Finish Line Questions With Each Of The Red Bull Rampage Podium Finishers

Oct 17, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

Brandon Semenuk:

How does this one feel?

Brandon Semenuk: Obviously it's amazing to take the win. I was just happy to get a run down, especially after making a mistake in my first run. Boys worked so hard out here so just to put it down for them and get them stoked.

And how does it compare to the last ones?

Brandon Semenuk: Every win's been special and obviously this one has its moments and its adversities. It's a great feeling.

Leading up to the event, you were practicing that middle section a lot, was it giving you quite a bit of trouble in practice?

Brandon Semenuk: Yeah, we practiced the middle section a little bit. It was just the speed changes a lot and then it's headwind, tailwind. But with that jump, it was always really hard to clear or I would land right at the top. And then I don't know what it is with that jump, but every time it comes to finals, I just start overshooting it. I don't understand why that happens, but yeah, that was the mistake on run one. So I just chilled on run two and managed to at least hold it together.

How hard was it to have that break after Tom's crash?

Brandon Semenuk: Yeah, sitting up there forever didn't help, you know. The nerves are shaking and they're giving me countdowns - it's going to be two minutes, then it's going to be five minutes. And then it was like an hour later I'm dropping in. So it's hard to kind of go in and out of that, like, I'm ready. Okay. Now I got to chill. It was a bit of a wait.

Going up for the second one, like that was a pretty quick turnaround, was that good or was that a bad thing?

Brandon Semenuk: Yeah honestly, considering the situation, I was happy just to go back up and just get it done because the nerves were out and I was just ready to go.

Kurt Sorge

Second place today. How does that one feel?

Kurt Sorge: Feels great, you know, whatever people say it's cliche, but it feels like a win. Just happy to be out here with all the guys, the diggers, the riders, mega props to them, just stoked to be out here and make it to the bottom. Huge props to the guys that had crashes and yeah, it's gnarly out here. So just stoked to make it to the bottom.

For your second run, how did that one come together in your mind? Had you been thinking about that all week or did that just come together right before?

Kurt Sorge: I had a run planned and just made some bobbles on the first run but luckily made to the bottom, but I needed to clean it up. It wasn't enough, but you know, props to Brandon and just really stoked to just to come out and put a line down.

What was it like coming back to the same site where you won in 2017?

Kurt Sorge: It's kind of cool coming back to a zone like this and you know, getting stuff that you wanted to get in previous years, but I didn't have a chance to do. There's a few things that I got that I wasn't able to get last time so it feels great.

Reed Boggs:

Congratulations Reed, how does this feel?

Reed Boggs: Thank you. It feels amazing. I've been working so hard for this and for it to pay off, it's a relief and I'm just happy. Everyone killed it today. My heart goes out for Tom. That's a big slam. I've been thinking about him and I hope he's okay. And yeah, I'm just going to take this and keep going, got to keep improving and go for that number one spot in years to come.

What was the run like? You hit that 360 for the first time ever on your first run, right?

Reed Boggs: Yeah. First run, I just wanted to throw everything I had and I needed to stomp that three to really get those points and my tire blew up. All good. Ran to the bottom, got it fixed, ran to the top and in my head up there, I was like, okay, you've already landed it. Just do it again. I did it again good and just wanted to get to the bottom and I made it and I'm just so relieved and happy.

Top 10 was your goal. Third is pretty awesome. Sounds like we'll see you back here?

Reed Boggs: Yes. I just want to get the invite back and prove to these guys that I have the capability of riding this stuff. So I think I did it today and I'm excited.

Yeah, I think you did. Even with the two weeks of notice.

Reed Boggs: Yeah. Just got the last minute call and showed up ready to go and yeah, just going to keep improving and that's all I can do. Keep riding my bike and having fun.


  • 64 0
 Steezeburgers frontflip was so sick! Hope his recovery is fast
  • 6 0
 That man pushes the sport to the next level, inspirational dude.
  • 54 0
 How many cradled dogs were in the finish corral?
  • 131 0
 I was starting to think it's mandatory to have a partner with long blonde hair and a lap dog if you're a free rider.
  • 86 0
 @commental: I thought it was the same blonde girl congratulating every rider at the bottom before realizing it wasnt.
  • 85 1
 @ybsurf: Stepdown Wives.
  • 17 0
 @commental: don't forget the wide brim hat
  • 1 0
 @commental: glad I'm not the only one who thought that.
  • 51 1
 So happy for Boggs. Great attitude, great riding. Keep it up man.
  • 47 2
 I loved Semenuk’s run, but honestly feel Zink was underscored, that top chute is so gnarly and the flat drop flip and 360 drop were insane too
  • 17 2
 I was there and I think Zink's run deserved 2nd or 3rd. I haven't watched replays yet though. The chute is straight up terrifying.
  • 37 1
 there should be an award "happiest guy on the course" that would undoubtedly go to Boggs
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flag headshot (Oct 16, 2021 at 22:00) (Below Threshold)
 Saddest guy: Semenuk...could barely manage a smile.
  • 10 0
 @headshot: not sad... Focused and serious, dude knows what he wants.
  • 1 0
 @dfbland: He just got what he wanted but didnt look very happy about it, did he.
  • 1 0
 @headshot: he looked like he was planning out next year
  • 30 2
 Semenuk, right after his run, said his run was 90% of what he had planned. The Judges award 89 Points. Semenuk realy knows how good his run was, even befor the judges do. He does not need to be judged.
  • 9 0
 To be fair, you could see how much tighter he was riding on run 2. He didn’t have the full out aggression that caused him to wreck on run 1. Not quite full extension and then a straight air on a truck jump at the bottom. Just goes to show Brandon’s 90% is still the best in the world.
  • 7 0
 So if he went 100% he would have scored 99.00?
  • 2 0
 @ctd07: probably not, because the entire field rode after his 2nd try, and the judges would leave room for someone to impress them more.
  • 2 1
 @tbmaddux: which is why judged events are kinda stupid. I think they should at least wait until the end of each round to score all the riders at once.
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 Epic win for Rock Shox and Zeb sales?
  • 4 0
 Yep, if i plan on hucking a 30' flat drop tail whip, no chance I'm doing it on anything but a Zeb
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 The dog thing was getting stupid
  • 14 0
 Surely the main finish line question was "Can I have your goggles?"
  • 12 1
 I don't want to get to deep into controversy of accurate scoring, but what changed so dramatically on Sorges 2nd run compared to his furst?
  • 4 0
 At one point I wasn't sure if Semenuk would drop. Maybe he knew TVS didn't have a spinal injury, but that's all I could think about.
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 Is this article sponsored by Finish Line?
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 All of these guys are fucking superstars, to those injured heal fast and to all all involved, riders, builders, and dogs, thanks for blowing our minds.
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 Wow, that was really cool - Dani
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