212 Mechanic Touch Screen Glove - Review

Jun 30, 2014
by Richard Cunningham  
Pinkbike Product Picks

Magura 212 Mechanic Touch Screen gloves 2015

Magura discovered 212's Mechanic Touch Screen gloves and I have been using the pair I was given at their Sedona press camp.

Those searching for a well constructed glove that slots in between the super-thin models that are currently popular, and the reinforced and padded models that many DH riders wear should check out 212's Mechanic Touch Screen gloves. I came across them at Magura Camp a number of months ago, where the German component maker offered us branded versions. I liked them enough to research the maker and discovered that they were a Southern, California firm that specialized in top quality gloves for mororsports and industry. Like the name suggests, 212's Mechanic Touch Screen gloves allow wearers to manipulate smart phones or tablets without removing them. While most gloves have a couple of fingertips treated to operate touch screens, 212's glove let the user operate the device in any manner and with any digits.

The glove is made from nylon and polyester, with a minimally-padded palm and two-way stretch material in the boxed fingers and, while almost every hem is double-stitched, there are no internal seams that chafe or rub. The feel and fit are good, with a woven nylon mesh back for comfort and protection, while the index finger has a wrap-around tip - reportedly for added dexterity. The cuffless closure is rubberized for foul-weather grip and secured by molded hook-and-loop material. Sizes offered are small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large, and the MSRP is $23 USD. Buyers must purchase 212's gloves through its on-line store and there is a $10 minimum shipping charge, but to their credit, they will ship a number of pairs for the same ten-dollar fee, and you can pick up your purchase for free at the factory. Also, 212 will custom print logos or graphics on the back of their gloves in surprisingly small numbers, which could work out well for race teams and shops.
212 Performance Gloves

Magura 212 Mechanic Touch Screen gloves 2015

If you like black, 212's Mechanic gloves are worth a look. The molded hook-and-loop closure is rubberized and the sensitive area at the inside of the wrist is armored by a rubberized badge.

Pinkbike's Take:
bigquotesThere are a number of choices for good gloves available, so I don't expect PB members to jump up and cheer every time we review a pair in Pinkbike Product Picks. The 212 Mechanic Touch Screen glove feels more substantial on the hand, but it does not restrict the finger, nor interfere with shifting or braking sensitivity. An extra layer of material on the palms gives a noticeable measure of comfort on long, tough descents without feeling bulky. I have seen the tightly knit nylon mesh used for the backs on a few gloves in the past and was impressed by its ventilation and protection properties. On the touch-screen subject, Strava junkies and smart phone petters will like that there is no need to adopt a new technique to manipulate objects on the screen - one less bother on the trail. One thing that the 212 Mechanic Touch Screen glove is not good for is working on bikes - the thicker material is too clumsy to be effective when working with small parts and tools. For riding, however, 212's mechanic's gloves rock. - RC


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 I always use my nose to operate the smart phone. Perhaps these gloves will give me some dignity back...
  • 17 0
 And I always thought I am the only one who is doing this Big Grin
  • 2 0
 gopro touchscreen, same technique. definitely get some odd looks for that one
  • 27 1
 ANY glove works with smart phones.. lick your finger
  • 9 1
 You just saved me so much time. thank you kind sir.
  • 4 0
 Was so happy when I figured that out. Sticking up your nose also works
  • 2 0
 haha @bender-oz thank you! hahaha
  • 21 7
 I just use my cock. Wait. What site is this?
  • 2 1
 hahaha /\
  • 5 0
 Is that an offer to lick my finger? Gotta at least buy me dinner first.
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 Or you can use this stuff on all of your gloves. www.nanotipgloves.com
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 Mechanics gloves, not for mechanics!
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 Its true man! Personally i hate wrenchin with gloves anyways, unless its a pair of disposable nitriles for excessively greasy jobs.
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 I wear a brand of actual Mechanics gloves called "mechanix" that look a lot like these.
They are nice and thin and airy but somehow tough.Very durable..
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 I go out on my bike to avoid touch screen devices, not to use them! If you're using your phone to set up a gopro then you've probably stopped for a couple of minutes anyway, so removing a glove isn't a big deal. I don't Strava, but don't you just switch it on and leave it running for the whole ride?
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 You don't stop to check your phone if someone is trying to contact you?
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 I usually keep my phone inside a carrier bag/dry bag (I do own a proper dry bag - somewhere) in the main bit of my camelbak so I can't get to it easily if it rings. I just leave it and carry on riding. I sometimes check for missed calls or email, but generally only at rest stops. I'm not usually on call out of work hours so I don't need to answer it.
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 Remember the days when you didn't take a phone on a bike ride?
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 Or like Blenkinsop, don't use gloves.
  • 4 0
 You could always use a Nokia Lumia, super sensitive touch screen mode works through winter gloves....
  • 2 0
 Amen brother
  • 1 0
 ...Or use a 3310, no need to grab fancy gloves that looks like Waki's fallout design sheets.
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 Velcro on gloves and shorts sucks! If you toss your riding gear in the laundry it destroys your jerseys or anything with a highly breathable knit. And while riding, it doesn't breathe and feels stiff! there is no need for it... I will not buy anything with velcro again (other than shoes).
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 The Lumia's range of smartphone from Nokia works with gloves. Not just special gloves but ANY gloves. And it still works at extreme temperature when the competitors don't.
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 or you could take your glove off??? if you are using the phone you are hardly stomping down a rock garden???
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 I'm looking forward on an anti-scratch enduro specific screen protector.
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 I use the tough Sony Xperia Active, but it seems it is outdated so try the Sony Xperia Go.
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 you could just take the gloves off if you need to use your phone..i forget I have a phone on most rides unless shit hits the fan and I need an E-vac on a friends atv
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 And get sweat all over the phone rendering it useless?
  • 3 2
 dualsuspensiondave you probably cant ride without strava or posting everytime you ride on facebook so in your case sweat on your phone is a major issue. I mean after all if it wasn't on strava or facebook did the ride even happen pal? I understand you're an ohio resident this answers everything do you even have hills there????
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 ooh, spikey....
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 Do what? When sweat gets on the screen of a touch screen phone, it doesn't work. I sweat a lot and had people call me, then I go to answer it with a sweaty hand and it's a no go. I travel to race and ride every weekend bud. Nice ignorant guess, couldn't be further from the truth. Be sure to introduce yourself at some east coast races.
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 Lets just hope these last longer than my Dirtpaws. They only lasted a month till they start to rip slightly
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 My Dirtpaws are starting to rip/tear too, but after about a year... also, I wash them A LOT, because my hands sweat like crazy.
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 My Troy Lee moto gloves work fine with my phone....
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 Any glove I wear has worked on my phone, wtf, why is this special?
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 Troy Lee Designs XC gloves also work with phones....
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 I sweat so much my gloves always work!
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 www.nanotipgloves.com or buy this works awesome and can do it to any gloves.. no need to go XC gay
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