Bearclaw Invitational - Top Three

Aug 24, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
Bearclaw Invitational Results:

1 - Brandon Semenuk
2 - Sam Pilgrim
3 - Yannick Granieri

Full Results, Images and Video to come.

Jordy Lunn has been killing it lately. For real. The dude has a renewed drive and it shows. Super stylish toboggan off the big boy drop.


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 No surprise there.... Congrats on the back to backs Semnuck!
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 All glory to the SEMNUCK.
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 YEAH!! SEMNUK! Man he rocked them back-to-backs!
That Semnuk guy is one rad dude.

I hate it when I make typos. You're forgiven Wink
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flag billy3197 (Aug 24, 2013 at 15:40) (Below Threshold)
 semenuk kills it
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 Semnuck** ^^^
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 great result for Granieri too, he must be stoked!
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 Good to see SEMNUCK can still kill it in the fmb comps
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flag Pryan (Aug 24, 2013 at 16:37) (Below Threshold)
 Semenuk* ^^
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flag Konanemia (Aug 24, 2013 at 16:38) (Below Threshold)
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flag mnorris122 (Aug 24, 2013 at 16:38) (Below Threshold)
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flag potatoracing2 (Aug 24, 2013 at 16:40) (Below Threshold)
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 ^ go back to 4chan... god damn children.

Pilgrim seems to have figured out slope style... impressive. Congrats to Yannick as well! Cannot wait to see what these dudes threw down. Also anyone know how the winner of the AM comp. did?
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flag potatoracing2 (Aug 24, 2013 at 16:51) (Below Threshold)
 Grumpy old man
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 ^ you neg-propping whipper-snappin' corn husker
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flag camhayes (Aug 24, 2013 at 18:10) (Below Threshold)
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 soderstrom would've made it the exact same podium as joyride had he not been injured. congrats to semenuk, keep goin like this and he might become the Gee of slope!
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 Okay i understand i spelled it wrong... Dont need to be corrected 10000000000000000 times lol
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 he sure wasn't excited about the win at crankworx. I was shocked at his response after the win
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 Brandon Salmonhook*
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 Steve Smith?
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flag Lilshredman (Aug 24, 2013 at 22:29) (Below Threshold)
 Poopy pants
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 For a second there I thought Semenuk had changed his name to one that doesn't start with semen. If my name was Semenuk, or Penisuk, or Spermuk, I would definitely change it! Wouldn't you?
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 Guys it's spelled SEMENUK look at the actual post!!
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 ^^^damn panties in a bunch much^^^
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 I don't think Pryan gets it...
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 this guy haha /\ /\
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 Semenuk* I'm about to get hated on
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 Yolo so hard
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 No way I can't believe it!!! Semenuk won back to back!! (Large amounts of sarcasm) But really though, Semenuk kills it in every contest! Congrats man.
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 This is surprising
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 Weird!! Wahoo semenuk!! Awesome pilgrim is throwing down an I hope he does good at rampage if he rides. Man I missed Martin tho....
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 Stoked for pilgrim, always up in the top three!
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 Cannot imagine how it must feel to be The Man Martin Soderstrom, and watch this, and be unable to compete, or even walk... Get Well Soon!
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 As usual, an awesome event! Darren puts a lot into this, and was great in the whip off comp, although Messere stole the show!! Check Genon's run out, it was awesome! Jordie goin big as well. But it was Semenuks day today.
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 Liam Wallace was the official amateur winner behind Logan peat and Carson storch when he got third. Looks like he ended up 14th. Not bad at 15 years old
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 I was there! But please, please, please!!!! Post the Top 3 runs PB as there was no giant screen for replay! Hail to Semenuk, Pilgrim and Granieri for their awesome performances!
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 good for Yannick Granieri to come back from a bad knee injury and now on the podium!
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 Yeah, so stoked for him!! he deserves good podiums!!
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 sam pilgrim deserves some congrats because he has improved so much no hate brandon
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 pilgram is killing it... yeeahh buddy
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 Oppo is where its at bitch
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 Obviously opposite tricks are harder but generally they will never look as good as their regular counterpart. I would rather see a completely different regular trick than a crappy looking opposite one. There are so many more regular tricks to be done yet it seems the progression of runs are slowing down because everyone fills up there hits with opposite tricks. Oppo is not where it is at, it should be reserved for edits.
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 I disagree. Oppo tricks are indeed progressing the sport. Semenuk is pushing everyone to essentially double their bag of tricks. And style is everything. The best of the best can do oppo tricks just as stylish as regular. To the general pop who don't follow slopestyle but come out to watch a contest, they won't care for oppo cause they just wanna see crazy shit that's visually appealing, but we should appreciate it for its difficulty.
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flag riotpride (Aug 24, 2013 at 21:24) (Below Threshold)
 Ok guy tell that to the boys who keeping winning doing oppo there bitchez
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 Shaun Murray (wakeboarding) lost his edge when everyone started doing tricks fakie. While I disliked the transition back then, I do agree it is the progression of the sport - the best should be able to trick both directions.
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 Despite sounding like a uk sperm bank with an egotistical sole provider, Brandon is the real deal! Beautiful flow which oozes (probably the name) style and super tech to boot, i observe him as an artist in full flow. Ol' Sammy boi is a lovable try hard with big tricks and loads of talent, but just doesnt have that effortless style which makes him less easy on the eye. Well thats my opinion anyhow which by the way is worth about as much as a fart pretending to be a poo. Big respect to all the riders and yoselves!

Orf ta dig meself a dirt erection and then ride it

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 Yeah Brandon!!
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 Pilgrim wrapped up the world tour? Awesome.
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 not over yet but he stands a good chance if he can do well at Rampage...
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 The FMB overall thing is kind of anticlimactic this year.... Rheeder and Söderstrom both out injured, then Semenuk popping up to win both Crankworx and take 2nd at XGames, but he's not allowed to earn points.
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 why isnt semenuk allowed to earn points in the fmb tour?
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 Max points are on offer for Rampage (FMB Diamond event = 1000 for the win) and the only riders left in the running for toppling Sam, given both Soderstrom and Reeder are out, are Granieri and possibly Genon (depending on how well Thomas did at Bearclaw's). We can start getting into computations about Sam and Granieri's possible results at Rampage but it very much looks like Sam has the 2013 Tour wrapped up!
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 Semenuck is not registered with the FMB World Tour this year. Therefore, no points.
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 finally the Brits are fighting of the Americans and Canadians I have so much respect for all these guys but the Brits are finally starting to give a better fight in FMB well pilgrim is anyway rampage should be interesting to watch as Semenuk was unlucky last year
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 I won't be surprised any next time seeing a parachute backpack in flying like this in the picture above.
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 Sometimes it is hard to comprehend how dominant one guy can consistently be... congrats C3 team you are having a great season!
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 Awesome course and very fun to watch. Pilgrim and Semenuk were throwing down!
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 And Granieri wasn't?!? What about that front flip to the platform ?
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 idk, rather not sart something, might even sart to spell things wrong
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 Results are what I would have expected. Didn't know Semenumk was participating.. Like all three
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 Semen (UK)
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 Yeah man!!! Semenuuuuuuuk!!!!!!
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 Come on Yannick! Polygon have to be the fastest rising stars in the game.
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 Shit i've missed that super sick event... so can somebody tell me where can i find top 3 runs, Semenuk deserved it !
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 pilgrim has been eating babies! props
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 KEEP it together for the world tour pilgs!
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 he already got the overall!
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 Is that so? Where can I find the overall rankings? What is he fails to score at Rampage and Semenuk wins? How many points up for grabs before the end of the series?
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 he does not even have to compete at rampage! he's too far up already furthermore semenuk isn't even listed in this years fmb ranking!!!
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 I just checked the FMB website and it is dated the 10th of July, which I believe is before x-games Munich, Joyride and Bearclaw. That's a first and second at diamond level events and a first at a gold level event for Semenuk. Isn't it like 1000 points for a diamond level win? Dirt mag is claiming Pilgs the winner now too... I hope it is true, but until I see an up to date table I can't believe it!

Imagine if he went to Rampage, already with the series in the bag, no pressure, and let loose with a podium performance just to rub salt into the wound. If I were Semenuk I'd be pissed off about losing to Pilgs, given that he is a better rider, but it serves him right for tossing it off at home when he should have been on the road competing all round Europe like the other guys. Unlucky Sodastream, he could still have bagged second I guess... maybe still can if Rheeder gets good points.
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 Semenuk is not an fmb registered rider. Either is mike montgomery
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 sam pilgrim is the best ever
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 Brandon Semenuk IS THE FUCKING BOSS!
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 Yea buddy!
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 Fuckya semenuk!!!!!!
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 Brandon 1st.. FUCK YEA
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 Sammy locking up first place!
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