the kinematics. Good job Vitus! It would be an excellent bike if they actually offered a full range of sizes, but otherwise it’s great.
  • + 7
 Looks like a haibike
  • + 1
 It´s probably an Astro frame, just like f.ex. Haibike, KHS, Raymon, Mondraker, Transition,...
  • + 4
 Whatever industrial designer over in Taiwan that made that ugly top tube for all these catalog bikes (see KHS as well) needs to be fire.d
  • + 2
 It´s probably an Astro frame, just like f.ex. Haibike, KHS, Raymon, Mondraker, Transition,...
  • + 1
 @JohSch: At least Mondraker has changed up the visuals a little bit
  • + 5
 Crazy considering the fork alone would be almost half the cost of the bike!
  • + 1
 Vitus? that same company that name some super sweet road bikes 20-something years ago?

if it's the same, they used to make a full carbon road frame that was just oh so purdy but sold only in one size -56cm

I had a steel / alloy blend roadie from Vitus that was really nice.
  • + 1
 Vitas 17 years ago.
  • + 0
 @gnarnaimo: LOL WTAF?!??!

dress up in weird costumes make odd noises much? …. back-up singers are better than me so, I'll just dress up like a freak
  • + 5
 Give it six months or so and it will be on offer for 1700-1800 I expect!
  • + 1
 haha - was thinking same thing. At that price I'd even consider replacing my 08' Glory
  • + 2
 @Grmasterd: to illustrate my point, if your medium and don’t mind a Fury instead of a Glory...
  • + 2
 Got myself the 2017 dominer, came with boxxer team, zee drivetrain and nukeproof cockpit. Very happy with the bike and how it handles steep techy sections. Also it was 4k can shipped
  • + 3
 27.5" makes sense for a well priced value bikes. A 29" version would probably have very heavy wheels.
  • + 1
 I have their 29er trail bike (Escarpe VR 29) and it's basically the same thing. Rides well but kinda heavy. Then again it is aluminum.
  • + 3
 Not bad for 2500 must admit
  • + 3
 A great value no nonsense DH rig. Nice one!
  • + 0
 I hate to be that guy, but considering the recent success of the full 29er and the Mullet DH bikes as, Vitus should offer the big wheels at this price point... They'll corner the market like YT did a few years back.
  • + 12
 Large proportion of peeps still want 650b though
  • + 3
 @Vulhelm: Absolutely, but if they hit the market right now with big wheels given the hype, they would slay... Hype being the key word being
  • + 2
 Depends on if they're marketing it more as a park bike or race bike. Even Paul Aston conceded he wouldn't want A 29in DH bike as an everyday park bike.
  • + 5
 I dare say there are a lot more people buying dh bikes to ride at a bike park than to race.
  • + 6
 Doesn't make sense really.
This will first and foremost be a beginners bike --> no 29er needed or even wanted.
It's also a cheap bike. Cheap 29er wheels will either be weak or heavy. Or both. Won't do the consumer a favour by specing them.
As it stands this bike is a riders bike. It won't win any innovation trophys on the internet, but it'll get kids and people on a budget out on the trail. No 29er needed for that.
Part of business is finding and knowing your clientel instead of competing in a market where you're fighting against windmills.
  • + 1
 @MarcusBrody: Peace Be Upon Him
  • + 3
 Guide brakes... Really?
  • + 1
 You have to select the The Ivictus Vitus Vital Idol edition..... to get the better Code brakes.
  • + 1
 "... recently unearthed in a time capsule thought to have been buried in 2008 ..."
  • + 1
 P.B. why not do a REAL test for your readers that are clearly interested in this?
  • + 1
 Reach would be spot on for my liking in large size, but my inseam is 89cm, not recommended...
  • + 2
 Wait, is that a welded spacer on the upper pivot link?
  • + 1
 more like the arch is two forged parts welded together. Just like the rocker.
  • + 3
 Looks like a...KHS?
  • + 1
 Top tube from the original pulse?
  • - 2
 Nice Ellsworth
  • + 3
 Surprised it has such a nice fork at that price.
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