And on the Seventh Day...Crankworx 2013

Aug 16, 2013
by Danielle Baker  
Crowds in awe.
  The crowd watches in awe as the Teva Best Trick riders throw down run, after run, after run.

Mike Montgomery.
  Mike Montgomery did a never before seen backflip bar-hop to tailwhip for the win at Teva Best Trick.

Messere so big so young.
  Messere, so big, so young.

Crankworx is a departure from our usual tranquil and nature filled trail rides. It highlights the excess of our sport, like a spandex clad Axel Rose grinding up on Jack Johnson. The Whistler Village feels like a sardine can packed with shiny new bikes and flashy kits; there are people, tents, music, signs, flags, banners, free shit and tight shirts. It is hard not cringe as you watch groups of tourist hanging out at the bottom of the hill angling for selfies that catch the action as riders skid back into the lift line behind them. It is all fun and games until someone loses an iPad.

Brad Ewan. Stacked.
  Big Bad Brad gets spendy.

Nicholai Rogatkin.
  Newcomer, Nicolai Rogatkin, took third place with a cash roll.

Sam Dueck after crash face.
  Sam Dueck's post crash face.

Tom Van Steenbergen gets paid.
  Tom Van Steenbergen gets paid.

In mountain biking it is the closest we get to a live action spectator sport and gives us a chance to show the general public what it is we think we do on bikes. Because we all throw down on A-Line like the pros did at the Best Trick comp yesterday. This is the commercial, bright and plastic version of our sport; the illegitimate child of motocross.The crowd is one part riders and one part Tapout shirt clad spectators because it is extreme with a capital X. Or something like that.

  The Ultimate Pump Track Challenge had a distinct 80's metal show vibe.

Mountain biking, usually a sport full of personal bests and private celebrations, has a spotlight shone on it here at Crankworx. The world becomes the judge and just like every out-of-shape-bar-stool-occupying-hockey-fan the audience feels entitled to an opinion. For every wide eyed gasp of wonder that a trick induces there is someone that "could have totally done it better man."

This Superbowl of mountain biking has half time cover bands and attainable groupie fixations. Sponsors that are eager to brand every aspect of your experience from the parking lot, to the hill, to the guy passed out on the bench in the free t-shirt. Banners, bandanas and big screens make you feel like events like the Ultimate Pump Track Challenge are just the opening act while Jon Bon Jovi is busy teasing his hair back stage. And where are the pyrotechnics?

  A sea of spectators had their choice of watching the action live or on one of many big screens available.

  Cody Johnson and Joost Wichman battle it out on the pump track.

The whole production of this event is a web of logistics and functions nearly 24 hours a day between events and parties. This morning's breakfast meetings will verge on noon and require sunglasses and photo reminders of the last night’s escapades. Still drunk pirates, confused by their eye patches, will begin their strides of pride, leaving behind only their small plastic swords. Coffee, work and more indulgence will delay the inevitable hangover and today, we will do it all again. All the glitz and glam, all the whips for tits. This is Crankworx. That was Day 7.

  Mitch Ropelato takes the berm under heavy media attention.

Jill Kintner won for the fourth straight year in a row.
  Jill Kintner takes takes her fourth win in a row!

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 On the Seventh day of crankworks My true love sent to me Seven bikes a-flipping Six people whipping Five wheeeeelies Four falling riders Three french fans Two squirly scrubs And a four-peat for Jill Kintner
  • 10 1
 F'ing nailed it.
  • 10 2
 Who thinks the girl she competed against in the finals was hot?
  • 1 3
 kitnerr won again lol nt haha
  • 42 3
 And on the seventh day God created the mountain biker to tame the world he had created. And it was very rad.
  • 7 19
flag brisbike (Aug 16, 2013 at 17:57) (Below Threshold)
 You, not so much.
  • 5 1
 Oh go take your training wheels off!
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 @brisbike, do you ride scooters?
  • 13 0
 You know it was a good best trick contest when a cash roll is third place.
  • 7 1
 Can't help but think whomever wrote the copy on this is a little jaded on Crankworx and probably not the best person for the job. We get it, Mountain BIking has hit the mainstream, man. And you think that is bad. Sure, I dislike the Tapout wearing dude-bros just as much as the next person - but I would have thought the more people getting into mountain biking means more dollars going into sponsors pockets, meaning more support given to events and/or products in the future etc. etc. - even you hipsters who were into Mountain Biking "before it was cool" benefit from this when new better parts from your bike are developed, surely?!

Oh well, at least the heavily unnatural strobist effect on the images matches the hipster vibe of the copy I guess.
  • 3 2
 The thing is also though, biking hasn't really become fully mainstream. Yeah, sure a lot of people who don't belong come out to watch some of the bigger events but it's really just a chance for us to show who we really are! We should be respectful to other riders and fellow spectator no matter what! (this is coming from a 19 year old BMXer by the way!) But that's beside the matter. It's easy enough to spot a real rider from the fake ones anyway, excited, welcoming, good attitude. Every sport has there douche bags especially bmxing (from my experience). Any way the easiest way to spot the difference between a rider and "dude-bro" is who's actually on their bike whether it be DJ, XC, DH, or BMX, throwing down. If you don't like some one then just move on!
Cheers guys Beer Salute
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 Couldn't agree with you more AmbientLight. After reading his descriptions it would make me not want to go there if I had never been. I get the idea that its "too busy" or there are "too many douchers" and "drunk people". I've been to 8 of the 10 crankworx, unfortunately missing this one and relying on these sorts of articles to get my fix, and feel that people covering the event should be pumping up the people who couldn't get there, making them want to be there, not glad they are sitting in the comfort of their own home because they are afraid they will get puked on by some 18 y/o kid having his first beer.
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 The steenbergen bros are Killin' it
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 The best trick guys were insane, it was tough to figure out what they were doing! They make it look so easy, until they crash... Awesome pics Margus, MORE!
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 "It's all fun and games until someone loses an ipad" !!! I must admit they have become stupidly popular as a tourist camera, people just following a screen everywhere it goes...
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 It's a bird.. it's a's a superman.. tripple whipped
  • 1 0
 What was that? A Boeing, an Airbus or an Embraer? No, it was just A. Messere taking off!!!
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 It just wouldn't be Crankworx without Brad :,) *sheds tear*
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 Well that sums up a sick as day!
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 Mad fotos
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 Mike Mongomery trick was crazy. So epic.
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 Sky looks amazing!
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 Look at that clouds.
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