+3 MTB Announces Coaching and Setup Camp with Alan Milway, Ben Cathro, Jordi Cortes & Will Soffe

Apr 22, 2019
by +3 MTB  

Press Release: The Ultimate Coaching & Setup Camp

We're all guilty, and we embrace it, taking pride in every click, millimetre, durometer and psi. Every single one of us loves to talk about our bikes. Tyres, grips, wheels, your fastest corner, your next bike, the last/best/worst ride and of course...suspension.

+3 take coaching to a new level, working with the best in our business so riders get the most from their bikes and develop their riding skills. Our team works together, making sure every rider understands the changes we make and the benefits they will gain. From adding volume spacers and working on compression settings to learning about braking zones and improving cornering technique, whatever you need to learn, we've got you covered.

+3 Dunkeld Camp

In 2019 we're putting together some of the best minds in the MTB world to offer any rider the opportunity to be treated like a pro, without the pressure to go against the clock! In a relaxed environment, riders will be treated to input from the guys who know their field inside out. All the staff for our Dunkeld Camp need little introduction and their focus is to work with each rider and give them a complete bike setup, coaching, and fitness service. Some riders will want one area more than others whilst some will come wanting to draw on all areas in equal parts, whichever it is, we've got you covered.

From the pinner in your group of mates to a rider whose online purchase has just arrived and they want to get it dialed, +3 is open to any rider of any ability. If you're fast and want to be faster we can help or if you've never had quite the right feeling from your new bike we've got the knowledge to perfect it. We're here to help riders enjoy their bikes as much as possible, having invested thousands in bikes, components and riding trips we're offering skills from the worlds best to help riders progress.

FOX Factory Suspension Global Technician Jordi Cortes & Coach to the Stars Alan Milway

Coach, Racer and YouTube Maestro Ben Cathro & Mechanic, Coach and Moustache Coiffeur Will Soffe

Over two days the +3 team will work with each rider in groups of 6. Focussing on suspension with Jordi and Will on day one then skills and fitness with Ben and Alan during the second day every rider will have the opportunity to draw on the vast experience of our team. Throughout the weekend we will be supported by Taj and Jules from Flotec Suspension so riders will be in the best hands possible when it comes to suspension support, they've also offered a great discount for riders attending the camp. Working with selected staff on this event we are only able to work with riders on Fox suspension, ALL our other events are available to riders on any suspension platform.

+3 Coach Will Soffe showing riders some 'different' line options!

DAY 1 | Suspension Setup with Jordi Cortes & Will Soffe

Briefing & Warm up with Alan Milway
Uplifted access to Dunkeld’s fine tracks
Track session to get riders comfortable
Basic fork setup
Adjustment runs
Basic shock setup
Adjustment runs

Fantastic fresh lunch

Suspension Chat with Jordi
Advanced fork setup
Adjustment runs
Advanced shock setup
Adjustment runs
Gaining & maintaining speed with Will Soffe
Ride session with the whole team on the best trails

Puzzlin' with the pro's, Jordi works with riders from the Santa Cruz Syndicate amongst others...

DAY 2 | Ride Coaching with Ben Cathro & Alan Milway

There are dozens of great trails around the Tay Valley from steep technical turn bashing to flowing trails with a few roots and rocks thrown in for good measure. Ben knows these trails like the back of his hand and will guide riders to the best routes to develop skills. Never too far from the main pits where the crew will be on hand should riders need any technical help. The ride with Ben focusses on building skills from the foundation of a spot on bike setup.

Pedal out & warm up
Braking and Speed
Cornering Basics
Building Momentum

Pub lunch

Dialing Drops & Jumps
Threading It Together
Trails Session!

The +3 team offers any rider the opportunity to make the very best of their bike and develop riding skills at the same time. You don't have to be a racer or even the fastest rider in your bunch of mates just the enthusiasm to learn and draw everything you need from the best in the world.

Two days of coaching and bike setup with the team is £395 per person and here's the breakdown:

- Bespoke Suspension setup with Jordi Cortes & Will Soffe
- Customised ride coaching with Ben Cathro
- In-depth fitness coaching from Alan Milway
- Uplifted trail access for suspension setup day
- Lunch and snacks both days
- Suspension setup record
- +3 supporter swag & discount codes
- Stickers!

Any rider joining us will gain the most benefit from Jordi's input with freshly serviced suspension. With that in mind, we have teamed up with local suspension legends Flotec to offer a discount of 20% to all riders coming to Dunkeld. Drop Jules and Taj a message quoting your order number and they will set you up with the discount.

Riders attending will need to arrive in Dunkeld at 08:45 each day and arrange their own accommodation, there's a host of local hostels, B&B's or campsites available locally.

Alan talking body position in tight sections

Our tools of the trade, we've got everything covered

If you've got any questions then drop us an email on contact@plus3mtb.com or via Social Media on Facebook or Instagram. To find out more about +3 hit the website HERE and we're looking forward to sending the Scottish Trails with you soon.


We are the next level in MTB coaching. Focussed on helping riders get the most from their bikes, develop their confidence and build on existing trail skills. We work with some of the best coaches in the business to give any level of rider the tools to be faster, smoother and more confident. Coaches like Alan Milway and Will Soffe use their vast experience and combined insight so riders trust their newly developed ability.

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