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5 World Cup Team Changes That Went Under the Radar

Feb 24, 2020
by Ed Spratt  
The only thing raining from the sky today was style courtesy of Sam Blenkisop.

With the official UCI teams list published earlier this month, it looks like the rumour season for World Cup teams has come to its conclusion for 2020. Now that the dust has settled on some of the more high profile team changes lets take a look at some of the news which fell between the cracks.

Titouan Carod and Fillipo Colombo join Absolute Absalon

With the BMC XC team not running in 2020, it's no real surprise that we see both Titouan Carod and Fillipo Colombo move over to the Absolute Absalon team that run the same bikes that the pair of top XC racers were using in previous years. Joining Jordan Sarrou and Mathis Azzaro, the Absolute Absalon team is looking strong coming into an Olympic year. Titouan Carod has been near the top for a while now and with Fillipo Colombo moving into his first year as an Elite being under the watchful eye of XC legend Julien Absalon can only push these riders further.

Titouan Carod was consistent with his pace and had to make quite a few passes for his fifth place finish.

Cannondale DH Team Winds Up, Kenta Gallagher Takes Staff Role on XC team

One of the biggest stories from the 2019 season was the return of Cannondale and their wild dual shock bike. Info was thin on the ground all year but there's no doubt it turned heads and brought something totally new to the table among a herd of increasingly similar World Cup dh bikes. It looks like it was just a flash in the pan though as no downhill athletes are listed in their team this year.
Matt Simmonds qualified strongly in 16th aboard that wild Cannondale prototype.
Kenta Gallagher, who stood in for a few races on the team last year, also confirmed he will be switching codes yet again, this time back to XC to take a staff role role on the Cannondale XC team. He said: "Back in Lycra and back with the Cannondale XC team this year! Staff role this time and hopefully carrying on trying to help the boys from a technical point of view! Enjoyed dropping in from time to time last year so it should be a fun year!"

Magnus Manson joins the new Norco BC Racing team

After a few years of riding Canyon frames and even taking a spot on the Canyon factory team for the 2019 season, it looks like Magnus Manson will be riding a new bike in 2020 as he moves to Norco. But it will not be on the Factory team, instead, he is riding for another new 2020 team; Norco BC Racing. The newly formed team will feature just 2 riders - Magnus and Drew Mozell - and be supported by Norco, Fox, Crankbrothers, Maxxis and Chromag.

Magnus Manson attacking the upper corners right from the start.

Mitch Ropelato teams up with Vali Höll on Sram TLD

The Sram TLD team has brought up some of the fastest names in the sport and in 2020 Vali Höll will have a new teammate in the incredibly talented Mitch Ropelato. With some great results in 2019 on his own racing program, it looks like Ropelato will be joining up with Höll for 2020. Ropelato will still be riding Santa Cruz Bikes in 2020 but as he was previously sponsored by both Sram and Troy Lee so it's not much of a surprise that he will be racing on this team. We reached out to the team to find out a bit more about his race plans for the year and were just told they are TBD at this point, but we have heard that he will be working on a few exciting video projects alongside racing.

Mitch. Ropelato.

Bruce Klein launches privateer program

Bruce Klein will be racing on a Commencal again this year but it won't be for the 100% team anymore. Bruce has pulled together is own program over the offseason with Havoc Clothing, Deity, Fly, Monster and more. We're gutted Bruce couldn't find a team ride for 2020 but we're glad to hear he'll still be attending all the World Cups and a couple of Crankworx stops.

Bruce Klein

Check out the full team listings here.


  • 77 1
 Cannondale need to make their mind up. Who are they wand what do they want to do? They're a company with no identity which is a shame as they used to be a racing powerhouse.
  • 15 2
 Cannondale does what it is told to do by their masters at Dorel. Clearly, last years efforts didn't win any support with their paymaster... especially since they also run the GT team which is not exactly full of budget amateur riders or weird, prototype bikes...
  • 7 1
 @silentbutdeadly: they knew all along it was just a marketing exercise.
  • 8 2
 The only constant with Cannondale is their propensity to incorporate proprietary tech in their bikes, which will steer 90% of buyers away from their products.
  • 3 0
 I think they are so strong in road and their gravel racing has been killing it so hard they lost the MTB side of things a little bit.
  • 35 7
 WC DH needs a privateers cooperative and a riders union. Throw in a couple of wild card slots that includes monetary support. Can't wait for spring.
  • 18 0
 I don't think the World Cup is the right place for development or amateur-only categories. It's the zeneth of the sport and should be for elite athletes, just the best of the best. Development programmes are for lower leagues
  • 5 0
 @IllestT: Totally agree. Most countries have some type of national series that is perfect for Dev type programs
  • 29 2
 Bruce Klein, is a rider who would flourish on the right team. Shame no one else recognized that potential.
  • 4 16
flag Boosting (Feb 24, 2020 at 13:42) (Below Threshold)
 Fanbois will fanboi
  • 22 0
 Mitch Ropelatos scrubs in Leogang last seasons should be enough to land him a spot on any team.. :-)
  • 6 0
 Klein not being able to find a team? That doesn't sound right. I hope that's not accurate or we've got some issue to work out.
  • 4 0
 Klein was ripping on some of those splits last season. What a shame!
  • 2 15
flag Boosting (Feb 24, 2020 at 13:44) (Below Threshold)
 Obviously having one or two fast split or a fanboi fandom is Murica is not enough. Maybe Intense could use him but I don't see him being an asset anywhere else. You all keep saying he would profit with having a yeam, but what does he bring to the teams? f*ckall.
  • 15 0
 @Boosting: Show us on the doll where Bruce touched you. He seems to have really hurt you at some point.
  • 4 0
 @Boosting: 52nd overall.. better result than Brendan Fairclough.. He isn’t a lost cause and obviously has a lot to offer.
  • 5 0
 @misledyouth21: this dude boosting is just a little clown boy. Dont pay him any mind. His profile claims he has an sworks though. So you know he rips
  • 1 7
flag Boosting (Feb 25, 2020 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)
 Lmfao look at all the trumptards getting mad. Love it!
  • 1 0
 @Boosting: yes. Trump for some reason. Trudeautard? Did I inject politics into this story correctly? Pls help.
  • 7 0
 Nice work Norco! Two fast BC Lads sporting the BC Brand!
  • 5 0
 Are there any new / changed rules?
  • 2 0
 I only know of the testosterone level changes for trans riders and apart from that I dont know any
  • 3 0
 I was listening to a recent NSMB podcast with Ed Masters. He was talking about how abysmal the communication is from UCI to rider and teams. He said they can basically show up to the first race, and that's when they'll be informed of rule changes.
  • 6 0
 Mitch for President!
  • 1 0
 I can't believe he didn't already have a team ride. He's always everywhere at Crankworx, got to be worth picking up just for his high visibility (and placing in Dual Speed And Style!).
  • 2 0
 Man I remember seeing Bruce Klein in WC race and he looked noticeably faster/ballsier then the guys before and after him. Needs a hook up!
  • 4 0
 Norco BC Racing!
  • 2 0
 Watch out Finn....Magnus is coming.....
  • 2 1
 Is magnus not doing the WC circuit anymore?
  • 1 0
 Team RopHoll FTW!!

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