7 Short Travel Bikes from Crankworx BC Dual Slalom

Sep 23, 2021
by chris pilling  
Crankworx is back in BC for 2021. Here are 7 bikes from the dual slalom.

Tomas Slavik's Ghost Bikes Riot. 130mm front and back mullet set up.

Mikey Haderer's Evil Calling. Di2 drivetrain from Shimano. He also chooses to run 2 piston XT calipers for weight savings.

Niels Bensink's Radon Jab. SR Suntour suspension. Vee Tires snap to combat the soft soil here at Sunpeaks

Harriet Berbidge-Smith's Trek Ticket Slope. Sram Codes. Pike DJ. This rig will double as her speed and style bike as well.

Seth Sherlock's Intense Primer. Trail bike turned Dual Slalom with some volume spacers and more PSI.

Fabien Cousinie's NS bikes Define 150. Custom mullet set up with longer stroke shock to make the proper geo.

Keegan Wright's Devinci Django. Maxxis DHF front Minion SS rear. Raceface components.


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 Opts for two-piston brakes for weight, brings water bottle. *_*
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 And a full range cassette
  • 33 0
 Fabien Cousinie brings a tire pump
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 Losing water&weight in your body doesn't have the same benefits...
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 @PauRexs: looks at belly> hmm yeah ok that probably outweighs 2 vs 4 piston brakes LOL :-)
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 PB, you should launch a reverse bike check feature where an interviewer at the event reads all the criticism for the rider's setup from the comment section. Wins and losses are on the line, and some one has to step up and tell them
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 "Racers read mean bike critiques"
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 MTB version of "Mean Tweets".
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 The amount of SR Suntour components in this article is breaking all statistics Smile
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 Or the tires? Look at all those Kenda's
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 Agreed. I'm quite happy they're getting the press. The more suspension choices the better.
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 When did 130-150mm of travel become short travel? I'd consider 120mm short travel.
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 That should say less than 120mm
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flag islandforlife (Sep 23, 2021 at 8:40) (Below Threshold)
 Because most Enduro bikes are 160-180 now. So maybe 150 doesn't quite fit short travel... but for me, anything less than 150 if definitely short travel... then anything 120 or less is XC.
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 @eweiter: na less than 120 is xc
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 I’m 100% with you on this. 80-120:short, 120-150:mid, 150+: long. Folks can haggle about 150-170 for the mid/long transition, but short is absolutely 120, especially for slope/dual/4x/DJ etc.

I smell a new PB poll coming here (unless it’s already been done?)
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 That calling would be a bunch of fun
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 these are cool weird bikes
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 Not a single purpose-built slalom bike. I miss the days when the bigger companies had slalom/4X specific bikes.
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 I wonder if it may be that these bikes are just plain faster on these slalom courses, I too miss the older slalom and 4x bikes like the GT distortion but wonder if the limited travel and smaller wheel size just aren't as quick in these scenarios or with modern course design.
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 @blob425: Na, not faster. But it's easier to sell bikes this way. 26 is faster for changing direction L to R, as well as for acceleration changes... which happens so much in DS. I'm hanging onto to all my short travel 26" bikes Big Grin
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 Does the Ticket S not really count?
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 Industry Make 26” bikes for these disciplines
These bikes are to puke in your own mouth , except for trek
We’re flying civilians into space .... build slalom / slope / DJ with 26
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 I know right.
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 Thank you for that. I am going to take my Cove Hooker to the Pump track this week goddmamit Smile
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 Some 26 27'5 mullets not mentioned??.…
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 Is it still a "summer series" if it takes place in the fall?
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 That evil is one of the sexiest things I seen!!
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 For the most part, these look like some kid was forced to borrow Dad's trailbike for the event
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 Back in the day a proper dual slalem bike didn't need fancy shmancy rear suspension............and we liked it that way doggonitt!!! Friggen whooper snappers these days.....sheeesh
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 Some riders didn't get the slalom no boat anchor gears needed memo.
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 SS bikes are dope. The Suntour forks are not as hyped up as RS or Fox but they are solid. And options. 36 or 38 mm stantions , 20 mm Axles .
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 I love seeing the Suntour stuff. Really hope they are breaking away from there bad rep. There low end stuff is shit, but it's price point stuff, their high end stuff goes toe to toe with any other brand. I have an Auron trail fork and the same Tri-Air shock some of these guys are running and you couldn't get me to trade for anything else. Cheaper, same performance if not better, and easy to service.
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 Guide brakes...ugh
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 If they go, they go.
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 @FloridaHasMTBToo: and if they stop, they also go. i like guides
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 I keep waiting for mine to die before I replace them. still going strong...
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 Where did keegan wright go from the EWS? he was making a bit of a splash a couple years ago. Did he not race much this year?
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 He's still racing EWS
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 Yeah, and why did he stopped racing DH ?
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 @jwdenver: That was more of a 'what happened' question I guess. He's in the 40's racing it seems and skipped a few rounds. Just surprising given he was super fast in 2019 i believe. Tho the same could be said for Sam Hill....
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 @Aikata: I dont think devinci gives factory support for a downhill team any longer. It really is interesting that hes lost ground in the ews.... Devinci really hasn't had a successful year in the ews. Which is a shame, I'm really liking my django so far!
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 Harriet's ticket is sick! 26" ain't dead!
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 29ers don't belong on the slalom track!!
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 That Ghost riot's rear triangle looks twisted.....
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 Is it just me, or does the seattube on that intense primer look cut...
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 That's not even the newest Django......odd.
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 New ones are 29er only, that's likely the reasoning. And cause its more better obviously.
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 @elepizzle: Good point but 27.5 is obsolete. Not even sure they can roll for a full wheel rotation?
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 This is like that time tesla tried to make a pickup truck but in reverse.
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 That calling looks like soooo much fun
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 That SR Suntour fork and crown color is pretty rad.
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