Andorra WC DH Team Videos

Jul 31, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
Vallnord World Cup with Commencal / Riding Addiction by PVS Company:

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There are no words to describe what we have experienced this weekend in Vallnord for the 3rd World Cup, so relive it from the inside by PVS. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed this incredible weekend.

Evil CK Racing Evian - Vallnord 2013:

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Title image by Nathan Hughes.


  • + 23
 waaaay too much slo-mo on that Evil video...
  • + 2
 Actually it's non-stop slow-mo during bike parts
  • + 1
 Crappy choppy slo-mo at that too.
  • + 10
 Remi's lines were perfect and his suspension was working really well. He looked light and nimble on the bike and was getting good traction. The last steep chute says it all. He straightlined it and was obviously the fastest. Well done and congrats for a well deserved win.
  • + 5
 The confidence he will get from this win will make the rest of the season so interesting. The top ten is so close this year in terms of any of them really could pull off a win. You may be able to stretch that even further out than top 10. Can't wait for MSA.
  • + 4
 ...And he did it on a gnarly course with an air shock!
  • + 2
 First ever win for an air shock if I'm not mistaken ? What a track to do it on!
  • + 10
 Remi's lines were nucking futs.
  • + 8
  • + 4
 Judging by his huge grin, it looks like Gee was caught up in the excitement of Remi's win after all.
  • + 2
 hey do you want to be sponsored by Evian? you get to wear pink an baby blue kits and FREE water.. also we make really cool edits of you guys in all slo-mo haha
  • + 1
 the evil water team are pretty slow... i think they need their brakes centered a little...
  • + 1
 the evil video was shit it needs some hum noises and normal speed , too much slomo I had to skip it because I got bored
  • + 1
 im going to kill all the water team
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Unawares :0
  • + 1
 maybe he's 3st-y
  • + 0
 evil is total amateur work

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