Jul 5, 2012
by Dirt Passion  


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 It cost a lot of money to do live streaming. Everyone just expects it at every level of racing.
5 cameras + operators
A on truck or switching set up
A big production team

It's able to happen at the Worldcup because of big sponsors like Redbull
It would ruin a nationals races budget.

That's why you got ripped on.
There will be videos post race no doubt.
But a live stream is pretty special.
Saved for the biggest of the events
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 honestly, i'm not being the entitled brat you're somewhat portraying me as, I was only thinking:

America has probably several hundred sports channels
It's an olympic year.
MTB is an olympic sport (I don't believe downhill is in there, but still)

With all the ridiculous sports that get coverage during olympic years, I'm surprised there isn't some sports channel somewhere that is going to cover something as mainstream as the US nationals. All I did was put the question out there in case someone knew of a channel that was covering it.

Heck, the team that does the world cups obviously isn't doing that this weekend, and Red Bull probably sponsors lots of the people who will be racing, I'm somewhat surprised they don't try stream at least some of the larger countries nationals.

More attention to the sport only works in their favor.
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 The best that we can offer is daily pics and reports..... but that's reading and looking at images.
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 Please don't take it as criticism against you guys, as it wasn't meant that way at all. I just felt the need to defend myself a little bit.
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 None taken here. It's all good man!
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 Hoping to get some cameras up on the mountain to get some edits together, any willing hands/cameras would be appreciated.
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 Nice to see all the festivities besides the actual racing! I was laughing when they interviewed the British GT mechanic at the Windham race in the team videos. He mentioned lack of good beer and wanted to go back home. Wake up and smell the hops bro, there are now nearly 2000 craft breweries in the US. There is amazing beer everywhere!
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 Hate I moved away from Boone. This is my hometown. Glad I got to race it last year ad for all hose thinking of going but not sure GO that tracks are so fun Just hope you know how to ride mud. It may be dry but southeast is always tacky and awesome
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 Race #1 last month was pretty darn dry. But there were some spots in the canopy that were moist and tacky. Storms have been firing up in WNC in the late afternoon lately. I would also expect it to be pretty darn warm this year, as it's two months earlier than it was last year.
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 Also, just to let everybody know (for those that don't already), the Dirt Passion Crew has been working with the Resort and will be shooting a short film for the Resort over the four days there. It will cover everybody and not just the Pros.... we keep it real and Grassroots...... but as those that know me and I've said before throwing some style is a good thing, short of distracting you from your run. Should take a couple of weeks of process post the event. Friend us here on PB for updates. If you'd like to see what we are capable of, two options 1. Short: www.pinkbike.com/video/260770 2. Long: www.pinkbike.com/video/249697
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 2011 Champs -39 Pro riders (Beech Mountain)
2010 Champs - 97 Pro riders (Sol Vista)

Hopefully they get more riders out there. For 2013 and 2014 you can bet AngelFire will pull nearly 100 riders like Sol Vista.
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 Alot of people speculated it was because they didn't know what to expect. Hopefully with a better understanding of what is has to offer, there will be more peeps showing up. Either way, 39 riders or 200 riders, I had a blast last year and will do the same thing year.
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 It was also at time of year that didn't allow students or families with kids to travel due to school schedules(September). This year hopefully that will be different. Its a fun track.
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 Isn't the next world cup the following weekend, after the nationals? I wonder if gwin would push it and risk a injury?
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 I'm sure the do runs for training anyways. I don't see why not. Most riders show up at lesser important races during the season.
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 god i wish i could go so bad. its screwy that they put nationals 3000 miles away from the west coast. even though i qualified downhillers can't afford that trip
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 I live in the south so its nice to be able to not have to drive 30 hours or fly somewhere for once. We need more exposure down here. The sport isnt as wellknown down here as it is out west
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 It's not always about the west coast... sometimes west coasters have to travel and sometimes east coasters have to travel
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 Looks like a decent Mountain, Coming from a Highland rider.
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 Was Awesome when they were at Mt.Snow!!!
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 *sigh* those were the days
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 Of course the 1 year I'm not in NC for the summer they have this going on eff!
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 its on. cant wait Helmet
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 Is this an invitation only event? Or can your average joe go and compete?
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 It's not invite only so to speak, but you do have to pre-qualify with a USAC sanctioned event. Here's the qualified riders list to date: www.usacycling.org/events/2012/mtbnationals/qual_list.php
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 Well I failed. lol Thanks!
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 So if I were to get a license through USAC, I wouldnt be able to compete because i'm not pre qualified?
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 According to section 9D & 9E, you are correct. Unless you are pro. www.usacycling.org/forms/USAC_rulebook-9.pdf
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 Yep, forgot that the Pros are different.
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 So I'm guessing in order to be prequalified I have to have already competed in another USAC event and done well?
I've never raced DH. I love the sport and try to ride as often as i can. I'm in the military so I only get to ride my DH bike a handful of times every year.
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 Yes, you have to finish in the top ten in your Cat/Age Group at USAC event
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 Last year was awesome! can't wait!
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 Stoked! We will be there!!!
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 Is this an actual dual slalom course like last year?
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 Same course as last year
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 Nice....that looked like a good course.
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 looks like a great place to go play.....!
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 wish this race would get a bit more coverage, its a IOC recognized race??
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 ...and where might someone watch this event online?
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flag dogster456 (Jul 5, 2012 at 15:48) (Below Threshold)
 whats that
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 It's a joke! Smart one.
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 an airline. he saying, just fly out there and watch it cause you can afford tickets and rooms. but i can't, and, despite the flag that pinkbike won't let me change without giving them a bunch of info, I'm actually American, and would like to watch my own national championships. instead i get snark, so, thanks.
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 Being an American labelled with a Canadian flag is like a cubic zurconia being mistaken for real Diamond... sooo I would just go with it. I mean this in the nicest way possible.
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 Now that's funny!!! And I'm a proud American lol
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 Damn Sunshine, your ass got saaaaaaaaaaaacked. But yeah, Id like to watch too. Atleast we can see the WC this year.
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 Wooo, Nationals!

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