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2020 Sea Otter Classic Cancelled, Virtual 'Sea Otter Play' Event Announced for September

Jul 1, 2020
by Sarah Moore  
Sea Otter Classic

Back in March, the Sea Otter Classic was one of the first major cycling events to be postponed. The event was pushed from its traditional April to October 1-4. Instead of the usual Sea Otter coverage in April, we pivoted to host a virtual Pond Beaver show on Pinkbike.

Now, the organizers have made the decision to cancel the 2020 event entirely, saying that in discussions with Monterey County health officials, "it has become clear that we cannot host an event that will meet our health and safety standards."

Instead, organizers will host a virtual Sea Otter Play event in September. Sea Otter is a unique event where racing meets tradeshow, so there will be both ride challenges starting at the beginning of September before the tradeshow component will be September 17-20.

bigquotesDear Sea Otter Classic Supporter,

First of all, thank you for your overwhelming support of the Sea Otter Classic. As previously noted, our management team has been preparing to host the event in October. After frequent discussions with Monterey County health officials, it has become clear that we cannot host an event that will meet our health and safety standards. This has always been our top priority. Consequently, we have decided to cancel the Sea Otter Classic scheduled for October 1-4, 2020. The Bicycle Leadership Conference is also cancelled. More information regarding the cancellation of the Sea Otter Classic and the Bicycle Leadership Conference will be available on July 17th.

While a year without Sea Otter is hard to comprehend, we knew this was a possibility. So, we’ve been developing a new event to keep us all connected. We are pleased to bring you– Sea Otter Play presented by Continental! This premier immersive virtual experience will feature over 350 innovative cycling companies in a digital format. The event will include several cycling challenges, fundraising for COVID-19 relief, and cycling’s largest digital festival. Our partners from Sea Otter Europe, Sea Otter Canada, and Sea Otter Australia will join us in this inaugural event.

“As a presenting sponsor of all Sea Otter global events, Sea Otter Play represents an innovative opportunity to connect with riders around the world,” Oliver Anhuth, Global Head of Marketing for Continental Bicycle Tires.

Sea Otter Play will be held during September 2020. The ride challenges will start on September 1st and the festival will be held September 17-20. The industry response to this event has been terrific. For many sponsors and exhibitors, this will be their first opportunity to showcase their latest innovations to a global audience. We’re excited about what our September event will bring to the cycling industry and are making every effort to ensure your faith in us is rewarded with fun for you and your family.

“With new challenges come new opportunities. SRAM is excited to take part in Sea Otter Play.” David Zimberoff, vice president of marketing at SRAM.

Thank you again for your support during these challenging times. We encourage you to stay connected to our events and social channels for news and updates in the coming weeks. From all of us at The Sea Otter Classic, be safe. We look forward to hosting you digitally in September and being back with you in Monterey in April 2021!

Frank Yohannan
President & CEO
Sea Otter Classic, Inc.
Sea Otter Classic

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 It sucks, but it's the smart thing to do. Maybe we can have a second round of Pond Beaver???

I know some companies were due to release stuff in/around Sea Otter (looking at you MRP).
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 What really sucks is that it probably could have happened if California actually succeeded in mitigating COVID. They obviously let up the lockdown too early, and now it's going to have to go on for even longer... same with Texas, Florida, etc. So stupid.
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 @just6979: but who could have predicted that lifting restrictions in the middle of a pandemic could have had adverse consequences
  • 4 0
 @just6979: it does seem you just threw away 3 months and a lot of money
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 @kleinblake: lol ????
  • 13 38
flag pistol2ne (Jul 1, 2020 at 9:52) (Below Threshold)
 @kleinblake: Definitely had nothing to do with our exponential increase of testing. My god you guys love that panic porn mainstream media trash.
  • 1 0
 @NoahColorado: Damnit Noah! Let me go get my wallet...
  • 30 10
 @pistol2ne: definitely had nothing to do with America being the first country to remove restrictions, not going into full lockdown and nobody caring about the health and well-being of anyone but themselves even though there is overwhelming scientific evidence that the retards who refuse to wear masks and social distance are the sole contributors to the spread of the virus and the second wave of cases in America.
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 @pistol2ne: the positivity rate also went up bucko
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 @just6979: A lot of the problem comes from what exactly is going to change in 2 months, 4 months, etc, if the lockdown continues? I don’t quite get the too soon part. COVID isn’t going away until we have a vaccine, best case 6 months. So can we keep one of the worlds largest economies (California, or the rest of the US for that matter) shut down for a better part of a year? I don’t think so. Common sense says we open for business with all precautions possible and isolate those at risk.
  • 12 11
 @TheSlayer99:: "first country to remove restrictions". Some states never had restrictions, the big populated states still do. Lots of European countries have been open for some time. Way more than California so you're blatantly wrong. Austria,Switzerland, SWEDEN, etc. haven't COMPLETELY destroyed their economies by panic porn drinking politicians like we have. Before you haul off and make some idiotic comment that economy isn't worth saving (over a few dead 80 year olds) i offer you to google GDP vs death rate that's been studied for decades. How PC of you to use the word Retard. I see Pinkbikes comment section rules are already holding up well.

Where TF did i mention masks? Masks work, maybe if your attitude of calling people retards for not wearing them was more endearing it wouldn't have become a political talking point . But carry on with your ignorance by calling it a second wave when cases have never dropped below 20k a day. LOL
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 @kleinblake: Now do deaths.
  • 6 16
flag FlysDown (Jul 1, 2020 at 11:14) (Below Threshold)
 @pistol2ne: Corona deaths reached over 500,000 the other day world-wide.

World's population is 8 Billion. 500,000 of 8 Billion?


Covid-19 has a survival rate of 99.99375%
  • 5 9
flag Saiyan66 (Jul 1, 2020 at 11:27) (Below Threshold)
 @FlysDown: How dare you use facts!
  • 16 1
 @FlysDown: your math is assuming the entire world already got it. Survival rate is only relative to those who have got it.
  • 1 0
 Caribbean Dugong!
  • 8 2
 @Austink: statistics are not these people’s strong suit
  • 4 0
 @FlysDown: all 8 billion have covid?
  • 9 0
 @kleinblake: that is the scary thing these days. So many people are bad at math that you flash one misleading stat in their face and people will take that as fact and form their opinions off of bad info.
  • 2 5
 @Austink: Would the main stream media report the survival rate?
  • 8 5
 @kleinblake: Dr Fauci, but no one was listening. Fake news has been showing all kinds of ignorant idiots at beaches and large gatherings. USA is once again a world leader in stupidity
  • 4 0
 @FlysDown: idk but that is totally irrelevant to your bad math. If we used your math for death rates of literally any disease, nothing would be a big deal.
  • 17 2
 @Yaan: What borders on stupidity? Canada and Mexico.

I spat coffee out when my 5 YO said that. Kindergarten does teach something.
  • 5 3
 @FlysDown: My comment was directed at @kleinblake because he was commenting on surge in cases (positive % rate). Of course he doesn't mention deaths per day have decreased by 3-400% since mid April . All this while we've basically quadrupled testing, and never had below 20K+ (confirmed) cases per day.

What generates more clicks for ads? Saying cases have doubled in the past 3 weeks, or death rate has fallen 300%+? Panic porn sells way better than telling people it's nearly as bad as you think it is.

Portraying statics is also a problem too but the former is much worse. youtu.be/bVG2OQp6jEQ
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 @Betacygni: Look at the countries and states that had a successful lockdown. The active case numbers are way way down. Down low enough that if everyone wears a mask in public and distances whenever possible, the spread will remain low. It also makes it easier to detect small outbreaks and do smaller lockdowns. And remember, this isn't to protect you, or me. It's to keep the hospitals other health care facilities not-over-capacity and as free of virus as possible, so if your grandma need to go to the hospital, whether from COVID or not, she has a better chance of surviving and not catching COVID.

I live in Massachusetts, which I think you can see has successfully flattened the curve, and new case numbers are quite low _despite more testing availability than ever_. I'm no longer worried that if my 1 year old daughter has an allergic reaction again, (we were in the hospital 2 weekends in a row before lockdown) I won't have to decide between trying to deal at home because I don't want her to catch COVID at the overfilled hospital, and just going to the hospital and letting the proferssionals do what they do.
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 @pistol2ne: Never dropped below 20K a day because people ignored mask and distancing recommendations. 30K per day, down slightly to 20K, now way up to 40K a day. For the whole US. Some places, it's down from thousands new per day to hundreds. Other are up from hundreds to thousands _just in the last few weeks_. It seems like a first wave to them because the rest of us flattened that shit and it didn't spread a fast as it could.

If Florida, Texas, and Cali held a reasonable lockdown for just a bit longer, it would have kept dropping, and Americans might be able to go the the EU right now. As it stands, it's going to take another couple few months to get actually get the rates down where they could already be at.

BTW, not dropping below 20K new cases per day is NOT A GOOD THING IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY.
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 @pistol2ne: "What generates more clicks for ads? Saying cases have doubled in the past 3 weeks, or death rate has fallen 300%+? Panic porn sells way better than telling people it's nearly as bad as you think it is."

You know what actually saves lives? NY state taking new case counts down by two orders of magnitude (10K to 500). And with more testing than ever.

You know what's f*cking embarrasing? Florida going UP an order of magnitude (1K to almost 10K) TWO MONTHS AFTER a bunch of other states started going DOWN.

Two months ago certain people were saying "we didn't have enough warning, defund the WHO". now, after having plenty of warning, they're sticking their heads in the sand and saying "covid ain't got shit on me" while elderly folks keep dying from a preventable disease. that's f*cking 3rd world bullshit right there.
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 @pistol2ne: you do know that an increase in death rate is only to be expected when the hospitals fill up. Until then death rates should go down because of hospitals formally being full and no longer being so will allow for better care. The rebound in cases, not total but a higher percentage of positive cases in relation to the number of tests, tells us that the sustainable level required to open up and keep spread down was not met.

But you are right, the time that is "right" to open up is not science it is purely how much death a society is ok with. The more death you are ok with the less lock down. Sweden was ok with death so they stayed open and death they have gotten. In fact to the tune of 457 deaths per 1million population. Notably, that is with a country that is sparsely populated on the whole but still worse than the US at 395 per 1 million.

Either way the death rate has a significant lag from an increase in infections. You would expect to be going down right now based on what was happening a month ago in the US. That does not mean anything as to what will happen in a months time. Sure those headlines attract clicks but that does not mean that everything they say is untrue.
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 @pistol2ne: figures lie and liars figure.

The main reason that deaths are down is because the Northeast was so bad. We have not seen the true outcome of this surge in cases, but if we are cherry picking facts, Arizona set a record for deaths today.

What I do agree with you about is the BS that is repeated on the entertainment they call news. As an example;

"Airline flight are down 96% YoY!"

"Airline passenger traffic is up 100% WoW! We are seeing green chutes."

These two statements were 1 week apart on the same network. Passenger traffic has "recovered" from 100K fliers per day to 500K passengers today. Reality is airline passenger loads have changed forever and it will be years, if not decades before we get back to the 2.8M passengers per day that we were at before CV19. Businesses have figured out other ways to do communicate and sell so they no longer need to spend millions of dollars on travel.

"Positive results from vaccine trials today"

This was actually the headlines today. Reality is that 40 people in a stage 1 trial (incredibly small sample size) had some positive statistics. This is so far from a working and safe vaccine that it should be illegal for them to even post this crap. We have NEVER had a successful vaccine against a Coronavirus in any variant.
N E V E R despite the fact that there are seven known strains that circulate widely within the population. So negative news doesn't sell either sometime and it goes both ways.
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 @bentopi we will absolutely be doing a fall Pond Beaver of some sort. Current name ideas: Schnitzel Beaver, Euro Beaver, InterMike, EuroMike... we are children.
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 @just6979: naw dawg, Cuomo sending Trojan grandma horses into nursing homes weeks after EVERYONE knew it was bad for old people is what caused it.

Too many points to argue from long winded bike riders that carry a tube, sealant kit, and puncture kit in their pack is extremely exhausting.

Go ride your bike, you're prepared.
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 @pistol2ne: 45 out 50 Governors did not force COVID infected patients into nursing homes.

But 5 did:
Cuomo (NY)
Wolf (PA)
Whitmer (MI)
Newsom (CA)

Nearly half of all COVID nursing home deaths were in these states.
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 Living in Monterey County, people are still traveling to the peninsula every weekend as if things were normal. I see plates from Washington, Oregon, Nevada and Arizona all the time. Plus, we have weekend warriors visiting from SF to LA to Sac. Even though the locals are staying local and wearing masks, we get a ton of interlopers not respecting the rules. If they're going to ban Sea Otter this year, they should also shut down all the businesses that cater to tourists, especially the Surrey and Ebike rental places. The numbers in Monterey County spiked huge after all the memorial day weekend tourist traffic.
  • 6 1
 And now 2020 is officially...

*screams and cries* ...THE WORST YEAR IN HUMAN HISTORY!!!
*wipes tears...goes out to ride the local secrets and gets blinded by tears thus riding off the edge of a cliff to my death all the while heartbroken of the loss of sea otter 2020.*
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 @pistol2ne: Couple things you might want to understand before you start saying the only reason people are freaked is because of the higher number of confirmed cases. First while there is more extensive testing we will see more confirmed cases no doubt. Until recently the news (all networks) was reporting only confirmed cases. The problem is, and what needs to be reported more, is the percent positive rate which is going up in areas that opened early. That means if we are testing 1000 people @ 3% positive one day and then 2 weeks later testing 2000 people @ 6% that ratio shows more people are getting it. You could test a million people in one day and while you would get a higher number no doubt, the number is meaningless without the percentage increase. What broader testing offers is a better view of where groups of people are getting sick and it allows regions to isolate small outbreaks. We don't have the capacity to do this by any means but if everybody got tested once a week we could have WAY more accurate data about what can be open and what needs to stay quarantined. Think of it as graph with x y coordinates you can't represent the data without both a rise and a run.
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 Maybe I missed it (I am stupid), but nothing mentioned about people who are registered to race. Refund? Carryover?

I'm signed up for 4 races (I think).
  • 2 0
 They will offer refund or rollover via email shortly.
  • 2 0
 You probably got an email this AM with this info:

More information regarding the cancellation of the Sea Otter Classic and the Bicycle Leadership Conference will be available on July 17th.
  • 2 0
 @endlessblockades: I got an email today saying they will follow up in a couple weeks with options. That's fine. I'm probably not getting laid off for a month or two.

(I'll likely roll over to next year anyway)
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 Doesn't this just violate the rights and freedoms of all americans?
  • 14 3
 In my state (Idaho) people are convinced that you are a weak if you wear a mask. Costco requires them and I saw rednecks openly flouting not wearing the in the store.
  • 15 3
 Yes we all know the corongavirus was started by the extra terrestrial deep state government to enslave the American mind so joe Biden will get elected. inject Lysol everyday to wake up and free your mind
  • 3 1
 American Idiots.
  • 2 3
 Rights AND Freedom of Americans??? What!? Not any more...HA! NO Rights, Minimal Freedom(s), Absolutely no place for discussion, with a never ending flood of Fear mongering and catering to the "No Winners/ it's not fair / Participation Ribbon society", and now look where it's going...??? America?, not the one I grew up with! Pretty sure we as Humans on this planet (just the last 3 months for example) have secured our fate in truly Deserving a earth ending Asteroid! Can't wait to see what's next!!! Keep it up Humans!
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 @lancifer: You need a beer? - grab a beer.
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 Zeb ?
  • 2 2
 Should of had everyone wear a petri dish, it stops the virus you know. See you in the threshold thread.
  • 8 10
 Looks up from coffee, reads headline, rolls eyes, next article.
  • 2 5
 The SCAMCEMIC strikes again...

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