5 Edits From This Year That Scott Secco Called 'Video of the Year'

Apr 1, 2018
by Brian Park  
1. That clip where the bike rolls off to victory

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2. The Gnarwhale Movie

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3. The New World Disorder 9 teaser

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4. Some guy crashing real bad

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5. Street hucking for life

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 Watching the street hucking video really brought me back!
Things I noticed:
-Russ Morell could actually Huck (only ever knew him for the "bread and butter" Huck)
-Super T could bunny hop a 50lb ...elseworth or something? Like three feet to manual a 3 inch wide piece of concrete with a railing on one side... Actually sick.
-british guy with braces on the orange was super sick
- bikes were basically made of glass in the 90s/early 2000s
-those dudes fell insanely hard and got back up quickly and / or didn't die.

Serious nostalgia here. Time to go re watch all the drop in seasons
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 Ellsworth Dare
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 Holy shit haha, gnarwhale is such a throwback, I remember laughing so hard at that a decade ago hahaha, way to bring er back into the lime light!
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 Seing the teaser and listening how Paul Bass said it bring a bit sad story. It’s true, action sports moving fast. Thank you youtube, pinkbike+other websites that captered all the good memories.
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 BMXers be looking at this urban riding with FS bikes and be like...white people...
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 "New World Disorder 9 Teaser"...
It's good to look back and see how far the sport has moved in 10 years Salute
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 Shame the full length movie hasn’t.

Watched Deathgrip the other day and was just dissatisfied with the sum of slow mo and crap music.

Metal & balls to the wall for 1:00 is ideal.

Jib was good too, classic.
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 @cunning-linguist: I never even finished it.
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 @cunning-linguist Awful wasn't it, Clay Porter has a lot to answer for. Goggle shots, roost and another hundred slow mo whips
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 @jayray32: yep. With those riders and the budget, they’d have been better served with some tinnes, a fire, some Judas Priest and a trail session. Followed by a f*ck about in the Surrey hills the day after. It was utter wank. Such a disappointment and I’m gutted for Brendan really. Maybe I’m just a heathen, but I watch riding videos for riding, not for random arty shots of a tyre or a rim, or as you said, goggles. Riding, I want riding! Fast riding, as much as you can cram into a video, not 2:30 worth of footage spread over an hour, slowed down and with loads of shit added in. BORING!
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 When I see all those narrow handlebars I think how did we even ride those?
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 really takes me back to the good old days ... when wheels would explode, head tubes would crack and gear was marginal at best.
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 Hahaha I m the guy who put secco in the lights with his VOY comments Beer !!!
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 I love the crash portion. It is cool looking when its a win, but the road to victory is hard fought.
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 sponsored by every bike company unveiling 2019 models before Spring 2018 is done.
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 Number 4 sent mach 10. ET phone home!
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 still getting goosebumps watching the nwd9 trailer
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 Sam Hill. Hell yeah
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 .243 for life.

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