A detailed look into the BCD Racing 29er Carbon Fiber DH Bike

Jun 20, 2007
by Luc 'Acadian' Albert  
Alex Morgan has been in the business of creating some of the most distinct mountain bike designs for a long time now. When he showed up to the Angel Fire, New Mexico National race with his handmade carbon fiber 29-inch wheeled downhill bike, we had to pull him aside and get the inside scoop

This one-of-a-kind race sled is a fully custom prototype that is being tested and tweaked before Alex makes molds for production frames. Alex placed 19th in the pro class at Angel Fire on the big wheeled monster and will be schralping it at the Mont Sainte Anne World Cup this weekend. Visit littermag.com to check out the photographs and listen to the audio clips for detailed information on specs and measurements. Go crack open the mind of a true creative genius and appreciate his work.

BCD Racing 29er Carbon Fiber DH Bike

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 A 29er downhill bike... what!? This is something new, something different, it looks strange and it's out-of-the-box thinking!? I'm scared of it, I'll just keep riding the bike that looks like everyone else.

It's just a fad like suspension forks, maybe it will go away.
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 haha you said it man.
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 Interesting thoughts. Now back to the Future ->->->->->->->->->->.......................
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 hows 2018 working out for you?
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 Interesting reading this 13 years later. Fortunately it hasn't gone away and big wheelers are here to stay.
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 @fartymarty: Aged like milk
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 I know the bike isn't for everyone, but no need to hate. A lot of hard work, love and time goes into each bike Alex builds. I personally think it's great that people try different things and experiment with different designs/materials - you should never judge something solely based on looks. keep it up Alex!
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flag pistol2ne (Jun 21, 2007 at 10:21) (Below Threshold)
 acadian this topic is over on mtbr.com on the forums and it is redicioulsy long. I have with out a doubt come to the conclusion that the 29 with only 6 inches of travel for downhill is a bad idea. THink of it this way, The virtual piviot point was created a couple of years ago, which was probably one of the most unfathomable things done in mountain biking. If they can think of a virtual piviot suspension system they (as in manufactures) can sure think of a 29er downhill bike. I am not bashing they guys ideas at all I am pretty sure he created the gear box, but a 29er downhiller...............no thanks.
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 hey pistol2ne, i gota tell ya that the virtual pivot point was invented in the mid 90's. but it only got to the mainstream mountainbike a couple of yars ago lik u saidWink
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 You said it 10 years ago man. Now 29ers are all over in DH!
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 Acadian - dude I remember you from the early 2000s on 'other" forums. I wonder what ever became of you!? You had just bought a blue Scooby last I heard of you. Bon Voyage old friend!
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 @colemanb: man, I was wrong af
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 @pistol2ne: wrong *as* AF
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 @pistol2ne: at least you were big enough to admit it. It's funny how "normal" 29 DH and Enduro bikes look now. Even 275 looks small to me now.
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 @pistol2ne can't help but look at this and then the rest of the screaming you're doing on pb comment sections and think its gotta be about the same. Must be a lot of work being so angry and right all the time
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 @burnskiez: It's the internet. There is no place for cool heads.

Also, I value civil liberites while the rest of california slumps into depression because they're so apathetic. So yeah, maybe I can cool down, when I can go to a bar after my rides, without masks.

Get my vaccine next week!
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 I remember seeing this in 2007 before I even had an email account to respond or comment with. I liked it then. Even more so now. Weight round the bb, no unnecessary clutter on the frame. Great bike!
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 i dont ride DH but i guess 29 is better just for xc, the momentum generated by a bigger wheel stabilizates the jumps but also limit axial rotations.....
the thing that i would ask is how did you made the frame, i mean, the carbon-epoxy inpregnation, ivè been tryn for a while to make a carbon frame but i dont get enough resistance even for a xc bike. got any counsil of how should i use the carbon and make the mould .... any web pages guys tutorials?
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 I'd like to see how that would hold up in a good crash. you'd have to be a magician to get the isotropic properties of an Al or Steel frame with carbon fibre. Not to mention, once there's a crack in the epoxy, you're on a death trap: think of carbon hockey sticks, they're strong as hell, but they explode on failure!..no yielding at all
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 Alex and his 29er OWN all you smack talkers! Recognize!
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 спустя 10 лет 29 колеса в дх уже никого не удивляют
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 мужик опередил время
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 that would be sooo cumbersome, the advantages of manouvreability of a 26 outweighs the benefit of bigger smoother rolling wheels in my opinion
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 with a higher fork, like a WC 07..it would be realy nice!
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 how many kilos it have?
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 yeah that thing looks pretty wack.
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