4X Results from the Val di Sole World Championships 2021

Aug 27, 2021
by Alicia Leggett  

The 4X rainbow jerseys are in.

Check out the full results below.


Elite Women

1st. Michaela Hajkova
2nd. Mathilde Bernard
3rd. Sara Anna Rojas
4th. Raphaela Richter
5th. Josie McFall

Elite Men

1st. Tomas Slavik
2nd.Adrien Loron
3rd. Hannes Slavik
4th. Martti Sciortino
5th. Giacomo Fantoni

Full Results:




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 Would love to see a photo story on the 4cross worlds on PB!
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 Thanx @redbull for ignoring THE most exiting form of MTB racing. The cameras are there all they had to do was turn them on an point
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 Totally agree, it's exciting and I always feel it's the kind of competition one can "relate" to. When I think back on which formats your daily "race" with your riding buddies could correspond to - it's either crosscountry (if the descents aren't long enough and you have to pedal a lot on your loop) or 4x when you hit your favourite trail with your buddies all at the same time and try to overtake each other.
As much as I enjoy DH and Enduro race coverage, I can't remember a day out with my friends when we said "you go ahead, I'll follow in 1min and then we check on Strava who was faster ..." so yeah, it's exciting to watch and for me the essence of a good day out racing.
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 Czech riders slaying it
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 Reckon a few Americans could do fairly well in this. How do they get an invite. Feel like the bmx turned pump track/slalom dudes would rule. Let’s get Tommy Zula and Colin Hudson out there to represent next year.
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 I was thinking the same thing. I think Nobles made the final a few years ago.
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 I'm sure Brian Lopes is ready for a comeback.
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 I guess you gotta be a national champ first or have enough points so firstly it would be good idea you have some 4x races in US
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 Thanks Pinkbike for posting it up so quickly, but why is it already stacked somewhere down the news feed? Almost missed it when I was searching for the results!
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 Anybody know if there is a replay of this?
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 Dneska slavime !!!!!
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 One person that's not from Europe. This is world champs in the same way that baseball has the world series.
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 I believe other countries are free to enter, they just don’t
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flag toast2266 (Aug 27, 2021 at 15:29) (Below Threshold)
 @CustardCountry: Sure. But that doesn't change the fact that, like baseball, it's the world champs for a discipline that the vast majority of the world doesn't compete in.
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 Americans have at one point in time or another, dominated 4x world champs. The fact that none of you qualified for the champs this year tells you that maybe you need to find better riders. Trying to slyly suggest that they weren't invited or excluded is nonsense.
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 @toast2266: Europe is not a country FYI. Send someone to race if you don’t like it but don’t try to play down the accomplishments of those who are there.
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 @JoshCB: I'm not saying anyone wasn't invited or was excluded. I'm saying that Europe is the only continent that still holds sanctioned 4x races. The last sanctioned 4x race that I can find in North America was in 2005.

It's a discipline that no one competes in except for Europe.
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 @JoshCB: The counter argument is that all the high point UCI qualifiers are in Europe, not North America.
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 Shouldn't have sold out for enduuhhro then........
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 @toast2266: Well to take your argument to it's logical conclusion, a world championship can only be so, if there is representation from every country in the world. Well, that just doesn't work. You will never have a sport that has representation in every country, but that doesn't mean you can't have a world championship.
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 @JoshCB: my logical conclusion is that if the UCI is going to hold a world champs for 4X, they need to promote the discipline outside of Europe.

4X is great - it's fun to watch. I'd love it if it 4X racing existed again in North America and elsewhere.
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 @toast2266: to be fair, I don’t think the UCI really promotes 4X in Europe (they decided it was too expensive to build tracks and too much effort), it’s just that some very, very passionate people in countries like the UK put a lot of hard work and effort into keeping it alive in their own countries after the UCI bailed.
And I am very grateful that they did because it’s great fun to watch.
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 @toast2266: which suggests that US venues, sponsors and cycling federation need to up their game and put some money (and hard work) into the sport in the same way that they have in the many countries in Europe.
To start with they can start using existing BMX tracks until there is the need for specialist tracks.
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 @CustardCountry: Agreed, for example Tomas Slavik is making on stop of 4x ProTour (JBC 4x relevations) himself
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 @bok-CZ: exactly, more of this. And Scott Beaumont and a few others (can’t remember names) seem to be rebuilding the old club system to help bring new riders in and guide them in the UK.

It’s an awesomely fun event to watch which is why I think it’s strange it’s died out in the US. I know Duel Slalom is popular over there but is there a DS series around the US or are they just a few comps at festivals?
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 I love 4X, we need more !
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In his blood, on his name.
Legend rider.
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 Czech made!

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