Video: Above the Noise - Full Length Film Premiere

Sep 6, 2012
by Sean Anderson  
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Directed, filmed, and edited by Sean Anderson.

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 Gotta agree it was bit on the boring side , bit of tired formula : Driving to trails opening scene , some riding , good riding no doubt , some emotional music while people talk about riding/racing , but it was free and much better than watching daytime TV.

Thanks for the Free edit motivated to switch my PC off now and go ride my bike.
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 You have a point and also a BACKFLIPING ROADIE
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 Been waiting for this for so long.... so sick!
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 agreed it was just long enough and great to see how pinned you lot are down there Wink wills segment was my fav but they were all sick!!
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 Bloody punks destroying our berms, we recently rebuilt that one at windy right around 6:59 ;-)

Just seeing quality riders shred our local trails!
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 Awesome to see local Boys on local trails, instead of BC all the time! Good work Sean, can't wait to see your next adventure... Keep up the good work!
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 What's wrong with bc trails
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 Nothing at all.
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 we see them too much and it makes us sad
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 I agree bc trails are nice but it was nice to see what is in Australia. By the looks of things they seem pretty dam fun.
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 anything is better then hong kong trails. so stop bitchin about your local trails.
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 ya it was boring. just my personal opinion, they're all way faster than i will ever be but between the intro, the dreary music, slowmo, and a lot of trails that my pop would destroy on his xc bike it just wasn't doin it for me. also i was hoping to see mitch ropelato along with troy and sam.
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 I think this is an Aussie thing.
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 "trails that my pop would destroy on his XC bike"

Classic. I'm gonna memorise that and use it.
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 Yeah it was a local Aussie film.
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 is it over? aaah nice nap!
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 awesome! been waiting along time for this!! troy brosnans edit was the best!
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 four and a half minutes of bike/parts commercials in the begginning....nice
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 In-line with previous comments:

Too many previously (better) done (non-bike) themes; the intro travel scene, car ad, portraitures.

No riding for the first 4 minutes of a 20 minute film.

Inappropriate music; it worked for the intro, after that, just too slow.

One of the cameras had a bad white balance.

Too many cutties (nah, no such thing).

A few good interview quotes; injury vs speed, will to win, living the WC life, Troy & Sam's bromance, but generally dull. How about asking some deeper or more detailed questions? Mental impacts of serious injury and how you overcome? WC circuit tidbits? Have bikes improved and how has that impacted your riding style? What's your bike set-up and how does that relate to your style? Tyre pressure and changes? Best training tip? What aspect of your riding are you specifically working on and how? How does it feel to get beaten by your junior team mate? How do you deal with continually being smashed by Aaron Gwin and what can you do to match/beat him? Trial & tribulation of chasing sponsorship/factory ride?

I really liked the sections up to Sam & Troy. Typical Aussie conditions, guys were pinned, good mix of fast and slow-mo, not too much bush-view panning ($deity I hate that) and decent length frames (MTv has a lot to answer for).

Sam & Troy, way too much slow-mo of 2 of the fastest riders on the planet. Terrain didn't look gnar. More like they were out on an xc ride. Their individual sections were better but still..... Sam sucking up the steep hip/double was cool. It was interesting watching Troy steering round the rear end of the bike.

And then the final segment was good (Will R?). The extended power wheelie out of the (Canberra?) berm - braaaap.
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 eh! riding was good. format was nothing new
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 yh i must agree with a few comments a lot of skill involved in this edit but it just seemed a bit boring that i could only watch about 3 mins of it no offence good riding much better than i could ever do but perhaps i am more into tricks and airtime sort of videos.
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 noticed how a lot of the new mtb films are adopting that Clay Porter Style... rider taking bike out of house, close up black and white face shot...etc...
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 I respect all the hard work that went into this by everyone, but it kind just ended up looking like a knock off of a Clay Porter film. Not that my advice matters, but I'd just encourage the guy to find his own formula and bring some originality to the MTB film world.
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 This is an awesome video but I gotta say a word the the editor of the was poorly done. The music needs to be lowered when the interview is being played back. It is very difficult to hear what the riders, especially the soft-spoken Sam Hill. For future work, try turning up the dialogue and turn down the background music/noise.

Otherwise this is very well done!
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 Defs cant corner as fast as these guys. Sic edit Sean!
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 am i going crazy or have our comments been deleted ?
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 nope. they're just properly hiden. How democratic. Nice play PB.
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 Huh... Mines disappeared too? Nice... It's just an opinion
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 You are getting a 20minute film for free...quite complaining!
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 I'm giving my opinion for free, I could charge for my feeback if you like ?
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 Oh just discovered where my comment disappeared to... doh! Seconded by the way Matt, I'm sure the film makers and riders put a lot of effort into the film, I'm not disputing that, I just didn't find it interesting, gave up after 8 mins, but that just my opinion, some people may rave about it! :-)
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 well i thought it was pretty boring, guess you guys thought the same
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 Awesome seein some local aussie trails being ripped up by all these pinners. Would love to know if the MES seen was at the Mundaring track in WA?
Love that many lines, fast and loose.
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 Hey Sean, any chance you'll put Seb's score on iTunes?
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 OMG...this was far from perfect. I want my money ba.....

I kid. That was a good vid. IFO got some insight to the WC riders that I did not know prior and that alone was worth the watch. Some solid ripping to accompany it as well. Thanks for the preview/premiere!!!
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 Very cool to see some different terrain. Loved a few of the multi-speed time-overlapped cuts as well, but not a lot of original camera work. Overall well worth the money. Great movie, keep 'em coming!
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 oh, and definitely would have gone with some different music choices myself...but again, great film overall.
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 such a sweet video
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 It was a great film of the racers in australia. Great to see about a good racing scene down there. I thought the angles and way it was told was sick!! Good job man!
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 Guess who's back , back again , Troy is back , tell a friend!
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 lol did you not see the worlds race?
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 Sadly, THIS comeback lasted the whole of 5sec - gutted. He'll be back strong next season and with a LOT to prove. Looking forward to that.
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 so if i get the same pair of glasses I'll be able to ride my bike just as good as the guy in the beginning of the video?
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 Sam still have his own mega style.. perfect hope get more podiuns next year
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 HELL YEAH!!!!!!
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 It is amazing, such the different opinions are hidden below, props by negative. Let me remind me: I do not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it. Ok, that was not what happened here.
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 Why is it amazing? People down voted opinions they disagreed with it. Just because they down voted those opinions, it does not in anyway shape or form go against that phrase you think you're using in such a "witty" fashion. They have the right to say it, and everyone else has the right to click an up or down arrow.

Oh no!!!! People disagree with my opinion and showed that by downvoting me!! I'm going to complain about it and claim peoples rights are being violated!!! Please stop pretending like someones rights are being infringed upon here, that's not what is happening.
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 yes, you're right about it, but that it's not the problem. I don't care if somebody downvoting me, or somebody else. What I see as the problem: these comment are not visible after a while due to this downvoting. Why they should be hidden? There is nothing wrong with them, they are spoken with no badly meaning. They're not dishonorable. You've just missed the point here.
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 I love mountain biking! If someone could please put out a bike (something nice) with a Fleshlight integrated into the tubing (possibly in the rear where the seat tube and top tube meet) my life will be complete.
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 Thought the credits would never end, but the video was worth the wait!!! Awesome scene in oz! Glad to see Troy back and hungry for another win!
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 Great vid. I dig knowing more about the racers, makes following them on the circuit alot more personal. Big ups y'all.
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 jeeez !! nodded off on the intro.... you gotta get us into it quicker than that buddy !
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 Yew awesome as!
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 really good job, good filming, editing and riding! Smile
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 Vids ok, certainly not upset I watched it. Btw, Nice HILUX!
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 I want a Pivot Phoenix baaad! Wouldnt mind the hilux either lol.
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 with an ad like that, you know its gonna be good.
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