Preview: 4X ProTour 2014

Apr 21, 2014
by The 4xProTour  
The 4X ProTour is back and bigger than ever with seven venues hosting events in 2014, three new venues and a two-tier ProTour. This year is set to become the best ever for 4X.

Two Tiers
Going forward, the 4X ProTour is set to have two tiers of competition - Gold and Silver events. The gold events will continue to be the premier events in the calendar and the toughest tracks will reward riders with maximum points. The new silver events will be held at bike festivals and will take place on slightly less challenging tracks, where riders can experience the 4X ProTour without the intensity of riding on a tough tracks. Half the points of the gold events will be on offer at silver events for the riders.

4X ProTour 2014

Venues and Dates
For 2014 there will be seven rounds of 4X ProTour. Three fresh venues will provide riders with new challenges on the way to determining the overall champions.

Round 1 - Szczawno Zdroj, Poland - May 10th - Gold event
Round 2 - Winterberg, Germany - May 31st - Silver event
Round 3 - Fort William, Scotland - June 7th - Gold event
Round 4 - Val Di Sole, Italy - June 28th - Gold event
Round 5 - Jablonec, Czech Republic - July 26th - Gold event
Round 6 - Liebstadt, Switzerland - August 3rd - Silver event
Round 7 - Pamporovo, Bulgaria - August 23rd - Gold event

Who's Who
For the first two years of 4X ProTour, one man has been the dominant force - Tomas Slavik. He doesn't always win, but he is always the favourite and normally lines up in the final. He trains hard and rides fast. Without doubt, he enters the 2014 season as the favourite to retain the title. Who can challenge him this year?

4X ProTour 2014

2013 4X World Champion, Joost Wichman is back! His full schedule is still not set, but Joost will be at some 4X ProTour races in 2014 showing the World why he is World Champion. Michal Prokop could be one of the riders to challenge Slavik. The veteran rider is riding faster than ever and on his day is the fastest rider in the world. Felix Beckeman was on it last year and beat teammate Slavik on a few occasions. Felix is powerful and has the biggest whips out there. Stylish and fast is a lethal combination. Scott Beaumont manages to mix being a joint organiser of the 4X ProTour with being a pro rider racing in it. In 2013 Boom Boom was flying and ended up 4th overall. Can he go faster in 2014?

In the women's category, 2013 4X ProTour Champion Katy Curd will be racing in DH events this year, but she has said that she will be racing in a few 4X ProTour events. So the door is wide open for a new champion. Helene Fruhwirth is our tip for 2014. If she can avoid injury, we think she will be a rider to beat. 2013 Euro 4X Series Champion Anna Borschig will without doubt be challenging for wins. Anna grew in confidence throughout 2013 and with a good start in Poland, she will be a contender. Tanja Hendrysiak, Elena Schweika and Sarah Gerlach will all have a chance too.

Live Coverage and Highlights
2014 will also be an exciting year for 4X fans who can't make it to the venues to watch the action live. Details are being finalised but several events will have live internet coverage for the races, a few will have live tv coverage. The great news is that every event will have a highlight edit produced after each race. Stay tuned for more information on live coverage soon.

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So the 2014 4X ProTour is all set. The venues are confirmed and the riders are ready. For more information on the 4X ProTour, visit:, Facebook, Twitter

4X ProTour 2014


  • + 18
 Dear Pinkbike,

I've noticed that you can manipulate an order in which news are displayed on the mainpage. I also see that 4x Protour's news usually appear in the lower part of the news stack from the given day so that hardly anyone is able to see them. I've been browsing through your mainpage few times yesterday and I couldn't see this great news there, and now I see it's the "oldest" post of Apr 21. Tell me if I'm wrong, but could you please not discriminate 4cross? I understand that you can have more important news to be shown, but damn, it's just few posts from Protour a year and they simply need publicity to exist... cheers.
  • + 6
 4x bikes don't generate enough $$$ to get top of the front page.
  • + 9
 Been said so much its like beating a dead horse. UCI are fools or just lazy/arrogant. Bring back DS/4X. American promoters need to add this back in state side as well. Maybe work it somehow around the national BMX season since most BMXers race DS/4X
  • + 13
 Actually the Pro 4X Tour is doing a WAY better job than the UCI ever thought of. I love it that both them AND the Enduro WS are doing so well without the UCI. I would like to see that level DS/4X event in the US and Canada.
  • + 1
 i would love to see some more 4x here in the US also either that or dual slalom.
  • + 7
 A national 4x race was hands down the most exciting sporting event I have ever attended! I like the 2 tier format, should make things interesting and attract a wider audience. I can't wait!!
  • + 3
 Agreed. Gated racing whether Dual Slalom or 4X is awesome to watch in person. I like all gravity types of racing but when Windham dropped 4x the second year it wasn't as fun just watching downhill.
  • + 8
 Will there be live streaming of this?
  • + 3
 I'm sure, was last year.
  • + 2
 At the end of article you can read that there should even be a live TV coverage for some events Wink So it's gonna be wild!
  • + 3
 4X bikes are sofaking sexy. question: they look similar in geometry to dirt jumpers, so are they supposed to be similar ie. do you think they can be used across disciplines, or do people still prefer a DJ and 4X specific bikes?
  • + 1
 They are great allround bikes, I jump DJs with ease as well as ride longer XC trips. I'd only be affraid of their strength to learn tougher tricks, otherwise they're great Wink
  • + 4
 Why is this not a bigger thing? I personally love DS/4X because it looks badassssssss and the crowd makes you do half deaf. MORE 4X!!!
  • + 4
 sems like in some parts of the world 4X is almost a side show to DH, with BMX'ers showing up to grab some easy... UCI ranking points or a champions jersey
The Brits an Eastern Europeans LOVE 4X. We seem to have more dedicated 4X riders an the sport over here, is goin on strong and getting even stronger. No matter the '4X is dead' claim from parts of the bike media or how many companies drop 4X bikes from thier line up.

4X IS a big thing it's just that the media/bike company attention is focused on pushing/selling..... yep you guessed it
  • + 2
 I totally agree with you on this. 4x and Duel slalom need much more support and coverage from the media.

Also we need to seem bike manufacturers put R&D into producing more frames.

Im sick of hearing about Enduro, most enduro races could be race on a short travel 4x bike.
  • + 4
 Yes! People with brains! Down with enduro, up with all mountain and 4x. Keep things the way they should be.
  • + 5
 There needs to be more 4x/ds races...
  • - 1
 I got told that 4x was dead. I was disappointed for the reasons mentioned above, it's great spectator racing. People love four at a time, so much so red bull have made a dh with four at a time. I think to make it slightly more interesting they should have snipers in the crowd to pop anyone trying to 'benefit' from 650b's. Lol.
  • + 2
 Jesus neggers, get a grip, it's just a joke. Worst invention ever, allowing people to cast negativity while remaining anonymous.
  • + 2
 The final round in Pamporovo, Bulgaria, YES!!!
  • + 1
 I guess I've never heard of races held in Bulgaria, do you have strong 4x scene there?
  • + 2
 Deffo not, but we have nice bikeparks. However the 4x track will be rebuilt by Slavik and few other pro riders, so I guess it will be awesome.
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Pinkbike your vid is good, but my have more soul for the sport
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