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2020 Racing Rumours: Moir Off Intense, Dailly to Specialized, & More

Oct 24, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

With new bike brands being formed, riders becoming team managers and a non-stop drip-feed of gossip and news, the 2018/2019 offseason felt like a rollercoaster of drama. For the silly season scholar, it meant a new discovery every day and a near-total shake up of the downhill World Cup pits.

So far, this year's off-season has been so quiet you can practically see the tumbleweeds. Well, cat, meet pigeons. We've tapped up sources and spoken to riders to try and get a clearer picture of what might be happening this year. Below are rumours, and only rumours, of some rider movements for 2020. These include Jack Moir leaving Intense, Damien Oton leaving Devinci, Adrien Dailly joining Specialized and something happening with Tahnee Seagrave, Canyon and FMD Racing.

Most of the below rumours are unconfirmed but isn't it fun to speculate?

Rumour: Jack Moir to leave Intense
Status: likely

10th place for this dust specialist should help cut that plate number down to size. Jack Moir is back folks...

When Dean Lucas and Charlie Harrison moved away from the Intense fold, Jack Moir still had a year left on his contract so stuck with the Californian brand for the 2019 season. It proved to be a frustrating year for Jack and included yet another collarbone break that meant he couldn’t really get up to speed until part-way through the season.

Jack has been on the Intense team since 2015 but we’ve heard he may now be looking to move on to pastures new. Moir, Harrison and Lucas were a tight-knit crew and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Jack joining one of his old teammates in their new setups but we have no official or unofficial news on that front.

Jack told us he couldn't say anything yet and the IFR team would only say that team announcements will be made in January, we'll wait for more news soon.

Rumour: Adrien Dailly to Specialized
Status: possible

This is one Wyn might have let slip while doing his interview rounds after the EWS finale in Zermatt earlier this year. There were 2 clues we picked up on here:

Clue 1: Adrien said he would be aiming at riding some World Cups this year. Given that Lapierre have discontinued their downhill bike this means either: a) Lapierre are working on a new DH bike, unlikely given their shift to e-bikes, or b) Dailly is off to a new team.

Clue 2: Wyn made many references to Dailly’s special lines. Could this be a bit of French ribbing or is there something more here - special lines… specialines… Specialized?

So were we overreaching here or is there something more going on? We reach out to Adrien but he kept schtum, we'll update you if we hear anything more. Sources close to Adrien have cast some doubt on this but we think it could be a possibility.

Rumour: George Brannigan to Leave GT
Status: confirmed

George Brannigan

Despite being on the team for 2 years, it feels like George Brannigan never got the chance to show what he was capable of on GT. While racing for both Trek and Commencal, he was a regular top ten rider but four broken collarbones in a year saw him sitting out almost all of the 2018 season and only slowly returning to form in 2019.

Rachelle Boobar, marketing manager at GT, told us "right now he is contracted with GT until the end of the year, beyond that you will have to wait to hear more", which in our mind as good as confirms George's departure. We’ve heard whispers George is riding for Propain next year but we're still waiting for full confirmation. Wherever it is, hopefully he’ll be able to have an injury-free run and put himself back in the mix at the top of the timesheets.

Rumour: Noga Korem to Leave GT
Status: possible

Noga Korem though the fog and mud as she began to charge the last few stages to jump up into 2nd

We've also heard that Noga Korem is leaving GT next year as well. Noga ended the year second in the world in the EWS and was one of the only real challengers to Isabeau's domination this year. GT gave us the same comment as for George so we'll have to wait and see for now.

With so many changes at GT it looks like there could be a complete overhaul of their racing programs. No word on what that may mean for Maes, although he re-signed last year and we assume it was for more than a year.

Rumour: Damien Oton to Leave Devinci
Status: confirmed

Damien Oton is healed up from some big injuries and racing his first EWS of the season

Enduro's Mr Consistent has confirmed he will no longer be racing with Devinci in 2020. We've long made the argument that Oton is the most underrated rider on the Enduro World Series circuit and even despite finishing second overall last year he continues to fly under a lot of radars. Oton had a rough season in 2019 with a scaphoid injury picked up in training for Rotorua knocking him out of the first two rounds and then a broken back that saw him out of action until Zermatt but the setbacks will no doubt have fired him up for a strong season in 2020.

Oton has been with Devinci since 2014 but looks to be set for a new setup next year. He confirmed to us that he will be on a new team for next year and apparently has a few options to pick from. We'll update you with his final decision and a full interview when we learn more.

Rumour: Charlie Harrison to Intense
Status: false

U-S-A chants going off every time Chuck s name is mentioned on the mic.

Charlie Harrison has been spotted training with Aaron Gwin recently but does that mean that an all American dream team is coming next year? We’re not so sure. Yes, a team of Gwin, Mulally and Harrison would be awesome for American fans to get behind but logistically it doesn’t seem like it’s going to come together in 2020.

Charlie Harrison signed to Trek last year and seems to be loving it. He’s established himself as the lead rider on the team and bookended his season with his first ever World Cup podiums. Most importantly of all, he’s probably under contract with the Wisconsin brand for another two years so a move anywhere is highly unlikely. If anything, this news is just two good friends going out for a ride together, nothing more, nothing less.

Rumour: FMD Racing To Use Canyon Bikes
Status: possible

Big victory today for Tahnee Seagrave after landing in third for qualies. Clearly the weather holding off played in her favour.

FMD have enjoyed a prolific period with Transition that saw the launch of the TR11 platform and Tahnee grab her first five World Cup wins.

You would expect such a successful partnership to continue as long as possible but Tahnee has apparently been sighted at the Canyon factory in Germany this off-season. We don’t expect Tahnee to leave her cosy, family set up behind, which leads us to suspect the FMD team could be looking for a new bike sponsor in 2020.

Tahnee’s success and Kaos’ style make the FMD team a hugely valuable asset for any brand. Canyon are now a global powerhouse brand and will be keen to find a top female athlete for their downhill bikes. Are their pockets deep enough to support two Elite World Cup teams though? We tried reaching out for answers here but heard nothing back. As always, we'll update you with more news as and when we get it.

Rumour: Troy Brosnan to stay on Canyon
Status: confirmed

Brosnan letting her buck on the double rock drop under the lift.

Hang on, we already know this one, right? Yes, we do but it's what isn't said here that's important. Troy Brosnan has confirmed his place on Canyon for next year but neither Mark Wallace nor Kye A'Hern have.

Does this hint to something more going on with the Canyon team? We genuinely don't know at this point but it definitely piqued our suspicions, especially with all the rumours surrounding Tahnee and the FMD team.

Rumour: Vali Holl to stay with SRAM TLD Racing
Status: confirmed

Vali Holl holding it down with another huge 12 second lead despite crashing on her injured shoulder in morning practice.

Despite swirling rumours that she would be riding for the YT Mob in 2020, we've had confirmation that Vali Höll will be retained by the SRAM TLD team that nurtured her to two successive junior downhill World Cup titles.

John Dawson, team manager at SRAM, explained that Vali wanted a stress free year next year as she completes her final year at school alongside racing. While there have apparently been offers on the table for her, he believes SRAM TLD will be best placed to make the tricky transition up to elites as easy as possible for her without the pressures being on a trade team may have placed on her. We've heard that this may be her last year on the team though and that she will also be missing a couple of World Cups next year to focus on school work and exams. In staying with the SRAM TLD team, Vali follows in the footsteps of Luca Shaw, who came into elites as a hotly tipped junior but stuck with the team for a couple of years to build up experience before moving on to a bigger team.

So where does that leave the YT Mob? Well, we know that they will fill two junior slots through their World Tour talent search and Martin Whiteley also hinted that they will be fielding a further two elite riders alongside Angel Suarez with this comment:


We'll keep you updated with further SRAM TLD and YT Mob news as we get it.

Rumour: Nina Hoffmann to the Santa Cruz Syndicate
Status: highly likely

Nina Hoffman looks solid for the podium once again here in Austria. 3rd today.

Ever since she burst onto the podium in Fort William, it has been obvious Hoffmann would find herself on a team this year, the question was always, which one? The Syndicate suspicions started early in the year and have persisted ever since. Hoffmann is regularly seen hanging out in the Synidacte pits and has even appeared in Syndicate videos, so it's no surprise the rumours are swirling.

Nina is currently sponsored by Juliana so it won't be much of a transition to simply re-badge her bike and join the Syndicate boys in their pits. On top of this, she was recently racing on a bike marked up in Santa Cruz logos, not Juliana.

However, Nina told us that she broke her Juliana earlier in the year and has been using this bike since Val di Sole, so it isn't a new discovery. She also mentioned she was still figuring out what to do and she should have an answer in the next few weeks. But, come on, it has to be the Syndicate... right?

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 Didn't he say in Wyn TV report that his big nips help him to sense speed so he knows if he is going to fast or slow? Glad Trek has given him the platform to "Let em breath" as it has proven to be a good year for him. IFR must had held Charlie from letting the nips out as it wasn't the brand image they wanted so he had to move on.

Questions is...will the riding with Gwin lead to him back on a Trek with exposed nips to get him back to the top?

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 She's looking for freedom on off season, but everyone's hooked on a feeling about Syndicate.
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 dont hassle the hoff! syndicate make it happen, go nina
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 If I was a pro rider, I wouldn't go round saying that I had broken a sponsors frame! Especially with Santa Cruz being the only brand I can remember in the last few years to have a bike snap in half at a race. Good job they have a lifetime warranty for the first owner. I can see Hoffman being the highest performing Athlete on the Syndicate team.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: You are forgetting it was slapped sideways in to a wooden post at speed. I dont think any frame would survive that, particularly at minnaar pace.
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 @drjonnywonderboy: "I can see Hoffman being the highest performing Athlete on the Syndicate team."
I don't think Greg retired yet
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 Giving her track record of the last 3 or 4 rounds #hoffthebike seems more fitting.
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 @kazwei: Or Loris. And Luca has the speed he just needs race day consistency.
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 Red Bull helmet for Laurie Greenland?
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 I hope Moir stays with Intense, however it wouldn't suprise me if Intense went full Yank.. wink wink nudge "Dakotah Norton".
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 I am sure Moir saw his buds success this year and had a bit of envy. While a new team may not change his results, a change of scenery may be good for him at this point of his career (and good for Intense as well). Intense might be wise to pick up a young rider who has a strong following and lives in an areas where they have a strong distribution and support presence. Joe Breeden seems to be an up and coming rider and is already a current Intense rider (though he got a taste for the Scott bike at Snowshoe.
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 As an American, I would rather root for Moir than the closeout section of a website that sells bikes.
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 @jorgeposada: They should probably show Neko the door first if that's the case. Results wise Jack still smokes Mullaly. But IFR is pretty much a yank salad toss these days.
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 @dooganmcdoogan: It's just business babies, above your pay grade.
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 Good job Vali Holl school comes first, and way to step your foot down and tell big people “I have finals I’ll race when I have time”
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 Rumour: iamamodel gets a factory ride. Unfortunately that factory sells merry-go-rounds.
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 Title should read: Moir moving to bike he can actually win on.
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 would be bad a$$ if he would be riding the bronze whaler shark that bit him
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 "Canyon are now a global powerhouse brand and will be keen to find a top female athlete for their downhill bikes. Are their pockets deep enough to support two Elite World Cup teams though?"

Given they support a number of World Tour Teams on the road, with far more team members, support staff, budgets, wage bills, infrastructure, I imagine FMD's mid-sized WC set up, with 3-4 riders with only one presumably properly on the big bucks (and even then, I sadly can't imagine Tahnee is on the same $$ as the likes of Bruni et al), would be a drop in the ocean for Canyon, especially considering the considerable amount of media coverage they'd get from FMD...
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 I have to wonder about all of these collarbone breaks listed as reasons that they are not successful. I have broken mine in three pieces. I suspect many have. What I wonder about is NOT the effects of a break but the increasingly short timeframe given to fully recover from one. I mean, Brannigan breaking 4, FOUR TIMES in ONE season? Come on, give the guy a chance to fully mend.
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 The Dailly rumors seems unlikely since he's Vouilloz's protégé and they seem very close
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 Finn keeping it home grown -Devinci in 2020
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 Re: Canyon "Are their pockets deep enough to support two Elite World Cup teams though?"

Umm, yeah. On the road side of racing they sponsor Canyon-SRAM women's team, Katusha, Movistar, and Correndon-Circus (Matheiu Van Der Poel). They also sponsor a quite a few of the best Iron Man athletes. Team and athlete sponsorship appears to be a big part of their marketing focus.
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 FINALLY Syndicate picking up a woman! About time!! Nina is the perfect addition. It took too long for them to sponsor a woman but better late than never.
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 It's 2019 and Syndicate needs a woman on the team. Otherwise it's more or less what Batman said in The Lego Movie, "I went over to their ship...and it was all dudes". I had the same reaction to Nina's posting pics of her Santa Cruz as the authors here. Hope it happens.
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 She’s definitely not going to be on the Syndicate this year.
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 Santa Cruz used to have the Luna Chix on Santa Cruz downhill bikes. Juliana was just a ladies spec bike of their Superlight XC fully. But even since Juliana turned into a full line up of bikes it has been strictly "ladies this side, men the other". It would require quite a shift in their whole marketing plan to put here on the Syndicate riding Santa Cruz branded bikes. That said, they could stick to their current marketing scheme and have her on the Syndicate riding Juliana branded frames. She's probably already getting some team support from the Syndicate. They're not going to leave a high profile (or at least great performing athlete with good exposure on a Juliana bike) out in the cold with a broken bike.

All this said, Steve Peat had the SPS (Steve Peat Syndicate) development program (where riders bought their V10 and for the rest got a lot of support and guided training). Have never really looked at who was riding there but most likely there must have been a few women on it too. So technically those are also women riding SC bikes with Syndicate support. Not sure if it is still running though.
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 @vinay: I can totally see her riding her Juliana as part of the Syndicate - from SC/Juliana perspective, I think that would be good for all...
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 @hungrymonkey: Absolutely. With proper team support she has the potential to win races. If she can't get that from SC then she'll just choose the team that does. I'm no walking encyclopedia but for instance, now that Miranda Miller has shifted her focus on enduro, does Specialized still have a top female DH racer? No doubt they'd love to have her on their team. So yeah, Santa Cruz has the opportunity now and it would be a waste to not cement their brand name to her success.
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 @vinay: it wouldn't take much to put some juliana stickers on a v10 and paint it a different colour like the rest of the range
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I'm pretty sure that's exactly what she was riding before she broke her bike and switched to a SC branded bike.
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 Yeah I think it would be different if juliana actually had a DH bike but they technically dont so I dont think it would conflict with their marketing if she was technically on a santa cruz branded frame. Also I feel like the Syndicate would be good for her considering they kind of handle their own sponsors and shes already hooked up with Oneil and some others.
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 @chrismac70: Isn't that what all Juliana bikes are?
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 Didn't Kathy confirm the Syndicate was looking to bring Hoff on board in a WynTV interview? Sounded like a budget just had to be worked out. Hope it happens.
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 Dailly to Specialized: what I heard in Zermatt was that Specialized would close their team, so that looks a little unlikely. Unless they move to a setup like in DH where they provide a frame to a structure and it's not a factory team. But is the current team a full factory team anyway?
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 It would be surprising if Specialized closed their team this year having just come out with a new Enduro. You would think they would be eager to show what the new bike can do
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 Also can confirm this. Specialized are pulling their whole programme.
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 @tom666: That is if anyone buys it. Enduro has typically been an approachable platform but now looks its gone full dentist bike status. And nobody wants a flash carbon frame with NX & every other base model part just to get the price somewhere reasonable
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 @zyoungson: I reckon they're gonna sell out of those no problem. No idea where you ride, but round my way I'd say a good 30% of riders are on £4k+ bikes. People will be fighting to get the new Enduro.
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 @tom666: I chatted with a team manager of another who said the cost were getting too high and that was also one reason for Specialized to pull out.The other one is that the DH team makes them sell the Enduro, not just the DH bike (which sales are getting more and more marginal). Why did they came up with a new Enduro? Cause that's what they sell. And this one has quite a similarity to their DH bike.
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 @hungrymonkey: A lot of people are on higher end bikes. Prices on this one are looking a bit steep & spesh is taking the piss with components. Even the 2nd to top model gets fox performance & dpx2. You would expect at least a HSC fork & better shock at that price level. I think people are realizing you dont need carbon everything for a bike to ride good & with prices only going up will be looking for value. My last 2 bikes have been carbon frame enduros but the next one definitely wont be.
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 @zyoungson: I agree bikes aren't great value in many ways, inc the new Enduro, but you only need to see the number of santa cruz's that get ridden around to realise that people simply don't care - it's about the name on the downtube, and their ability to get credit on a bike.

ultimately bike companies are just that - companies. they'll have done their sums, and if they reckon they can flog an enduro for £4.5k with NX Eagle (or whatever) they'll do so. If they don't sell enough there'll be discounts, and next year the bike will be cheaper. bike companies are as subject to basic economics as any other company in any other industry. I know i'd prefer my employer to maximise their profits as much as they effectively can, as that's what pays my mortgage! As consumers, we have the ability to work out whether we can afford/justify a bike purchase. if not, well, there'll be something else out there.
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 @hungrymonkey: I think you will find people buying enduro are likely to know what they want & know what they are getting. Not just flogging off endless stumpjumpers to middle aged dudes that dont know the difference. The last 6 words of your comment sum things up perfectly.
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 The current spec dh team “specialized gravity republic” aka pure agency is the same team that was “Lapierre gravity republic”

They are a french team

I’m guessing spec will shut down their factory race program and move it under the pure agency / gravity republic with Dailey as the head rider.

With graves seemingly permanently sidelined and Curtis keens retirement they do not have any riders for next year anyway.
  • 2 0
 Jared Graves hasn’t posted anything on IG for a while and no I am specialized tags. Could be true they are doing something different with the specialty enduro team.
  • 2 0
 @zyoungson: true! Worst spec’ed bike ever!
  • 5 2
 I can see Tahnees crew getting off of Transition as much as I love my Transition and the company I dont think world cup racing really jives with their marketing and direction. Plus Tahnee probably wouldnt mind trying to get on big wheels.
  • 1 0
 I can see that but I really hope they maintain a presence. I think it’s been a lot of fun to see their bike succeed on the big stage.
  • 1 0
 It's probably more about chasing $ than anything. Canyon's marketing budget is probably a good chunk of Transitions annual revenue....but ya cant pay for that swagger that Transition has.
  • 2 2
 WHat! Tahnee is Transitioning?!
  • 1 0
 Tahnee and Kaos move to Atherton bikes... Seems unlikely considering Tahnee and Rachel's uber competitive natures and rivalry, however when you think about it, it makes a tiny bit of sense. Rachel is probably sick of repetitive injuries, she wants a top tier contender to push the Atherton brand. They already have Millie, but adding a top-notch female to the pool could only be positive for the brand. Plus they get Kaos who has a pretty strong social media game and performs well at Crankworks events. Charlie Hatton has WC potential beyond Kaos, but isn't necessarily what the kids want to see. Gee is towards the end of his career as well. Having Rach and Tahnee competing for the top step week after week would be awesome for the bike brand and having Kaos winning whip-offs and doing Rampage type events wouldn't hurt. Plus if you follow the Instagrams, it seems like Kaos and Millie have spent a lot of time together lately. You gotta assume he has spent some time on the Atherton bike at this point. Or, its just Kade and Kaos trying to undermine the entire Atherton brand and implode them.
  • 2 0
 This just in...this woman got picked up to race UCI Women’s WC in 2020. youtu.be/Lb6OpRfyLFo
  • 3 0
 So, Hoff is gonna be on a she-10?
  • 3 3
 It's odd to me that YT wasnt mentioned in this. We all know they are not going to go into the 2020 season with just Suarez. With teams dropping certain riders, I suspect there will be a big name coming back to that team.
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 YT MOB was mentioned under Vali Holl.
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 @chriskneeland: Dang totally missed that ha! Disregard previous comment lol.
  • 3 0
 @Bawilson0605: To be fair it probably should have had it's own section along with some highly suspect names attached for entertainment purposes.
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 It would be too bad if the the YT MOB remained #MenOnBikes, forever, though.
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 Serious Question: How much does Aaron Gwin need Martin Whitley's program to win?
  • 2 0
 James, you forgot to thank VitalMTB for their forum threads that are fueling these articles since a while. Wink
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 Who is Randy riding for next year
  • 2 0
 I'm sticking with Specialized in 2020.
  • 3 1
 What of a Lapierre team with Isabeau and Dailly?
  • 1 0
 yess....syndicate boys had a one girl team mate
  • 6 5
 Rumour is every one quits Shimano when they announce ABS Saints?
  • 15 0
 Everyone quits the concept of braking in pursuit of faster runs.
  • 6 4
 I don’t get this. I’d suspect it could be an advantage at WC level - electronic modulation at a far higher rate than the human brain can cope with to maintain optimal traction under braking... I’d like to try it for sure.
  • 4 0
 @mattwragg: At some point, when it's highly developed, it could be useful. But even though, I dont think that we need more electronic aids. Like in top level motorsport, electronic aids should be kept at a minimum, so there still is a challenge. (not saying that with ABS, WC riders arent challenged anymore, but it would remove one of the challenges)
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 @mattwragg: @mattwragg: agree! Technological innovation is key at the sharp end of competition. I thought about how interesting it would be to have fully electronic, ABS disc braking a few years ago when electronic shift came out. How much better would braking be without several feet of hydraulic line being in the mix?
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 ABS actually helps you stop faster, so if the motorcycle tech was downsized and made to work with MTB, why would someone NOT want it? There is so much great moto and auto tech out there that could change MTB racing. My mind will blow when magnetically controlled suspension makes the leap.
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 @jmhills: I'm assuming you are talking about road motorcycles, and yes I agree in that case abs would help stop it faster (for example in a straight line on an even surface). However in an off road scenario I disagree. Abs essentially doesn't want the wheel to slide, and DH racing, Moto, other car racing, etc. is basically a series of controlled slides which the abs would interfere with. There's a reason it doesn't come on dirt bikes, and to use a motorcycle example it isn't used in Moto GP or even formula 1 either.
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 No other race cars or motorcycles use ABS, why should bikes be the exception? When you're as tuned into your tires' traction as a professional driver, ABS is a limitation on how fast you can stop and corner.
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 @GuerrillaGravity: You have to keep something in mind about the ban of ABS in MotoGP, WRC, F1. It was done under the argument that it would make racing 'too easy.' Not some argument about feel. Purely for show reasons. In fact, this is the reason why it was banned. They also have banned other forms of technology like adaptive suspension, shifting methods, traction control (which uses the same systems as ABS), etc... The fact is that the tech is there. The pulse rates are far higher and the systems more efficient to more than cope. There was a CVT suspension that was faster and more efficient around a track than traditional gears. Banned. Williams pioneered a fully hydraulically active suspension. It was impressive. Banned. ABS was popping up in race cars from DTM to F1 by the early 90s. Even Senna raced an ABS equipped car. Banned.

If you want to believe that DH is the F1 of the bike world, you need to start clamping down a whole lot more and stopping true innovation. Frame swaps to different sizes? Banned. Swingarm swaps? Banned. Tire choice and swaps? Banned. Shock/ suspension methods and design? Seriously restricted.

I am not saying that it should happen. I am saying that the tech, and the miniaturizing of it, is already there. It has been banned not for tech reasons but for reasons of show. They are afraid that things will get 'too easy' with them. They actively block innovation.
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 @mattwragg: This is more of an advantage for less experienced riders, stop you braking too much & loosing traction, but can you still do stoppies & skids with ABS?
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 @aljoburr: Everything is tunable. Everything.
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 So stoked for the Hoff! It's a perfect fit for her.
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 troy might stay on canyon bikes and fmd might go to canyon so troy might join fmd. that would be a strong team
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 Well E-BIKE would benefit from ABS especially inexperienced riders?
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 Where's Lucas Cruz going? That kid can fly!
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 FMD to use Atherton Bikes?
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 Nina Hoffman on Syndicate would be very cool.
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 Jack Moir to Canyon collective. You heard it here first Wink
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 About Dailly Rumor, in french we say: it's "franchement capilotracté..." (tiré par les cheveux)....Par contre un tour ou deux en DH c'est probable.
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 Sur quel bike alors ? Le spicy ?
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 @fautquecaswing: Pourquoi pas avec un Lapierre DH WRC Ultimate remis au goût du Jour 2020 ?
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 merci pour le bonne phrase, c'est nouveau a moi.
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 @E-T: avec une petite biellette alu sur mesure usinée par Vouilloz !
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 @fautquecaswing: ...and 29' as well
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