AT's Showdown - Video Recap

Nov 15, 2011
by Karl Burkat  
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Thanks to Shelby Smith and AT's Showdown.

Also Travis Foxx lay'd down this edit, check it!

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 Maybe it's just me, but I really dislike the super zoomed in style of filming...I just call it being out of frame, not artistic or anything like that. I like to see the jump, the rider, the bike, everything, not just the rear end spinning around in what looks like a 2cents. Still super sick edits.
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 I totally get what your saying. I tried to stay a little further away from that sort of super close up image. I still think both videos came out great.
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 I'm just tired of all edits being the same... Thats why I love Shelby Smiths edits.. finally a fresh view at what we do..
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 this is a sick video of a sick competion with sick riders progressing the sport throwing down sick tricks. i like this. would say vod but i dont really like when front page vids get vod the next day...
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 why does B-Rain have to be such a downer neg-propping all the comments haha.. great edits though
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 He is a little bitch and wants his comment to appear on top..
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 I hate when people do that. Some guy called me a pervert for checking the props after I called someone out for it on the movember thing haha.
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 Haha guess who the only person to give me negative props? B-Rain
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 I was there and it was the first time I've seen Lacondeguy ride in person. holy shit, his supermans are the most clicked thing I've ever seen.
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 agreed, i find them to be more awe-inspiring than some of the crazy flip combos.
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 Sorry dude, I meant to give you props but I'm on an iPod and I got fat fingers. Those supermans are the best in the biz
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 that video was killer and the chinatown part in the beginning was pretty cool
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 i wish i went really badly, looks sick!!!
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 at 3:10 that guy is whipped out with a siiik nac nac
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 Which remix is it playing in the second vid for the song by Cassius? I looked it up on youtube but can't find the right one.
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 wish I couldve been down there! Great Vid!
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 1:35 that Ellsworth is slick man, i like it alot
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 what happened to cam mccaul? hes in the other videos talking but i havent seen him ride in any
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 he got hurt in practice
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 Big Grin muy buen video!! andreu el mejor!
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 Is the kid in the picture taking a shit?
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 AWESOME double backflip! tup
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 nice edit kent, its sick
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 Here comes SöderströöööööööömSmile
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