Team Fenwick’s Just Got Faster!

Sep 19, 2008
by Simon Paton  
The Fenwick’s UK Race Team now have the ultimate edge racing on 2Stage Bikes.

They’re already putting the bikes through their paces and experiencing a totally new level of riding. When the team were asked to send through a few words for a write up, pages of ravings came through about how awesome these bikes are.

A household name, Fenwick’s is the market leader in premium bike wash and maintenance products and well known supporter of major race events Nationwide.

Their team is made up of six downhill riders racing from youth to masters and in 2009, is set to hit the race circuit at more events than ever before. Jon Smith, manager and owner of Team Fenwick’s, fell for 2Stage when he first laid eyes on their Elite9 downhill bike at NPS Innerleithen in May this year. “My first impression was how well thought out the design looked. Coming from a materials engineering background, structurally it appealed to me and I was impressed with the overall finish of the bike.”

New Zealand based 2Stage Bikes are making a name for themselves in the MTB industry by way of their unique dual air shock suspension platform. You’ve probably seen their UK manager, Peter Evans, scooting around at most race meets this year. Jon had to get his hands on one of the bikes, test ride it, and see if it compared to his all time favorite Intense Socom. To repeat what Jon told us, after his first test ride the grin factor was phenomenal and he felt like a teenager again… hence why we’ll be seeing him back on the race circuit next year on a 2Stage!

“I was blown away by the plushness of this bike…it sprinted & jumped more like a hardtail than a 9inch travel bike. I have never experienced both the buttery smooth suspension travel and sprinting power in one bike before. Both have been done before but never in one bike!”

Tom Clarkson, 19, races as a senior for Team Fenwick’s and is super stoked on his new ride. “I had just had my shock Pushed [on his old bike] so I was skeptical of the quick acceleration claims but no. I stamped down on the cranks and the bike sprinted across the car park like a hardtail. I was sold. The design is basically two single pivots with an unnoticeable transition from shock to shock through what 2Stage call a ‘boss link’. This seems to give the bike an unbelievable advantage in corners and accelerating (pedaling efficiency).”

You can get on a 2Stage bike too and see for yourself how impressive they are. Just catch the guys at any event they’ll be glad to let you jump on a bike in the pits, or find your nearest 2Stage dealer and go for a demo.

Peter Evans
2Stage Bikes UK Manager
Phone: 0789 495 6929

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 yup they are in production already have them in stock. Neil the manager has an elite 9 that i have ridden quite a bit and they pick up so well they jump amazingly and corner on rails. There really is no noticeable transistion between the shocks all in all a damn good bike!! I thought when neil first showed me the bike that it would be just a useless gimmick but i was suprised when i took it for a run down innerleithen! A guy i know who usually rides a hardtail also had a shot of one at innerleithen firts of all i gave him a shot of my commencal and he really like the way it rode. he then had a shot of the 2 stage and immediatly pointed out the "faults" of the commencal needless to say he now owns a 2 stage! If you are wanting a test ride of one give neil at free flow a shout he would be more than willing to demo the elite 9.

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 it was crap from day one. forever replacing DU bushes and bushings! only good thing about the bike was that you could jump it like a DJ bike
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 "When the team were asked to send through a few words for a write up, pages of ravings came through about how awesome these bikes are."

That doesn't mean sh*t coming from a team full of racers who are sponsored by the company their "raving" about. It's in their contract to promote the brand. 2x as much shock maintenance and shock weight for marginal (at best) benefit in performance.

Give me a review by someone who isn't payed to promote the companies bikes and I'll give the bikes some credit.
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 I can see a lot of people hating on this bike as its so different, and believe me, I am usually one of the first to snort in derision at the bike industries 'next big thing'. But this is a genuine bit of new thinking and people should give it a chance, I'm hoping some mates of mine get on these for next season so I can steal a ride or two...
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 I would really like to take one of those for a ride. Very interested to see how the suspension feels on square edged hits, should flow right over. This bike is loosely based on the bcd 2x4 carbon dh bike. It used the same dual swing arm / shock suspension. Any dealers in the USA?
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 I had a blast on one of these, and their shorter travel model at the world champs in fort william last year. they ride fantastic. they actually spin the wheel when you gun it, rather than sqauting through their travel. and surprinsingly they don't weigh the earth, no more than the top end dh bikes.
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 This is not even a new idea Kestral did a dual shock design years ago on one of their carbon frames. I'm guessing the guys that made the 2 stage looked at that and similar designs and improved them using newer technology. It's great to see something that isn't the norm. But it does seem a little gimicky for me.
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 that seems like a really good idea. i just watched one of the videos of the elite9 racing, and the guy racing it seems to have a hell of alot more control in the berms and smaller lips. all in all, i really want to give one of these a shot!
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 rode the fr version it rides nicely specially as u can tweak the second shock so tht u can slow down te rebound so u dont get bucked off while going big.... a really nice bike overall
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 Must you YELL??
  • 1 0
 i have had a shot in one and it is sweet!!!!!!
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 they r awesome bikes, we had the pleasure of riding them last month, check out the picks
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 man they look so niceBig Grin

have or will they come production?

how does the two shocks work? i am very confused Razz
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 Just go to the site and it shows u a model of the bike going over some small and large bumps... pretty sweet i think
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 there was one at caresws wehn i went a few weeks back the dude was pretty fat but yeah there pretty noice bikes =]
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 that's one sick bike how many riders can say I have 2 rear shocks on my bike!!
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 thats f*uckin sweet
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 Not a great idea to use white background for a white bike.
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 The shocks act as members of the suspension linkage...Flexy? Shock Life?
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 No flex whatsoever. Although it does go through bushes faster than most due to so much movement but again it doesnt help when the person riding it is 15 stone.....
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 i want to know how much they weigh and how much they cost...
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 where is this bike made? GB?
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 The company is from New Zealand, we met the owner of the company at a Wo really friendly and let my friends try it in the car park and ley were impressed how little the shocks moved under acceleration.
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 not yelling, just the CAPS on my keyboard is stuck apologies...anyway, getting a new keyboard soon.
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 pete evans lives by me
hes so sound :0
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 i agree Smile
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 They look sweet!
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