2021 Racing Rumours #1 - Danny Hart to Cube, Reece Wilson's Future, a Santa Cruz XC Team, & More

Nov 10, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

Following a season that was nearly scrapped entirely then squeezed into two months, this isn't going to be a normal off-season for the racers. There's now just a short blast of recovery, testing and training time plus the chance of yet another disrupted season next year, which could make the annual game of musical saddles even more secretive and surprising this year.

We've tapped up sources and spoken to riders to try and get a clearer picture of what might be happening next year. Below are rumours, and only rumours, of some rider movements for 2020. These include Danny Hart to Cube, Loris Vergier off to a new team and, most shocking of all, a Santa Cruz XC team.

Danny Hart to Cube - Very Likely
The top qualifier held it down and quite a phenomenal run it was too trumping Pierron s barn-burner by 0.66.

Danny Hart and Madison Saracen parting ways was a kickstart to silly season before the race season had even begun and, of course, it wasn't long until speculation about his next move began. With four World Cup wins and 2 World Championship titles, he's no doubt one of the most sought after riders in the pits and probably had a flurry of offers from prospective teams.

Rob Warner was quick to give some hints on this one and said Danny was going to a "square brand". We've also been told that Danny is off to "one of the biggest European brands". A big, square, European brand can only mean one thing to us and that's Cube. We reached out to Cube and they told us: "We are sorry, but at the moment we cannot give any information about this topic."

Vali Holl and YT Industries Part Ways - Likely
Vali Holl holding it down with another huge 12 second lead despite crashing on her injured shoulder in morning practice.

Vali Holl was rumored to be leaving YT last year, something we quashed early on in the rumour season, but this year we think it's a bit more credible. So, what's changed? Well, we've heard this one come from World Cup insiders this year plus we were warned it might be coming last year.

Although she rides a YT frame, Vali races as part of the SRAM TLD development team. John Dawson, team manager, explained last year that Vali stuck with that set up to keep things as stress-free as possible while she completed her final year at school alongside racing in elites for the first time. There were apparently offers on the table for Vali last year but SRAM TLD were best placed to make the tricky transition up to elites as easy as possible for Vali without the pressures being on a trade team may have placed on her, just as it did for riders such as Luca Shaw and Lucas Cruz in recent years. He also hinted last year that 2020 would be Vali's last year on the team and it seems that might still be the case now she is no longer a first-year elite.

We reached out to YT and they said, "Is it that time of year again already? Time flies… We do not want to take the wind out of your sails by revealing which athletes we may or may not be working with in the future and thereby impede the radically reckless speculation at this early stage of ‘Rumor Season’, to which the community so looks forward to." Whatever happens to Vali, we wish her the best in her continued recovery and hope she is able to compete against the rest of the elite women at full fitness next year.

Loris Vergier and the Syndicate Part Ways - Likely
Vergier is a danger man on any track. Today he went down hard and took himself and his peak out of the running.

We've heard from multiple sources that Loris is calling time on his tenure with the Santa Cruz Syndicate. This was also spilled by Warner on the live feed but we've since heard it from pretty much every other person connected to the World Cup circuit that we've spoken to as well. Despite his two wins in Maribor, it seems that Vergier and the Syndicate are set to part ways this offseason and, much like Hart, we're sure wouldn't be short of interest.

As to where Vergier will be headed to next, we wouldn't be surprised to see him land with one of the large American brands, but haven't seen anything to confirm it. We reached out to the Syndicate to try and get some more information but they did not respond to our request for comment.

Pauline Ferrand Prevot to Absolute Absalon - Very Likely
Incredible day for Pauline.

Despite her immense success, Pauline Ferrand Prevot has acted as a bit of a lone ranger on the World Cup circuit in recent years. She's the only XC racer currently registered on the Canyon Team and she's listed on the UCI website as part of the same gravity team as Troy Brosnan and Jack Moir. This set up clearly doesn't hold her back though as she picked up yet another set of Rainbow Stripes this year and a World Cup win to bring her career total up to six.

Our sources have told us that PFP will be heading to her partner's team, Absolute Absalon, next year. Logistically it makes a lot of sense given the pair live together already and it would give her a team pit set up to operate in for World Cups next year. We spoke to both Canyon and Absolute Absalon about the move, but neither wished to comment on the situation.

Reece Wilson off Trek - Not True
The final dash to the line for Reece Wilson on a historic run.

Another bombshell that Rob Warner dropped in the live feed in Maribor was that Reece Wilson would be leaving Trek after winning the World Championships. This came as a huge shock as the young Scot only joined the brand last year so it would be unusual for him to be on his travels once again so soon. Add on top of this, he now has proven success on the brand and there doesn't seem to be much sense in switching up bikes after the biggest result of your career.

We spoke to team manager Andrew Shandro and he shot the idea right down, saying "Reece will be staying with Trek for the next few years." We've no doubt plenty of teams would love to sign 2020's breakout rider but it sounds like he's sticking with Trek for now.

Graham Agassiz to YT Industries - Possible
Photo: Teton Gravity Research

Despite only joining Evil at the start of 2019, we've heard that Aggy could be on a new frame next year. YT continues to expand its roster of rad freeriders and we think the Kamploos legend Aggy could be next in their crosshairs.

Evil declined to comment but Oliver Junggeburth, PR Manager at YT, said, "YT is continuously on the lookout for exciting (free)riders to work together with. We do not want to take the wind out of your sails by revealing whether we may or may not be working with Aggy in the future and thereby impede the radically reckless speculation at this early stage of ‘Rumor Season’, to which the community so looks forward to."

Jack Moir Doubling Up Next Year While Staying on Canyon - Confirmed
Jack Moir continues to perform pretty flawlessly in the anti-Australian conditions 7th after a 6th place qualie.

What a difference 12 months makes. This time last year Jack Moir was a man down on his luck. On the back of a season he describes as his worst ever, Jack signed a letter of intent with a team that later decided to pull its entire program leaving Jack without a ride and facing the prospect of a season without racing.

With the help of the Masters brothers, Jack was able to secure a last-minute ride with Canyon and then used the same strength of character that helped him to recover from a shark attack and multiple broken collarbones to become a podium contender this year in both the EWS and downhill World Cups.

Jack has now flown home after his successful stint in Europe and has confirmed to us he will be staying with Canyon and is aiming to race in the EWS and downhill World Cups again next year.

Alex Fayolle Retires - Confirmed
With Tracey Hannah s 2nd and Fayolle s win the Polygon UR team leaves Lourdes with the number one plate of the top ranked team.

Just three and a half years after winning a World Cup, Alex Fayolle has announced he will be retiring from racing. Fayolle has admitted to struggling with the pressure that winning a race so early in his career put on him and has now called time on his World Cup journey.

Fayolle said: "It’s with a lot of emotions that I announce my retirement from racing... 10 years of amazing racing, starting from regionals win to World Cup podium. I didn’t manage to reach all my goals but I realized my kid’s dream, be a professional rider and travel around the world with such amazing persons I would like to thank all the people who contributed (team, sponsors, coach, friends ...) and more particularly my father because without him none of this would have been possible. This a new chapter of my life starting now always on 2 wheels."

Emily Batty and Trek Part Ways - Possible
Back in the top 10 for Emily Batty.

Another top racer in women's XC that could be on the move is Emily Batty. Batty has been on Trek's Factory team since 2010 but she could be on the move after a decade of racing for the Wisconsin brand next year.

Jon Rourke, the team manager for Trek's XC program, told us, "At the moment we are in talks with riders to finalize our 2021 roster, including existing members. So unfortunately no official news to release at this time."

Maxime Marotte to Santa Cruz - Possible

Maxime Marotte almost had the answers today. Almost.

This is perhaps the wildest rumour we've heard so far but could Santa Cruz be starting an XC team? While most of us would have expected a bigger EWS set up to be their next move, we've heard they could instead be focussing on mountain biking's Olympic discipline. Santa Cruz still produces the Blur and Highball XC bikes and we think Maxime Marotte, who recently left Cannondale, could be a great pick for a rider with genuine medal hopes at next year's big show in Tokyo.

Santa Cruz's parent company, Pon Holdings, has just signed a multi-year deal with the current top road team, Jumbo Visma, through Cervelo and it would make sense that it would be interested in a strong Olympic presence on dirt as well. We reached out to Santa Cruz for more information and Seb Kemp, brand manager for Santa Cruz, told us, "If there was something to say we'd certainly let you know"

Phil Atwill and Dakotah Norton on New Teams - Possible

At the very last race of the year, both Phil Atwill (4:17) and Dakotah Norton (25:27) hinted on Wyn TV that they could be on the move next year. In his interview, Phil said, "Hopefully it will make getting a job a bit easier for next year... Potentially looking for a job or maybe waiting for some offers" and Dakotah said, "I'm not sure what the future holds at this point in time for me."

Of course, we've no doubt that many contracts are still under negotiation as riders work out their plans for a possibly disrupted 2021. Could this be what Dakotah and Phil were referencing or is there something more going on? We'll keep you updated with this one as we learn more.

Jesse Melamed to Leave Rocky Mountain Race Face - Unlikely

2020 EWS 3 - Finale Ligure Photo by Kike Abelleira
Photo: Rocky Mountain

Jesse Melamed's contract is up for renewal and he won some big races this year (official unofficial EWS champ in our hearts!), so we weren't surprised to hear several brands are interested in the young Canadian. We don't think a team change is likely though—the Rocky Mountain team is a tight knit group, and the program they've built over the past few years seems to be working. We'd be surprised to see either party mess with a winning formula.

We reached out to Jesse and he confirmed to us that "Nothing is official yet but I hope to stay with the team. We had a lot of success this year, and I want to keep working with the people who helped me get there."

Stephen Matthews, Brand Manager, Rocky Mountain, said, "Jesse’s been a part of the Rocky Mountain enduro program since the inception of the Altitude Team and has proven himself as both an incredible athlete and leader of this team. We’re proud of him for his race wins this year and we’re looking forward to sharing more of those moments together. We’re currently working on dialing in a program with Jesse to continue the partnership into 2021 and beyond.”

What are your thoughts? Predictions? Wild speculation? Let's hear it!

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 Dear Santa Cruz, Give Phil Atwill a whirl. That would be fuckin sick. -World
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 Phil on the Syndicate would be so rad!
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 Atwell would be great, but could it be time for a female to join The Syndicate? Vali Holl?
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 Yes indeed....
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 Dear Santa Cruz, please do engage with us.. We feel like you dont care anymore - If there was something to say we'd certainly let you know Vergier question, no response, booooooo.
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 Dante Silva . Be nice to see a Cali rider on The Syndicte
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 @BobbyEnglish: after all the criticism the Syndicate should start female superteam, just sign Vali and Nina to start with the bang
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 Yeah the syndicate needs it's rowdiness back. Mullets, cutties and afterparties. Phil is the man
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 @BobbyEnglish: Really wanted Nina Hoffman on there. Wild it didn't happen.
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 @ajayflex: is Syndic*nt an insensitive name? ... - cause it'd be sick for the girls (for non english speakers, this my friends is sarcasm - and super funny. Trust me. Im an Americ*nt).
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 Sports Agent to top racing teams: Danny Hart may be available, any interest?
Racing Team: Hell Yes! let's talk...
Sports agent: And as a bonus his Dad will be fully involved.
Racing Teams: Uh, yeah... we'll call you.
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 The LaVar Ball of the mtb world...
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 @ReformedRoadie: damn, is it that bad?
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 @matadorCE: IDK... I don't follow basketball all that closely, but the SNL Weekend Update skid with him was damn funny.
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 @ReformedRoadie: I believe you meant to say James Stewart.
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 @ReformedRoadie: BBB x Shimano collab dropping soon?
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 @ReformedRoadie: or Gabriel Medina step dad in surfing...
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 @ReformedRoadie: Nicely done, sir
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 Nail. Head. Nicely played Sir.
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 @ybsurf: can't be as bad as Charlie, surely?
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 Loris leaving The Syndicate makes me super sad. And potentially going to Trek? Gross.
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 Bummer!! Come on Phil!!
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 As long as he stays with Fox, that’s what really matters. We must have more puzzling!
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 I would be stoked if he went to specialized and had loris/loic together on a team
  • 19 0
 I am hoping it's to Specialized with Bruni.
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 It would be extremely sad and makes no sense in my eyes. From the outside looking in the syndicate seems like such a great team. The only reason could be that he wants to step out of GM's shadow but why would give up such a great organisation for something unknown ? The Trek team is great sure but he'd have to switch to the SRAM Family which is a major change and could set him back in his development as a rider
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 No more made up sounds with Fox's Dialed series coming from Loris about how his suspension is working.
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 @jaame @adrennan Wasn't Loris on the specialized team with Loic in the past? That would be an interesting team, especially if they retained Finn Iles.
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They were on the Lapierre Gravity Team at the same time before LB went to Specialized and LV went to Santa Cruz.
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 @asapyohanes: every second interview he seems to be putting himself voluntarily in the shadow of (big brother) Loic.

Not sure that getting out of GM's shadow has anything to do with this.
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I think Specialized took over the entire Lapierre Gravity Team, including the riders. Loris was riding for that team together with Bruni and then moved to the syndicate. So he was on a Specialized bike for a while, together with Bruni. Brosnan was actually also riding on Specialized, but he was part of the Specialized Factory Team (old team of Gwin). I think this team stopped after that year.
  • 15 0
 @asapyohanes: the reality is that none of us have any idea what the syndicate (or any team) is like. We know the riders, and see cool edits, and are maybe fans of the bikes they ride. But none of that has anything to do with what it’s really like to be on the team. Everyone always looks like they get along and are having the time of their lives in the highly produced videos the teams put out or in their instagram posts. That’s just how it is in any walk of life. Online doesn’t often reflect reality.

More likely scenario is that most of these guys at that level see this more as a job than anything else, and see most of these big teams as somewhat interchangeable.
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 bout to get paid!!
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 @vjunior21: they were team mates at Specialized too.
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 @sino428: you're 100% correct, we can only assume from the outside looking in and I guess we'll have to wait and see but a switch from all the components you've been accustomed to for years to new everything still seems stressful especially in a shortened off season !
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 I also think the brands see a change of personnel on the racing side as positive in terms of exposure. There's always the hype train, even when X top-10 but not winning rider moves from team X to team y. I don't want to use the term competitive also-ran but in reality that's what most of the riders are. It benefits companies to switch between this kind of rider (not what Vergier is obviously) in the knowledge that they have exchanged like for like in a lot of cases. At least they get more publicity.
  • 1 0
 @asapyohanes: that could be a concern but I think for riders at the top level they won’t have much issue switching bikes or component brands. They are all riding the most high end stuff from each brand which are all really great products. Throw on top of that how much customization and one off parts these guys have access to and they can most likely get a setup that fits then from any brand.
  • 90 6
 Warner is such a loudmouth.
  • 169 1
 Which we are blessed to listen to
  • 2 1
 "Bart, that rider lost a meter to the leader on that climb. Is that telling?" Next lap. "Bart, look at the gap, up to 3 seconds. Surely that means something?" Do love Rob though, especially on the DH runs.
  • 22 3
 If you’d rather listen to Claudio then we definitely wouldn’t be friends...
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 If Melamed leaves Rocky I will eat my shorts (Jesse, if you're reading this, please don't leave, for my sake at least).
  • 224 1
 I'd like to see that!
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 I'd say its more real for ALN to part ways.
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 @JesseMelamed: Savage! I wanna see him do that too
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 @JesseMelamed: Leave then go back!
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 @4thflowkage: This is a good idea, Jan 1st: free agent, Jan 2nd: sign. Shorts will be eaten!
  • 1 0
 @JesseMelamed: I am a man of my word. Being gracious in my defeat, I'll let you choose the kind of shorts I'll eat. What am I up against?
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 Jack Moir and Phil Atwill have both been incredible to watch this past few years I am stoked they are both being recognized as serious contenders. Both left it all on the slopes. Massive respect and all the best for 2021.
  • 22 0
 Phil's riding in Lousa was the most entertaining balls to the wall riding I have seen in years. You can tell he's got the fire back. Hope to see big things from him in 2021.
  • 19 0
 I love watching both of those guys race and so was very happy for their success this year. I'm thrilled that Moir will get to do a full DH season next year.

I'm really curious to see where Atwill goes. To me he seems like one of the only riders who is competitive at the WC level (if not for wins, then at least for Top 10s), while also tapping into the 50:01 style jib and slide energy. That seems to me like it would make him a very marketable rider for a company who knows how to do it, but we shall see.
  • 1 0
 @MarcusBrody: I'd put Kade in that bracket with Phil, he was finding his Mojo in those last WC's for sure. Kaos will get there too in a few more years I hope. Exciting to see where Phil goes next!
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 Kaspar Wooley on Yeti junior team right now. does he get bumped up? Can see him with a major ride soon.
  • 7 0
 Hopefully, One of the most capable riders out there.
  • 3 0
 Yeah, he would do serious damage in the big leagues.
  • 1 0
 He better. He beat Rude in a US level enduro, and Iles posted a training video where Wooley beat him. IDK if he could beat Heather of them consistently but but you can't deny the speed is there.
  • 3 0
 @4thflowkage: He might just be able to. This legendary Heather you speak of though...
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 Yoann Barelli to Grim Donut - Very (Un-)Likely. Wink
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 Loris leaving Syndicate would be a bummer. Their social media coverage is the best, and Loris is a hilarious part of that.
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 I’m surprise to see Vergier leave a good team as Syndicate
  • 2 0
 @Burn21: Guaranteed, there's some "politics" going on in the back ground he doesn't agree with. And there is a chance he'll team with his French brother from another mother, Loic.
  • 3 0
 @kroozctrl: I doubt Loris will joint a team where he's not the number 1 guy
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 Nina Hoffman merging her program into the Syndicate would be a surprise to no one.
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 I’d like to see her and Vali Holle on the same team so we start to have superstar female teams the same way we have multiple top male riders at the moment. Vali, Nina, Greg & Luca on Syndicate would be a sick team.
  • 3 1
 Why should she do that? Now she is 3rd in Individual Standings and 10th in Team Standings and her own boss.
  • 5 1
 @mactrack: Why? Because running your own operation is expensive. Especially for a single rider team. Much cheaper to spread the costs over multiple riders.

I remember when folks were all over the Syndicate to bring her on, but they basically said they are a 3 rider team and there would need to be an opening on the team first. It's all just rumor and speculation of course, but it's possible Santa Cruz wants her and quietly funded her 2020 program knowing Loris might be leaving for 2021.
  • 5 0
 @IanJF: The running costs are not the question. As a team owner Nina have the total team income (sponsors etc.) and is not only paid as a rider. Thats a big difference. Look at Bernard Kerr with Pivot, he is doing more or less the same.
I remember that Kathy Sessler wanted her already for 2020 as a female rider in addition to the three guys, but she said, unfortunately it is not her decission, the syndicate bosses have to decide it. And she looked quite sad by telling this, because she knew that would not happen.
So Nina dicided to do make her own thing. And as we saw, not unsuccessful. Thats why I don´t think the she will go under the syndicate protectorate. There is no benefit for her.
But as you wrote, rumor and speculation of course.
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 @mactrack: Maybe. But while the Syndicate riders have frames and suspension in common, they also run their own sponsors. I can see either scenario working out.
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 She intimated on Wyn TV that she could've joined the Syndicate, but preferred to do her own thing.
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 didn't she say herself she was going to be on her own next year?
  • 2 0
 @IanJF: I think the law of diminishing returns applies, more than 3 riders is just more cost for little extra exposure or marketing benefit. But another team generates more exposure again with a different spin, spreads the risk / reward I think. Plus there is the whole doing your own thing jag that a rider like Nina probably feeds off mentally. Horses for courses Smile
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 This has all been ripped straight from the Vital forum. I love PB but this is a bit much. The Vital team rumours threads are legendary
  • 60 3
 yeah, but that forum is hard to keep up with, so i am actually ok with PB doing that due dilligence for me
  • 10 0
 In a way yeah, but most of the Vital rumours are coming from the same sources these are, Rob Warner, WynTV, ect.
  • 55 11
 Some of these are definitely from the same sources but absolutely not ripped from those guys and we've put in the work to corroborate and investigate further
  • 7 3
 @Narro2: yeah, reading can be difficult for many
  • 4 0
 It all comes from the same sources pretty much
  • 4 0
 @Mntneer: haha, is not about the reading, is about spending as less time as possible on the PC and more on the bike

  • 4 0
 While I agree about the legendary vital rumors thread, the Reece Willson staying on Trek has been speculated but this is straight out confirmation not seen before...
  • 1 0
 @jamessmurthwaite: And Vital don't appear to bother with XC.....So those rumours haven't come from them either.
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 Ever since a women's Paris-Roubaix was announced, I've been dreaming of seeing Jolanda Neff (Trek-Segafredo) and Pauline Ferrand-Prevot (Canyon-SRAM) compete in 2021 or 2022, but it won't be possible if she moves to Absalon Absolute. Obviously she knows better and Paris-Roubaix is probably not one of her goals.
  • 5 0
 How are your new bikes?
  • 18 6
 I too, have been dreaming about Jolanda and Pauline, but it wasn't about road racing, that's for damn sure!
  • 1 0
 I'm pretty sure she stepped back from the road the other year, to concentrate on what she prefers; XC racing.

And to add another piece to the jigsaw, Canyon-Sram have just signed US track/ITT rider Chloe Dygart, who is also a Red Bull athlete; to possibly replace Pauline???
  • 15 0
 Vergier to Trek. Wilson was going to be off Trek, to help fund Vergiers move. Wilson then wins worlds, triggers an automatic two-year contract extension and Trek now paying mega bucks for a stacked team.
  • 11 0
 This YT PR manager has a funny out of office reply. He must be stoked Pinkbike took that as a response to their questions.
  • 4 0
 What is the point of juggling riders? is it they get offered more money? a brand they like better? it sounds like they have to sign an agreement for x amount of time, but why jump around so much? I don't have a problem with it, just wondering.
  • 5 0
 Different teams have different/better resources. Better coaches, better trainers, better R&D, better bikes, more money, etc. Or sometimes riders just want a change. Someone like Batty might benefit from a new coach/resources after spending a decade with her current set up.
  • 4 0
 @fullendurbro: Oh, Okay. That makes a lot of sense. I guess what's the point of going into a restaurant and only ever ordering the same item off of the menu... Beer
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 Wow had no idea that Jack Moir was actually attacked by a shark. Thought it was just a sick nickname.
  • 4 0
 Redbull TV has a series called "rob meets" and one of the episodes he meets up with Jack Moir and they discuss the shark attack if you're curious.
  • 1 0
 @snowfiend: thanks for the rec! Gonna have to check that out. Wild.
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 It is known that Emily Batty's husband is starting his own independent XC team so would make a lot of sense for her to spin off and be a part of his team, whether it is sponsored by Trek will remain to be seen.
  • 8 0
 I expect she is quite expensive and hasn’t had the results for the last couple of seasons
  • 1 0
 seems that colaboration with TREK bike comes to an end; when you see his YT new vidéo about Iceland project, you can't see TREK label appears...
  • 4 0
 There already is a Santa Cruz title sponsored XC team... It's called Santa Cruz/FSA, Italian based. www.mmtbcycling.it

I assume this 'new' team would be Santa Cruz Factory Racing, and be controlled by Pon itself.
  • 8 1
 Maybe Santa Cruz should build a competitive XC bike...
  • 3 0
 Coulanges contract is pretty old, I wonder if he is on the market. Baptiste Pierron could stay as "leader" in Dorval team with good consistency on top 15/20.
Comments relating a big frenchy, could talks about Coulanges or Payet...? Tall boys...
  • 6 0
 I would love to see where Dak ends up
  • 5 0
 Me too. Intense would be awesome but I doubt they at this point. They must be super strapped for cash
  • 2 0
 @freeridejerk888: Dak is a such a good dude. We were saying the same thing about how awesome it would be for him to land on IFR with Gwin and Neko.

Either way, hope he finds a good home.
  • 2 0
 I'd like to see him on the Syndicate if Loris leaves.
  • 2 0
 as long as riders are earning good salaries, I don't care who they ride for. I want to see/hear about riders that are making good money. yeah the stoke about this team or that team is cool to feel when you watch the edits, but lots of pro riders are just scraping by when you get to know their actual lifestyle. that ain't right!
  • 6 0
  • 3 2
 Odd how YT and Evil both used the term “.... thereby impede the radically reckless speculation at this early stage of ‘Rumor Season’, to which the community so looks forward to.”

Unless of course it’s the same person representing both
  • 3 0
 "Evil declined to comment but Oliver Junggeburth, PR Manager at YT, said,..."
  • 1 0
 Both those (rather odd) quotes are from YT - "Evil declined to comment but Oliver Junggeburth, PR Manager at YT, said..."
  • 2 0
 @thartwig @chacou DOH ????, that will teach me to read a bit more carefully in the future
  • 6 1
 Would be great to see Syndicate pick up Vali!
  • 5 1
 51 year old PB member “swellhunter” to get a free V10s this year to ride at his LBP.

Extremely unlikely
  • 3 2
 So how many Rampage riders does that make on YT?

Adolf Silva
Aggy ???
Bienvenido Aguado
Cam Zink
Ethan Nell
Jordie Lunn (RIP)

I'm like Cascade Components are making linkages for Evil. But I also wouldn't blame him. If he feels like he needs an actual DH bike and a dirt jumper, best to move on to a brand that will support him.
  • 2 0
 They've got quite a ways to go to catch Trek in the 'lifestyle athlete' market but they're putting in a good effort.
  • 5 0
 Jesse and Rocky are like Wade and Rocky. Lifers.
  • 2 0
 Riders only have X amount of years to maximize their earning potential, loyalty only goes so far and @JesseMelamed needs to get paid what he’s worth! Obviously we all hope that’s with Rocky.
  • 1 0
 @s-ryder: sometimes, money is not the key... and in fact, MONEY musn't be the key in life! Hope that Jesse stay with Rocky, a good structure, good bike. Feel that @jesseMelamed embodies Rocky Mountain bike spirit very well. let's see Wink
  • 5 1
 Ugh, anyone else miss the old Syndicate? Peaty, Minn, and the Rat. Good times.
  • 5 0
 Everyone moving to Commencal.
  • 3 0
 Every freerider to Commencal, YT or Trek. Very likely.
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 Cathro to be Team Manager +Rider nailed on
I'm guessing all British team with focus on breaking through athletes in to elite
Anyone want to gies the main sponsor @pinkbike (cough cough)
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 Why not say that Warner named Loris as going to Trek?
Did they tell you not to?
Anyway, the most interesting thing here is where Vali is going to end up
  • 5 4
 Trek didn't ask us to do or not do anything. We didn't name them specifically because we haven't been able to corroborate it. We try to get secondary sources for everything in here.
  • 8 1
 @brianpark: are "rumours" the same as "rumors?" If so, secondary sources are kinda exactly totally sorta opposite of what this is all about...at least on Vital, where it's from and where it should stay! RAAAAAAHHH@
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 @owl-X: Dude, every other English-speaking country in the world spells it "rumours". (And this is an article written by an Englishman posted on a Canadian website.) Get a world view.
  • 1 0
 @MtbSince84: hmm...I almost believe you about these other countries, and maybe alternate spellstyles, but I’m not buying more than one source required (or even desired) for a rumor. That’s what makes them fun.
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 Wonder why loris is leaving syndicate. Would be great if Atwill was to join though
  • 4 0
 Jordie will love working with Loris on a new frame setup. Haha
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 Dak Norton --> Intense = Please
  • 2 0
 He goes really well on the Devinci
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 YT Freeride support should get more credit.
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 XCO World Champ Jordan Sarrou to Specialized Iguess too.
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 Anyone else read it "Your mom looks like a cube"?
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 I am surprised Loris is leaving the Syndicate.
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 Phil atwell at saracen maddison, would be cool
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 Why is this coming out so late this year???
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 Breaking news! Film at 11...
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 Phil for syndicate please!!! Takes the rats position
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 Balfa bikes signs Hart. My dream team
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 Loris to commencal or specialized. I heard there’s gunna be two fast very fast frenchies on the same team....
  • 11 0
 Nah, Loris is going to TREK!
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 Loris on either would be fun. Imagine if one of these teams could get all 3 Frenchies on the same team!
  • 15 2
 As long as it is to a team on Fox suspension...
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 @racecase: Warner mentioned Saracen would be signed a ‘big’ french rider for next season.....
  • 3 3
 @racecase: f*cking trek!! BOO!!!!
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 @Dav82: Ed Masters with his fat suit and a bad french accent?
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 Guess everyone’s salty today huh
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 I would have thought he might be a bit expensive for comencal
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 No way Loris is going to either of those...
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 It's not like Commencal need any more good riders. They have the most exciting team on the circuit, by a long chalk.
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 Loris at specialized is very realistic. Good friend of Loic and stepped out of his shadow. Iles has been very disappointing so far.
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 @mactrack: Except Specialized just re-signed Finn... As for him being disappointing, the results arent there but the media value of that guy is very high
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 Or Loris will go to trek, as they already have one fast French rider on the ews, who happens to live at less than 20 km from Loris' home.
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 @bikeparkmemes: An arrival of Loris doesn't have to mean that Finn is leaving. Loris as an top ten rider is definitely a reinforcement for the team.
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 I was thinking that too. Loris fun and Loic. Finn needs to chill out as he’s always a top 5 rider till he crashes @mactrack:
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 @mactrack: Neither Loris nor Loic would want to be on a team together, and I'm sure they've both said as much before. Not for personal reasons, but the dynamic just wouldn't work - each needs to be the top rider, with first dibs on all the available attention and resources.
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 @mactrack: He's 21 and has top 10 or even top 5 speed. What part of that is disappointing? I guess it is if you want him to podium all the time. IMO give him 5 years till he is Bruni's age and then evaluate.
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 @4thflowkage: Disappointing is his performance in one of the best teams. Matt Walker of Madison Saracen is 21 too and won the elite overall this year. Give him 5 years to Bruni´s age - in this 5 years Bruni was 4 times world champion und 1 time elite overall winner.
He has to hurry so that the aspiring juniors, like Óisin O'Callaghan, don't eat him. He doesn't have 5 years, at least not in a top team.
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 @freeridejerk888: That´s what I mean!
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 Ahh yes camel poos legend Garry Kamikazi
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