Andes Pacifico Day 2 Recap

Feb 14, 2014
by Montenbaik Enduro  
Day two of the Andes Pacifico really showed how amazing the trails here are for racing enduro. With three liaison and three special stages the race was even harder than yesterday.

Photo by Claudio Olguin

Riders were transported to 2,600m altitude where they began the longest special stage of the race with over 1,500 vertical meters and featured all kinds of landscapes and terrain. From the steppes to the wonderful mountain range forests mixed with cactus and rocks. Jerome Clementz has told us that he liked long stages and it showed as he took this stage by over 20 seconds followed by compatriot Fran├žois Bailly-Maitre. In the women's race Anka Martin extends her leads with a time of 28:45.

Photo by Dave Trumpore

The second special was characterized by being much more technical and having many loose curves giving a total of a little over 8 minutes. Here again the French Jerome Clementz won in:11 followed by Chris Johnston took second with a time of 8:31. In women Anka Martin again overcame her nearest competitor, Pauline Dieffenthaler .

Pauline Dieffenthaler Day 2 of the Andes Pacifico near Santiago. Photo by Gary Perkin

The third stage came after a long liaison that ended with a hike that left sweat marks on dusty soil. This stage was a surprise to everyone because a type of very sandy soil turns the stage in some in some type of supercross track. In fact Paul Smail came down saying that the special test had almost all curves with his leg out as if on a motorcycle. Here again, Clementz demonstrated his mastery taking home the stage victory with a time of 7:13 and a margin of 20 seconds over Lars Sternberg who was being followed by the chopper taking a video for Smith Optics.

Photo by Sven Martin

The Andes Pacifico day 2 ended again with Jerome Clementz on top followed by Nico Prudencio who is followed by Fran├žois Bailly- Maitre and Chris Johnston. Women continue to be led by Anka Martin who is followed by Pauline Dieffenthaler .

Day Two Results.

Photo by Sven Martin

Pictures by: Gary Perkin, Sven Martin Dave, Trumpore and Claudio Olguin.

The results may be found on and


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 Holy crap that shadow image is a photographer's dream shot! Nice work! If I nailed a shot like that it would be a 40x60 metal print in my studio for sure. My wedding clients would be like, "Uhhhh, why do you have a giant picture of a guy riding a bicycle in your studio?"

And I love that shot of the guy coming out of a high speed right turn and you can tell he's already lining himself up for the upcoming left corner. Excellent camera angle on that one, too. Good work man!
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 The shot with the shadow of the rider is def my favourite from this selection, but the whole event looks amazing...
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 Yes, great shot! perhaps some inspiration from this shot, which is also amazing.. I prefer MTB though!
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 I thought of that image too mate when i first seen this picture of the bike, as they say "great minds think alike" lol
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 yea i thought that too, but the funny thing is his shadow looks like camel as well!
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 The good thing is that we can't see either one of their "toes."
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 Imagine being in the middle tent surrounded by snorers. Worth it for that riding though!
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 Exactly my thinking, but after a race like that I'm sure you'd be knocked out!
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 After a race like that I'd be snoring like a banshee I'm sure.
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 What PB didn't tell you all is that Jerome is on a Cannondale Jekyll 650B prototype!
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 looks like epic riding! never understood the tents being right on top of each other, must be a regulation?
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 can we see a leaderboard/time sheet? thanks!
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 Hi, the full results may be found on our websites: and

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 yeahh budday...thanks
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 Somebody can tell me, thy isn't present Fabien Barel on this event ?
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 2nd to last pic - loved it!!!
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