30 Secondish Bike Checks: Red Bull Rampage 2016 - Video

Oct 18, 2016
by Pinkbike Staff  
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Filmed and edited by @andrewyoung
Presented by @bretttippie


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 Would have been nice to see what wheel size each rider is running
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 Aggy was running a 2.8 Minion in the front.
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flag lawnweenies1 (Oct 17, 2016 at 21:25) (Below Threshold)
 26 is dead. Two-niner 4 lyfe
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 @Thustlewhumber: not sure why you're getting the downvotes, it's pretty obvious by the clearance under the fork arch and the size of the Maxxis hot patch that Aggy was running a 27.5*2.8 (OMG, plus!!) tire up front.

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 Cam zinc with the 26" rear and 650B front... indecisive?
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 @Thustlewhumber: but not in 26in...
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He was runnig them front and back according to vitalmtb:

What I find surprising is that they fit in a boxxer! Like most Maxxis tires those 2.8 are probably really only 2.5.
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 @Shimanosaint0097: Why can't he run different sized wheels? I personally find it works better (stiffer rear wheel).
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 @SintraFreeride: It looks like he had it set up originally with 2.8 DHF/DHR II combo, but look at the instagram link I posted. He's got a Shorty on in the back which max(x)es (haha) out at 2.5. It also looks way smaller than the 2.8 in the front.

It definitely looks tight under that fork arch though! Wouldn't want to get a rock stuck in the tread!!
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 @ScandiumRider: Humm you do have a point. However, I think that 2.8 doesn't really measure 2.8 but rather 2.5. A Schwalbe 2.5 (which is true to size) barely fits on a boxxer fork.
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 all my bikes, 6 of them, are all 26".
I have no problems...no worries.
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 #26(ish)aint dead
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 Brandon is the king of low key
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 Without missing a beat, "My socks are also untied."
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flag employee7 (Oct 18, 2016 at 9:03) (Below Threshold)
 The best accessory this year is a lip full of chew.
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 @Ctieman: Definitely not his first day on the job with Tippie
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 @Ctieman: what did tippie say? Your pockets un-tied?
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 This should have happened before the raceday! but liked it anyway
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 @Ctieman: laughed pretty hard at that
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 @employee7: True story: I met Kyle Strait when he asked for a dip of my Skoal.
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 I cant see James Doerfling's frame... All I see is two wheels
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 Claw with those tire pressures.
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flag aceface17 (Oct 17, 2016 at 22:07) (Below Threshold)
 theres no way he rides with a front tire at 40.. would bounce off everything
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 Remi: 1 PSI
Tippie: 1 and a half?
Remi: No, 1 PSI

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 ya Sorge as well as many others that don't want a taco
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 26 continues to shine in the spotlight. New isn't always better (Ahem...650BS).
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 I love it, 650BS! So true.
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 Who didn't crash on 27.5 wheels?
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 @demo-dood: I'm almost angry at myself for not thinking of this!
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 Did I just see Semenuk Smile
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 No you just blinked
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 Watch the motion semenuk makes with his hand when he's talking about his progressive suspension....
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 Sounds and looks like an add for the Shake Weight. "It stands up a better for you so there a little more there for ya" If it works for him it'll work for u2.
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 Looked like Tom had to look to see what shock he had lol
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 i wonder who's brakes failed. We will never know.
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 Probably from someone riding SRAM brakes
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 @leopaul: Not sure if you remember 2012 wc season
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 Definitely not Doerfling #hopetech
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 @leopaul: yup that what I think. I will never go back !
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 @leopaul: no matter what you say I will always look at codes as the best brakes going!!!
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 @mhoshal: For all the hate SRAM brakes get, I've never had to do anything beyond changing the pads on mine. Never had a single failure or issue, and that's with three sets of Elixrs, one set of Codes, and a set of XO Trails spread out over 4 bikes.
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 i just want to remind you all of claudios course preview with loic bruni! and btw i was being sarcastic. even so it's kinda true
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 I see alot of riders were running suntour forks...interesting
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 Yeh money talks. All the DH riders are too expensive obviously. Just kidding, I bet suntour have more money in the bank than fox's bicycle division. They seem more into the FR scene.
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 @jaame: they do look good...an alternative to boxxers or 40s
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 Payet doing well on those this season
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 Pretty much every review says they are on pair with more established brands (well two of them), especially considering the price/performance. But then all of the new bikes are equipped with you know which two brands leaving the smaller or lesser known ones out. There is also the problem of support, smaller lesser brands do not have so widely spread support network so people prefer to chose those two who do. Its never ending cycle trying to break into the scene as a newdog, even if you have the products to do so. Most of the people I know will chose boxxer rc over rux even if the damping is more than 10 years old...
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 @christillott: Nope, just run a 380
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 @biking-with-camo: how are they..I love the look of the modern bombers with their dark brown stanchions...Do they ride as good as they look??
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 Carson storch's rux looks like it's got a huge chip in the anodizing. I could be wrong though
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 Hmm. If raceface sixc bars can handle rampage then maybe I shouldn't be afraid of them.
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 Just be afraid if over torquing
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 Two best Rampage bikes look to be the 26" Trek Session Park and the 26" Rock Mountain. Paint job on the RM was sweet!
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 And the 26" Operator
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 So many of Hope rims out there this year. Def in the majority. Also 26 forever.
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 I wonder whether Kona will soon ask Bizet to trade his 26 Carbon Operator for the new 27.5 Alu Operator. I believe Aggy was already on the new one, but Bizet may have his preferences...
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 Was funny that in one of the most important sponsor product advertising moments for a pro Rampage rider, Andreu managed to not mention a single one during his bike check. ????
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 @BikeEveryDay: thats good stuff
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 Lacondeguy is brilliant "I check the brakes, I make sure they work, that's real good thing, I did it twice"
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 So did 26 wheels just own the podium? : ) Also interesting to see a lot of air shocks, I guess they are getting closer to coil every year.
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 They are more progressive than coil.
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 Dear Santa......
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 26 inches
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 Tippie for president!
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 this is both content and advertising gold....... (brb going to buy some of that stuff)
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 Man that Knolly Podium camo edition looks so sick!!!....there's a new model on the way, wondering what it will look like...!?
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 a lot more riders on 650b rigs this year compared to last, also no guide ultimate for sram riders, any info why?
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 Likely the codes still have more power than any of the new offerings
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 Codes are the top dog brakes in the sram lineup. I had guides, codes are far better
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 Codes are more powerful than even Saints.
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 shimano saint allover the place
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 Everyone mentioning checking the brakes were on Avid Codes ;-)
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 Thanks Tippi and pinkbike for your great work!!! Really nice to see finally all the bike checks!
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 I didnt spot clipless pedals in this video, but i remember that commentator said that one guy is running clipless pedals and he was riding kinda dh style. Who was that guy?
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 Is 27.5" front and 26" rear common?
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 Probably not for dh bikes, but Foes' Enduro bike, the Mixer Enduro, has a 29er front and 27.5 rear. I personally think its a good idea to mix wheel sizes
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 Not common but a great setup to run. I'll be running 27.5/26 on my Transition next year and I'm pumped for it.
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 Its pretty old school. You had the early/mid 2000's Specialized Bighits running 24" rear and a 26" front to really rake em out.
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flag Dano98 (Oct 17, 2016 at 21:03) (Below Threshold)
 The only problem is that you need to carry two tubes on your rides
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 @Dano98: Nah, Ive crammed a 29er tube in a 26. Just bring one
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 @Takeshi194: Let's not forget the Banshee Scream
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 @Husker2112: Good idea, indeed...I had taken a demo on a Foes Mixer in late 2015. I rode it that day and was good I asked the shop if I could extend my test ride for another one the next day. Now, I've been riding my personal 'Mixer since Jan 16---'Asym wheel set up (29er/27.5) feels so dialed to me when compared to symmetrical geos
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 @Takeshi194: love my BH with that set up to this day. never lets me down.
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 Liteville does that too. Of course chances are it will work pretty well on a bike initially designed for similarly sized wheels. Over here at least Cam Zink mentioned this is what he runs.
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 @Takeshi194: My old Super 8 has that. Its awesome
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 @GAdirt: apparently you can stretch a 275 tube unto a 29 as well
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 progressive dudes
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 All bikes are amazing but that Commencal is the real deal!
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 I liked Sorge's schwalbly tires.
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 Cam Zink on his prototype Michelin tires...no mention of them whatsoever
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 What's with the thumbless glove on semenuks left hand?
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 It appeared that he had some sort of injury. It was wrapped when they were digging as well.
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 Heard he has some ruptured thumb ligaments. I think it's a mini splint/cast on the thumb.
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 Is it just me or does Semenuk's frame look tinny next to him?
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flag Krzymndyd (Oct 18, 2016 at 19:56) (Below Threshold)
 @yerbikesux: sorry "tiny" as in small. It was a miss spelling. And by the way "tinny" does not mean tin. Dick
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 Semenuk at 8:49. Watch his hand movement lol
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 Where's Gee Atherton this year?
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 Teaching his sister how to ride fast Wink
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 what kind of stem is semenuk running? its definitely not a truvativ one
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 Mustache at 7:25 stole the show.
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 get ready for the new Suntour Pike 40 , comming to an online shop near you!
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 Yeah, Andrew Young!
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 Better late than never! The event finished 3 days ago!
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 Semenuk: Bontrager Tires.....with MAXXIS written on them in yellow.
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 Semenuk: Bontrager *Wheels* (no mention of tires)
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