Bearclaw Invitational 2011 - Darren Speaks Out

Aug 5, 2011
by Julian Coffey  
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bigquotesI just got fed up with crappy courses, bad organization and a bunch of the organizers walking away with $100,000 in their pocket and giving us crap. - Darren Berrecloth


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 It is so inspiring that he does this for the sport and the riders and sees that all the big competitions are only around the money and shows them his competition can be bigger and better than the money oriented ones. I like his attitude how he cares about the quality of the competition and dares to tell his feelings about the big contests. Nice work Darren!
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 You can rest and get real healthy now Darren, have a good time now!
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 this wont be live right?
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 unfortunately no
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 Not unless your there!
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 The fact that Darren is willing to sacrifice not only his own cash out of his pocket, but also his training time (and therefore contest results) to make the sickest slopestyle course around and improve the mtb community is to me what makes him such an inspiring rider and person. Rock on, Claw!
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 Couldn't agree more
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 saw him building on monday, was stoked.
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 Remember that post about the freeride being dead? Freeride will always be alive and kicking as long as people like Darren are around. Personally, I have no love for big mouth announcers, hyped up commercialism, and way over-the-top advertising at the big events like joyride.

This is a return to the roots of the sport. Massive props to Darren & Co for making this thing what it is. But more so, mad props for setting the right tone, and having the right priorities in mind right from the start. Personally, I hope the vibe of this event catches steam, and brings back some sanity and love to a sport thats become extremely glossy as of late.
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 couldn't agree more!
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 MTB is seeing the same complaints X-games athletes like moto-x have been complaining about for years. They put their bodies on the line for a chance at a small purse while organizers make millions on their name. Hopefully things will right themselves
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 Couldn't have been more thoroughly said! This is going to be a pay-per view event not to miss. Hope to see some highlights and rider shots as the event progresses. Pinkbike never seems to disappoint with those! Show the sponsors how you roll Claw! Cheers!
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 this event would be soooooo much better, if it had live streaming Big Grin i would rather watch this than crankworx!
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 Live streaming is extremely expensive. I personally would love to see it live as well, but it's also good to see that money going to the riders
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 he should be proud, hes built a fantastic looking course and the event looks like its gonna be a winner. and i agree with fonis, id rather watch this than crankworx: its got such a feelgood, bunch of mates at the trails vibe Big Grin
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 Okay Darren you can crush your beer now! Nice work.
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 Hands Down the Future of our Sport right there in this video! Win Win views that help grow our sport are key to us all making money. I'm sick of lame pr releases and check signing firms. Grab a Shovel and get your hands dirty. Ryan this video made my day... I had a mental shotgun in my mouth thinking about how biking is so rad yet firms with no soul or balls just want to bleed it out for cash while athletes risk their lives and earn minimal cash.
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 couldn't agree more.
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 either last year or two years ago i was really surprised that the winner of the crankworx slopestyle comp only got 10 grand. considering how many people were there spending money, and watching this premiere event, it seemed like an insult to the riders who were risking everything to compete. i'm glad that darren takes this initiative, i was glad when he rode the rampage last year and only rode the natural terrain, without the wooden stunts. darren is like the next generation wade simmons in my opinion- the best face for the sport. hope the comp is a hoot. looking forward to seeing the videos.
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 Somehow it seems like a predictable move. Anyone else noticed that the riders on Whistler Crankworx weren't so stoked after all ? I totally feel Darren doing this. 100,000$ while you go out and put your ass on the line for a bunch of tricks? hell no! I'd do the same if I was Darren.
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 basicly the best thing that has happened to our mt since..... forever. Darren is doing very good things for the sport, i think more riders should build courses becasue they know wtf is going on. thank u darren! this course is gnarly!!!!
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 I'm not normally one to rant on pb, but I have something to say:

this contest is—hands down—the most inspiring thing I've seen in our sport in recent years. The whole idea of top riders building the courses/at least giving a large percentage of the input makes a huge amount of sense. Having courses that the riders love to ride makes a huge amount of sense. Cutting out some of the promotion-level money vacuums makes sense. Inviting the sickest riders, even if they didn't strictly "qualify" makes sense. Having ambassadors that are integrally involved in the sport makes sense (thank you, Berrecloth Bros.) Having an interviewer that can string full sentences together makes sense. And having a course designed for 26 inch wheels makes sense.

Darren, you've outdone yourself. Us mere mortals are inspired and I hope that this level of professionalism and general awesomeness in a contest can inspire even those who don't shred bikes to notice what this sport is all about.
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 The Claw does not mince words. Looks like a sick course and it sounds like the riders are enjoying it. Looking forward to watching it go down! Great work, Darren!
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 Is this going to be a LIVE WEB CAST???? Because I have to watch it.Just because my Cuz is getting married.Does not mean I have to be there,,I Just have to be there for the party that is all...;
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 Whats the prize? $20,000, and what? I dont understand what he's saying.. Haha.
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 and prize money all the way back to 8th place i think
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 Ahh, yeah, "And we're paying to 8"
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 ok here it says the event starts at 5pm and on the bearclaw invitational website it says it starts at 1pm, which is it?
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 Yes, this isn't YOUTUBE.
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 i hope he just keeps adding more and more till its a full run.
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 keepin it real for the sport!go darren
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 He's our leader.
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 @ 1:37

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 Good on you Darren!
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 So sick!
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 SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!! your couldn't have said it better, sick course!!

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