Alpinestars MTB Bionic Jacket And New Gloves- Eurobike 2011

Sep 2, 2011
by Mike Levy  
Alpinestars Eurobike 2011

While neck braces have quickly gained traction within the downhill community, other gear that should be made to be compatible the neck protection has been slow to come around. With their MTB Bionic Jacket, Alpinestars is one of the first companies to produce an upper body suit made to mesh with a neck brace, specifically their own series of Bionic Neck Support (BNS) braces.

The MTB Bionic Jacket not only incorporates chest, elbow and shoulder pads, but also a hinged back protector with a removable upper section to allow the rear support of their BNS brace to fit comfortably. The hinged back protector will only flex rearwards so far, with the sections bottoming out to prevent hyper extending of your back, and the whole unit can be removed by undoing a zipper that runs around its circumference. While you're bound to be hotter in it than if you weren't wearing it, the jacket is built from a lightweight mesh material that should go a long way to keeping your temperature at a reasonably level on those hot days.

MTB Bionic Jacket details:

• Upper body armour constructed from mesh and breathable padding
• Chest, shoulder, elbow and back protection
• Hinged five plate back protector restricts excessive reverse flexing to prevent hyper extension
• Neck brace compatible by removing upper section of the back plate
• Shoulder pads shaped to work with neck brace
• Removable zippered backplate
• Removable zippered arm protection
• Integrated kidney belt
• Sizes: S-2XL

Spank Eurobike 2011

Want to wear your Bionic Neck Support brace with upper body protection? Alpinestars has a clever solution: simply remove the upper section of the back panel - it's held in place with Velcro - for the the lower strut of the BNS (or other another type of brace as well) to fit directly up against your back. The entire backplate can be removed with a zipper when you are looking for a bit less protection.

Spank Eurobike 2011

New for 2012, the Moab glove features a mesh and spandex construction with minimal padding for an airy fit, but includes some nearly hidden gel protection for the outer two knuckles - perfect for when you make the switch to a wide bar and clip a few trees on your first ride. The palm is put together with two layers for robustness, but both are thin enough that those who like to really feel their bars will still be happy, and silicone grippers have been put on the ends of the two braking fingers for more purchase in nasty weather. The Moab glove is available in sizes 2XS through to 3XL, as well as black/white, blue/black/white, violet/blue marine, yellow/electric blue and the white/red/black colors shown above.

Spank Eurobike 2011

The Gravity glove may be named as if it is intended for downhill use, but it looks like a solid choice for any type of riding when the weather gets hot. The single layer synthetic leather palm is accented with silicone finger tips on the middle and pointer fingers, and thin raised sections of rubber run the length of the fingers for a bit of protection. The Gravity glove can be had in sizes S2X through to 3XL, and you can choose from electric blue/yellow, cool grey/white, blue/white, white/red and the violet/blue marine shown above.

Visit the Alpinestars website to see their entire lineup.

Stay tuned for more from Eurobike 2011


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 I wear the 2010 bionic jacket it's so comfortable that I forget im wearing it.
It also saved my life at the end of last year when I had a massive crash at dirt park (gee/smith section in follow me) I ended up with a collapsed lung because of the force I hit the ground but no broken ribs. I ended up having about half of the lung removed then stuck to the chest wall. (I still ride down hill) So if anyone from alpine stars reads this thank you for making the perfect body armor
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 could get negative proped to heck here, but i feel like thats a little bulky....i feel like 661's design is a lot cleaner and sleak, just my opinion. Its a neat idea though that they are going for meshing the neck and body suit together
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 best combo ive found for wearing your leatt with upper body armour, is a 661 Subgear, combined with the dainese back protector. Feels the least like wearing armour ive ever found, with still high protection levels. I wear my leatt on top and see no logical reason for not doing so, provided there is direct contact between back protector and leatt.
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 neat idea Smile not too keen on the upper back pad being held on by velcro though, why not another zipper like the back armour? personaly i wouldnt trust any part of a armour suit that is being held on by velcro. i know all armour are held on by velcro but i dont mean the straps holding the whole thing on like on the knee/shin pads or elbow pads. those work perfect, just dont like the idea of a important part of the armour being held on by velcro
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 It looks great.But I really do not like the Zipper in the front. What if you crash and the bars turn and the end of the bar ,Hits you right in the center?? It happens.Nice looking jackent,but it needs some work.
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 I'm so buying that !!! now only need to find out where they sell that in Calgary :-)
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 I get the feeling he wants to buy from his LOCAL shop
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 Bow Cycle carries Alpinestars. Not sure where else.
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 yeah....if everybody buy at how our local shop gonna survive???
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 Cool .. I'll give Bow Cycle a try ... propably have to wait until next year though for this model to come out ...
And indeed: support your LBS as much as you can ... those are the guys that have to take care of your bike :-)
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 Love the Astars gloves just hope they last longer than last years Moab's....
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 agreed! the tpr wrist bits on mine broke really quick, but it looks liek they've all been ditched for a flexier cuff this year, cant wait Smile
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 good to see body armour that isn't so bulky and uncomfortable Smile
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 I do but it all depends on the track and conditions.
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 FINALLY! More Leatt compatible pressure suits! tup
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 Have you seen the body armour from TLD, Leatt compatible and super comfortable.

It's not as heavy duty as the hardshell stuff but perfect for Ontario. If you're interested I can give you a website that's carrying them - TLD is sold out.

The spine guard on the Alpinestar looks bulky like a turtle shell - the gloves look cool.
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 Yes, I've seen it. Pretty nice. I'm just commenting that there are not many options out there yet, so it's nice to see new ones. And sure, send me that link!
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 loving that blue glove might have to add them to my collection.
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 no rib protection....seems like a pointless product, imo
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