5 Questions With Your 2019 Red Bull Rampage Winner

Oct 26, 2019
by Sarah Moore  
Semenuk is once again the Rampage Champion.

Brandon Semenuk's first run sealed the deal, making it three wins for the Canadian rider. We caught up with him right after the champagne was popped.

How does it feel to win Rampage for the third time?

I'm beyond stoked. Definitely speechless. Just really happy to get that first run down. I had everything in mind and it went exactly how I was hoping so super stoked.

What could you have added if you needed a second run?

There were some little things I knew I could add to it, but it was pretty minimal. I definitely threw it everything for the most part. We built the line for that stuff specifically and that's what we got. I'm really stoked for my first run.

What was different in your preparation compared to last year?

I mean last year was a scramble just to get a line down the hill and it didn't really go to plan so this year is just redemption, 100 percent.

Do you feel more pressure with this being the only event that you do?

No, not at all. I mean I want to come and do well but it's just me doing me. I'm not trying to be this contest athlete. I have all my other stuff that I'm really passionate about and this is something fun at the end of the year with all my friends. Obviously I want to do well but that's about it.

Everyone on the Rampage podium lives in British Columbia, Canada. Why do you think that is?

It's sick that it was all Canadians on the podium. It just shows that we've got some of the best stuff in the world.

Full replay here.


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 He probably wishes he got 2nd so he didn’t have to talk to this interviewer
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 Semenuk's sobriety, class and grace are so appreciable, far from the hype and vulgarity.
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 Im upset this article was not labeled as a spoiler.
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 We all ride like Semenuk here in BC
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 He has changed MTBing forever, for the better, in terms of the moves we all try to emulate from him. I am f*cking old, bald, has been/never was, BUT-I try to pretend I am Brandon on every ride, a nose bonk, a skid/scrub thing over a jump, things I love from watching him ride over the years and thats just me, I see it everywhere I go all over the world and people did not ride like this 20 yrs ago.

So-thanks Brandon for making us all ride a little cooler.
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 @stikmanglaspell: Can I clear a double? No. Do I nose bonk everything I see? Yes.
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 5 questions!? That’s the most anyone’s been able ask him in years!
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 Pinkbike nailing the no spoilers title!
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 Congrats Brandon. It’s a been a while coming, stoked to see you back on the top step at Rampage.

Your focused effort to turn your vision into reality is truly inspiring. Not just for pushing the boundaries of what can be done on a mountain bike, but for pushing our understanding of what a person can do if they dream big and work hard. In short, watching your work makes me want to be a better human, and that’s pretty rad.
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 Pretty sure the answers to all questions were I am Groot
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 Why is it so important that he be a social butterfly?

Clearly that ain’t how he is, making him out as abnormal somehow makes people feel they are superior, but it doesn’t take away from his mountain biking skills.

The guy is an amazing rider and we all want to ride like him, including the guys who tried to beat him at Rampage.

Give the social awkwardness stuff a rest, cutting him for not being social says more about you than it says about him.
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 Agreed leave him alone and enjoy the sick riding he shares with us It truly is a privilege to watch him ride
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 Too bad Trek doesn't mention anything on their website about their top athlete winning the biggest event in mountain biking for the third time...
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 BC Boys taking all them medals back home for Jord!
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 Well it's British Columbia so I'm happy with the Smile
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 "I'm beyond stoked,I might even lose my mind and break a smile".
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 Why can´t you put stuff like this together in a feature article and not just copy/paste the questions/answers?
They told us in journalism school that´s what separates the good journos from the shitty ones..
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 He's always been one of my favorite riders since he first even came on the scene. Definitely one of the most versital and humble riders I've seen in my 20+ years of riding. From BMX freestyle edits to Rampage, Semenuk kills it with class and chill to spare.
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 pb: How did it feel to sportsball and land on the ground?
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 I thought that it was Rough AF that it was BC sweep this year, Brendog too...
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 So stoked for his win, always rooting for him at Rampage, but I was just thinking, what trails will Semenuk be riding when when he is 60? Will it always be this big?
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 Likely not. But should be going hard in a rally car or some other form radness.
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 a super day..., massive respect to Lacon for his contagious/outragious stoke. was rad to see Aggie get down with it all!
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 Yes BC)
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 „ but it's just me doing me“

So true! What a run, especially after last year was so disappointing.
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 You r a fucking legend man! Good job!
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 BC Rules!
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