10 Crankworx King & Queen Contenders

Mar 18, 2019
by Ed Spratt  

The race to become King or Queen of the Crankworx World Tour involves successfully tackling a season-long multi-discipline challenge. Getting consistent results and battling some of the worlds best riders is all part of the journey to win the title. It is the ultimate test of a riders skill and ability to adapt to a whole range of different riding styles. Once the tour finishes in Whistler the athletes with the most points will win the $20,000 prize.

The top male and female riders will each win the top prize with the seconds placed overall riders (male and female) taking home $10,000 and third place in both categories taking $5,000 CAD. The winners will be announced after Crankworx Whistler on August 18. One big change for 2019 is that Whip Offs and Enduro events will no longer offer points towards the Crankworx crown with the aim to bring the focus back to the classic Crankworx disciplines.

Last year saw Sam Blenkinsop and Jill Kintner take the crown in Whistler but with Kintner already announcing she won't be attending Crankworx Rotorua we will definitely see a new Queen being crowned in August. Take a look below at some of the riders we think will be contenders for the throne this year.


Sam Blenkinsop

• 2018 King of Crankworx
• Totaled 915 Points last year.
• Rode consistently across the season never leaving with less than 100 points at each venue.
• Performed particularly strong in Rotorua where he took 500 points making up 55% of his total points.
• Raced in 10 different events last year making his average 91.5 points for each event.
• Was the 2018 overall Crankworx Downhill Champion with 340 points.

Crankworx Rotorua Redwoods DH 2018

Tomas Lemoine

• Finished 2nd overall in 2018 with 790 points.
• Last year he only competed in the Pump Track, Slopestyle and Dual Speed and Style events.
• Despite only taking part in three disciplines he never finished with less than 150 points at each venue.
• Performed strongest in Whistler with a total of 240 points from the three events he took part in.
• Took part in 9 events making his average 87.7.
• Was the 2018 overall Dual Speed and Style Champion with 300 points.

Photo by Boris Beyer

Kyle Strait

• Finished 3rd overall in 2018 with 625 points.
• Only competed in the Dual Slalom, Pump Track and Dual Speed and Style events in 2018.
• Never scored less than 200 points at each venue, although he did not take part in any events at Innsbruck.
• Scored 200 at both Rotorua and Whitler but did his best performance in Les Gets with a total of 225 points.
• Averaged 89.2 points across the seven events he participated in.
• Placed 3rd in the overall ranking for Dual Speed and Style with 250 points.

Keegan Wright

• Finished 4th overall in 2018 with 505 points.
• Only took part in five different races, and missed the whole of Crankworx Innsbruck.
• Never scored less than 180 points at a venue.
• Performed best in Rotorua with a total of 275.
• Averaged 101 points across the five events he attended.
• Placed 4th in the overall ranking for the Pump track with 200 points.

Crankworx Enduro 2018

Adrien Loron

• Finished 6th overall in 2018 with 480 points.
• Was crowned 2017 King of Crankworx and finished 3rd in 2016 and 2nd in 2015.
• Only entered 1 event in Innsbruck and 2 in Whistler.
• Performed best in Rotorua with a total of 180.
• Placed 2nd in the overall ranking for the Pump track with 325 points and 6th in Speed and Style.

Photo Fraser Britton


Casey Brown

• Finished 2nd overall in 2018 with 1090 points.
• Took part in 13 events with at least three events from each venue.
• Averaged 83.8 points from each event.
• Consistent performance meant Casey never dropped below 150 points at each venue.
• She performed best in Rotorua and Whistler with 425 and 325 points respectively.
• Last year she was over 200 points clear of third place Vaea Verbeeck and with Jill Kintner not going for the title Casey is the strongest contender for this year's title.

Casey Brown and her Trek Session Bike Check

Vaea Verbeeck

• Finished 3rd overall in 2018 with 880 points.
• Throughout the world tour, she participated in a whole range of disciplines from Pump Track to Downhill.
• Vaea averaged 67.7 across the 13 events she attended.
• Her lowest score from a venue was Innsbruck where she scored 140 from 3 events.
• Placed 5th overall for Pump Track with 90 points.
• She did the best in Rotorua with a total of 365 coming from great performances in the Redwoods DH and the Enduro.

Crankworx Rotorua Redwoods DH 2018

Tracey Hannah

• Finished 5th overall in 2018 with 515 points.
• Suffered a concussion in Rotorua meaning she withdrew from the all events.
• Took part in six events across the rest of the season with a focus on Downhill.
• Scored best in Whistler with a total of 225 points.
• Tracey's average across all six events was 85.8.
• Despite not scoring in Rotorua she was the overall Crankworx Downhill Champion with 375 points.

Crankworx Rotorua Redwoods DH 2018

Tahnee Seagrave

• Finished 7th overall in a draw with Rachel Atherton at 300 points.
• In 2018 she took part in three events, two of which were Dual Slalom.
• Tahnee's average across the three events was 100 points.
• Although missing out on Innsbruck and Whistler she placed 4th overall in the Crankworx Downhill standings.
• She took an impressive win in the Rotorua Downhill and if she attends all three venues this year she will definitely be higher in the standings.

Crankworx Rotorua DH 2018

Kialani Hines

• Finished 6th overall with 520 points.
• In 2018 she took part in every round of Crankworx.
• Kialani's average across seven events was 74 points.
• She finished second in the Pump Track overall, behind Jill Kintner.

Sea Otter Classic 2018 Dual Slalom

Get ready to show your skills for picking winners and you could be in the running to win a trip to Crankworx Whistler, a RockShox Lyrik and a Maxxis prize pack. With a fictional budget of $1.5 million, you will choose your ultimate team of 6 riders to go to battle during each Crankworx Rotorua live broadcast. Before each of the four broadcasts, select your team of athletes to collect the most points possible. For every event, you can select your dream team. You can change out your team up to the start of each live broadcast event.

MENTIONS: @officialcrankworx / @cameronmackenzie


  • + 34
 Blenki will dominate the Sport class. The Jerry and The Janet of Crankworx Big Grin
  • + 10
 Is Jill not competing at every round?
  • + 32
 Answered my own question by checking her Instagram:

"Knowing what you can already do is easy. Growth is searching for the limits of what is possible and NOT staying in your comfort zone. I want to push myself to be the best all around mountain biker I can be, so while #Crankworx has been an incredible platform, I want to explore what more I can do. Therefore I will not be participating in the FULL World Tour this year, (just the Whistler round) and am onto #Enduro !! Obviously it’s a really demanding endeavor but the satisfaction in the daily gains of learning a new discipline, and changing my physiology through FITNESS, FUELING and MENTAL TOUGHNESS have made me REALLY HAPPY!! Not knowing how I will do is EXCITING! So I am looking forward to starting the year off with my first #EnduroWorldSeries event in TASMANIA"

  • + 2
 Edit: Jill is not available in Fantasy - she's not racing Rotorua I guess. Starting on the second race in Tasmania it looks like
  • + 6
 Can we also get a fantasy league for my local race? Maybe give away a dh bike
  • + 2
 Can we have a fantasy league for the fantasy leagues? Predict your overall year fantasy winner.....
  • + 1
 @Intensevp: Fantaception!
  • + 1
 I like Crankworx better than World Cups. I hope to see Crankworx become as or more important than UCI events for mountain biking, and compensate accordingly. I would rather see 6 Crankworx over a year with more events (adding some of the endurance events) than the wide array of UCI events in different places all over the place.

I think it exposes more people to more aspects of high level mtb in one place, and promotes camaraderie between those of spandex and baggy short choices. I think everyone has more opportunities for exposure, and has more opportunities to shine and show their talent and versatility on a bike.

Discuss and debate.
  • + 6
 Caroline Buchanan?
  • + 2
 Still recovering from her crash at the end of 2017. Her IG says she'll be racing again in June.
  • + 1
 Loved watching Jill and Caroline battle it on the the pump track
  • + 1
 I don't know how the points breakdown works exactly but I thought it was rad that the 2nd overall female rider Casey Brown finished with more points than all the men. Even the King. Respect!
  • + 1
 "For every event, you can select your dream team. You can change out your team up to the start of each live broadcast event."

You guys must've seen my question on the previous Crankworx Fantasy post. Thanks PB :>.
  • + 4
 Anneke Beerten ?
  • + 1
 Yeah, still rooting for her. She's planning to race all Crankworx events so I wouldn't rule her out.
  • + 2
 Casey Brown has done well to achieve what she has with only one leg.
  • + 2
 thanks PB! That was actually super helpful.
  • + 2
 Is Blenki racing speed and style? Didn't see him on the rider list..
  • + 15
 did you check the sport category?
  • + 2
 Can't wait = to see
  • + 1
 I hope to see Tracey do more events....
  • + 0
 So does that mean that Whip-off and Enduro won't give points for the fantasy contest?
  • + 2
 No - just the live broadcast events will gain you points. You can swap out your team before each live event to maximize point earning!
  • + 1
 Would love to see Kyle Strait race a DH again.
  • + 1
 No Anneke?!
  • + 0
 I have Randy as my first pick for the fantasy draft

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