Ask The Pros: World Cup DH vs. FMB Dirt Jumping - Video

Jul 7, 2016
by Simon Nieborak  
With the competition season in full swing, we headed to round three of the UCI World Cup in Leogang, Austria and the penultimate Diamond Series stop of the FMB World Tour in Munich, Germany and asked pro riders from each discipline what they think of the other. The answers may or may not be surprising...

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  • + 152
 sik mik: "I've never been interested in tricks" then throws a suicide no-hander during qualis and finals.
  • + 15
  • + 58
 holy f*ck that was amazing!!!! wyn: what do you think of downhill? yannick: cool if you like gay
  • + 1
 Pissed myself ahahhahah
  • + 40
 Something about the humility these guys show when already being at the pinnacle of the sport. I always love a Rhedder interview. Such a nice guy. Well done guys.
  • + 28
 I can't be the only one who thought of the casting couch with the chicks...?
  • - 1
 Yeah I was waiting for the handful of cash ah.
  • + 22
 Its awesome to see the respect each discipline has for each other.
  • + 19
 Awesome content! So nice to get a break from the sponsor plugs and generic track insights. Cool to know Rheeder was interested in downhill. Thanks Wyn TV!
  • + 18
 great idea....
although wynn's questions were much more detailed
i would love to test the "knowledge" of the dh racers also
  • + 8
 Yea the DH interview was so much more low energy.
  • + 7
 @pigit77: well there were walking down a mucky trial in the rain whereas the fmb guys were literally pulling up after a set of huge ass jumps...
  • + 11
 Do this again but this time ask the Dh guys and the FEST Series guys (Rampage Riders) abtut the the other diszipline. Because both discipilnes are similar but both vary in some way.
  • + 2
 Fully agree with you ! And Xc vs Dh or Dj vs Xc Would be interesting their respective knowledge I'm sure this could be the start of nice exchanges
  • + 11
 Is it just me or does it seem like the dh guy age faster then the dj guys lol
  • + 26
 I think you just generally need more experience to be a top rider in DH vs DJ.
  • - 20
flag Mothership-Rider (Jul 7, 2016 at 13:05) (Below Threshold)
 @pedrosalas7: lol it's easier to ride don a hill really fast than it is to do tricks over jumps.
  • - 2
 I agree with Mothership-rider. People that are not naturally fast get really defensive. Seems easier for Gwin to train to go faster vs. Semenuk trying out some new inverted trick. One is just about keeping traction (doing the same thing over and over), the other is to totally think outside the box and do something new and unnatural.
  • + 11
 Its really interesting how a good number of DJ guys say DH is scary/hard/more fun, and vice versa.
  • + 5
 You can ride dj for waaaaaaay less money than all the gear/bike you need for dh. Plus you need to be able to ride whatever is the latest wheel/hub/shock size standard and that can get expensive! DJ=26"x135 always has always will.
  • + 12
 4:45 Sam Pilgrim - 'I tried a downhill once'.
  • + 2
 Turns on gopro
  • + 8
 I actually understood what Ratboy was saying?!?!
  • + 23
 Which one did you think was Ratboy?
  • + 8
there was a couple "inaudable mumbles" in there... :-)
  • + 4
 @GotNuts: Well yeah. Minus those.
  • + 2
 @locoola: someone didn't watch the interviews of the dh'ers because Ratboy was indeed mumbling shit
  • + 1
 @locoola: We all thought Ratboy was Ratboy...I think.
  • + 1
 Can't believe it! Did he took some serious english classes lately or was it his stunt double?
  • + 6
 Yeah that was cool, enjoyed that!
  • + 6
 Rheeder seems like the nicest guy ever, I wanna be best friends with him.
  • + 3
 I guess I'm pretty damn lucky to have a nice DJ spot in my hometown. Also, I was surprised how few DJ guys downhill. But it's the same at home; the guys who put in time at the jumps- only ride jumps.
  • + 5
 Fuck I need some speakers for this laptop.
  • + 17
 and some sub-titles... for ratboy
  • + 2
 Interesting and fun vid, but the camera moving all over the place made it nauseating to watch. Camera dude needs to chill out while filming.
  • + 4
 The lack of volume in this video makes ratboy even harder to understand
  • + 1
 It's so interesting to get the different perspectives- I never thought DJers with all of the insane tricks they throw would think DH is next level gnarly!
  • + 3
 DJ riders : Downhill?!?!
DH racers : Dirtjumping?!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Hmm... Greg Minaar's 2015 winning run movie is 2:43, where he rode a bit over 3:00 o.O
  • + 1
 That was super duper. Never seen Wyn stay between the tape like that. All those kids are cool.
  • + 2
 this was great! now need to do Enduro vs XC
  • + 1
 why didn't wyn did the second vid as well?
  • + 2
 Very cool!
  • + 1
 Bizet looks sheer gangster in this clip
  • + 1
 Pretty surprised no props went to the fest series from dh posse.
  • + 3
 Fest series isn't really dirt jumping though. Watching fest series is like watching big wave surfing - it just seems insane to even try it.
  • + 1
 i'm so glad i stayed up to watch this Smile
  • + 1
 Looks like charge found there new ambassador.
  • + 1
 Seldom ride downhill... but look at them at the steeps of Rampage
  • + 1
 they should have gotten tippie to do the interviews!Wink

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