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Apr 2, 2015
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7iDP is the result of 7 people and over 5 years of thinking and planning. Established in 2011, our management and design/development team with over 65 years combined experience in MTB Protection and product management has set out to create and build a new protection brand that meets CE standards and creates a safe, effective protection lineup.

It’s not often that a start up brand can boast two World Champions, a Red Bull Rampage winner, and a host of industry icons amongst their rider roster - but when you check out 7iDP’s line up it’s pretty impressive! Steve Peat, Fabien Barel, Mark Weir, Kurt Sorge, Joe Barnes, Marco Osborne, Florian Nicolai, Garett Buehler, Chris Akrigg, Neil Donoghue and Jackson Goldstone are just a few of riders who have elected to ride 7iDP in 2015. These guys however are more than just paid bill boards for the brand. They are a big part of our product development process. They also test products and give valuable, detailed product feedback from a huge variety of riding and racing on different terrain across the world. The result has been a total rethink on how best to provide lightweight, pedal friendly, cycle specific protection that does what it’s intended to do...protect the rider!

Seven iDP’s product line up spans the entire off-road riding spectrum from lightweight, full protection hard shell featuring Curv, Boa and bespoke foams to more minimalistic protection that can be worn on all day rides. All Seven pads meet and exceed CE standards:EN:1621/1 (knee/shin/knee/ shin/elbow/shoulder/hip) or EN1621/2 (back). It is not permitted to sell protection in the EU without passing the standard.

Tactic Knee
Our top of the line no holds barred DH knee pad. The Tactic knee cap features our X profile design for a super ergonomic fit manufactured using a 1mm ‘Curv ‘cap - (a marriage of thermoplastic and fibre technology which results in a super tough yet super light and flexible cap). Bespoke ventilated foams and neoprene along with a Boa closure system completes the picture. This is Steve Peat’s pad of choice.

Tactic Knee Front
Tactic Knee Rear

Control Knee/Control Elbow
The Control Knee/Elbow are also packed with innovative features including a “pedal flex zone” which ensures that the pad does not slip while pedalling, Air flow channels to distribute air around the knee keeping the rider cool and a central strap adjustment system for micro adjustability. Like the Tactic the Control series also features a 1 mm Curv cap for extra protection. This pad has already received rave reviews and is a favourite of Joe Barnes.

Control Knee Front
Control Elbow Front

Covert Knee
The Covert knee is our all-rounder, compression fit with a modular pad system featuring bespoke foams. The result is a versatile pad suitable for any form of MTB riding. This is Mark Weir’s and several of our world class Enduro riders' pad of choice.

Covert Knee Front
Covert Knee Rear

Index Knee/Index Elbow
Functional, lightweight, hardshell protection with many of the features of the higher end pads, including the X Profile Cap and central strap adjustment system ensure that the Index is a great choice for those looking for quality protection in an economical package.

Index Knee Front
Index Knee Rear

Control Body
Minimal, lightweight body armour that exceeds CE EN 1621:2. If you don’t like the prospect of wearing body armour this is the protector for you. Removable Curv shoulder pads angled forward ensure that you are protected if you have an unexpected rendezvous with a tree. The Control body integrates seamlessly with the most popular neck braces on the market.

Control Suit Front
Control Suit Rear

Transition Short Sleeve/Transition Long Sleeve
Our modular, slim fitting, compression fit body armour. Gone are the days when you have to look like an extra out of a Sci-Fi movie to stay protected. The Transition series use Curv allied to bespoke foams to ensure great back protection. The Transition Series integrates seamlessly with most popular neck braces on the market.

Transition Suit Short Sleeve Front
Transition Suit Long Sleeve Back

Control Ankle
If you’ve ever been bitten by your stays, cranks, chainrings, or pedals – you’ll know the value of good ankle protection.

Ankle Front
Ankle Rear

Flex Knee
The Flex knee is our take on the classic MTB knee guard. We’ve lightened it up, added our central strap system, and more side coverage. It’s evolved through 13 prototypes to get to the final fit just right.

Transition Knee/Elbow
These are our thinnest knees and elbows – still CE EN1621-1 compliant, compression fit, and packable. A great set of pads for trail riding and less extreme gravity excursions. This platform is sure to become a favourite for the trail riding enthusiasts all of the way to our top Enduro racers.

Here is our complete rider line up:

Steve Peat (Santa Cruz Syndicate)
Casey Brown (Bergamont Hayes DH Team)
Ed Masters (Bergamont Hayes DH Team)
Rupert Chapman (Bergamont Hayes DH Team)
Max Warshawsky (Bergamont Hayes DH Team)
Jay Williamson (Steve Peat Syndicate)
Kiran MacKinnon (Santa Cruz)

Fabien Barel (Canyon Enduro)
Joe Barnes (Canyon Enduro)
Ludovic May (Canyon Enduro)
Ines Thoma (Canyon Enduro)
Mark Weir (Cannondale)
Marco Osborne (Cannondale)
Florian Nicolaï (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Alex Cure (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Isabeau Courdurier (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Jesse Melamed (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Peter Ostroski (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Kevin Soller (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Jordan Hodder (Team Rocky Mountain /Urge BP Rally)
Kyle Warner (Marin Bikes/2014 NAET overall winner)
Casey Coffman (Felt Bikes)

All Mountain / Big Mountain:
Garett Buehler (Knolly)
Kurt Sorge
Kevin Landry (Polygon)
Jackson Goldstone...wonderkid!

Chris Akrigg (Mongoose)

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 Thanks for all the positive comments. We apologise for the late arrival of the product - but as a group we were adamant that we would not release product to the market until it had been fully tested by our test pilots including Peaty, Barel and Weir. We thought we had it right with our prototypes, but the feedback we received sent us back to the drawing board. For example our Tactic went through almost 20 prototypes before we finally arrived with the finished item. Similarly, our Control knee was ready to go last year, but we received some valuable feedback from the Urge Rocky Mountain Enduro team, who had used these extensively last season. This resulted in us tweaking the design further. Finally, we are good to go. It has been a long process, but we are confident that what we now offer is really a step forward in the protection market. All product is CE approved yet remains light and 100% cycle friendly. Good news: Most models became available globally this week. Thank you for your patience!
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 I've had just about every popular knee pad out there and after getting the Covert when it first came out, and now the Transition I can honestly say these are the best pads I've ever had. The Covert is a great "do all" pad because of the modular system but for a straight up pedal pad, the Transition puts everything else to shame when it comes to all day comfort, and protection for trail use. I've tried the RF ones that I thought would be close...no thanks!
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 I'm pleased with my Control knees. The strap design is great. Even on ~6 mile road rides to a trail head they feel fine in place.
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 Just started running the Covert knees, already my favorite pads by far. The modular system is awesome - run them full on for DH/bike park stuff, take the plastic plate out and they're great lightweight trail riding pads, took everything but the base foam out for a cold training ride yesterday and they worked great as leg warmers. Solid coverage and I barely notice them pedaling in any configuration.
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 Thanks for the first hand - I would be interested in hearing more reviews from anyone who has used the Convert, please reply to this post.
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 If the predator mountain biked this is what he would wear.
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 For those of you with the Control Knee... is it normal to feel like there is a bit of hollow space between your knee and the inside of the knee pad when you're leg straightens out? I used to have the POC knee pads which is snug to my entire knee during the whole pedal stroke.

I would say that maybe I'll get used to it, but my first crash on these knee pads ended with me getting knocked out (so I don't know the mechanics of how my knee struck) and my ACL/PCL getting injured (which has kept me off my bike for a few months), so now I'm hesitant on these knee pads.
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 I've got the Converts and they are my first set of knee pads. At first I wasn't really happy with them. They didn't hold my thigh well and bunched up a lot behind my knee. Well now that I've ridden them in warmer weather they seem to stay in place better but still bunch up behind the knee. So in a perfect world I'd want something better for a pedaling pad but since I've never tried anything else maybe these are the best.
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 @lalena I don't have a complete answer for you. I don't remember offhand if there's any space when standing. I can say that my Controls seem designed to fit with the knee slightly bent. They're not as comfortable to wear standing around as other pads I've had, but that doesn't reflect the way they fit when I'm riding. I've had other knee pads slide on me during crashes, and I'm more confident the Controls will stay put.
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 @lalena , unless you lacerated your knee deep enough to sever your ACL or PCL, those injuries are consistent with hyper-extension of your leg, something no knee pad is going to prevent. Knee *braces* which restrict and support movement will. If you crashed so hard you lost consciousness, I wouldn't pin any blame on knee pads.
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 They look fantastic! I imagine that they will be "POC" expensive!
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flag hi-dr-nick FL (Apr 2, 2015 at 9:29) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah except POC actually looks good
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 I take it back, the prices are very reasonable not at all POC expensive!
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 The control knee pads are on point. Light, comfortable, and they don't slide down your leg at all even throughout a full day of DH.
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 I'm running a pair of covert knees. Best pads I've ever had!!! Modular, comfortable and stay put on stellar wipeout
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 Any idea when these bad boys will be available? Price range? Their website says 'coming soon'
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 I bought my coverts at LBS ratking bikes in Orem, UT 801-360-4327. Went with the coverts thinking that I can add or remove layers from the pad depending on what I was in for on the ride. Great idea and excellent execution.
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 I'm serious, these look top shelf and I want them all!
Wondering if the covert can become the transition, ride without hard cup? Says removable pads (covert)
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 still no combined knee and shin pads which they showcased what seems like a year or so now. disappointed.
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 Agree, would love a set of the knee/half shin pads. I still ride flats and the ineveitable does happen!
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 I tweeted them the other day and they said "unfortunately the knee shin came in too expensive and so was cancelled but we have other plans in place for a knee shin in future." Currently I have a pair of these which are pretty good. www.ion-products.com/bike/men/protection/k-cap-select if you in the market for a new set.
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 Control Body's chest protector looks very thin. Is it met CE standarts too?
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 Yes like all our back plates it is fully compliant with CE EN1621-2. it is not only thin it is also very well ventilated with channels on the inside of the protector to promote airflow.
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 I'll have those control knee ones if they really don't move while pedaling. My 661 always gets under my knees. lol
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 try TLD T-Bone, they don't move ... best knee pads ever had Big Grin but these ones looks nice as well
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 They are already on sale in the uk. Tactic knee around £139 i think. Covert knee £69.99
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 who is selling them in the uk? i can only find the distributor
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 Yes please, tell me too, Ubyk advertises, but none in stock. Can't find the Control suit anywhere.
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 Crank cycles uk sell them.
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 Anyone in the Vancouver area stocking these pads?I would like to try some on.
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 it is almost like a shoes on your knee
  • 1 0
 Is this vaporware finally coming out then?!
  • 2 0
 Yep Finally - apologies for the delays!
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 Great to hear, been wanting the knee and control suit ever since I saw it in 2013
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 Is this the same 7 company as sells the Motocross gear that James Stewart owns?
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  • 3 2
 Prices please??
  • 2 1
 @sevenidp No helmets??
  • 1 0
 All 3 models of helmet should be arriving in a few weeks
  • 2 3
 I'll take one of each please!

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