Behind the Lens - Kuba Konwent

May 23, 2012
by Ian Hylands  

  Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Kuba Konwent and I'm 25 years old. I am a citizen of Poland. I live in Tripont where the borders of 3 countries meet together - Poland, Czech and Germany. That is where it all began...

  How long have you been shooting photos?

I've shot photos as long as I can remember. In my family albums, I have pictures from when I was 5 and have been shooting photos with an old 'Zenit' which belonged to my father. I didn't have a clue what I was doing, not to mention set ups or post-processing. It all started to be much more serious around 5years ago when it changed from just a hobby to being my strongest life passion.

  How long have you been shooting mountain biking?

MTB has always been my main subject since day one and thanks to bikes and my lust for sport, to take photos was a natural progression.

  Do you ride yourself? How does this effect your images?

Of course, I do! Life would be senseless if I couldn't have fun on a bike. During summer time I spend every day and night with a bike, I simply stay with it all my spare time. I roam, dig and than ride it all myself. my riding has got huge impact on the quality of my photographs. Anyway, people who do any kind of sport are likely to catch the very right moment,,, However, perfect timing doesn't make it unique, a good photo is a combination of the composition and whole arrangement of the frame and it is all created inside my brain. That's where I find all those ideas...

  Do you shoot anything else besides mountain biking?

Mainly, I shoot sports which I do myself and which are my life passion... So, except the cycling, there are free skiing, windsurfing and motocross... but I don't rule out other sports and definitely I don't divide them into extreme and those not so extreme. In my opinion, every sport is extreme. Besides sport, I like to realize my own psychedelic and acid projects. For most of the time, these are clearly personal side projects, starting with motorcycling and finishing somewhere around fashion and glamour sessions.

Nothing's impossible to shoot.

I believe that in every session you put in a little bit of yourself, creating something unique and stylish, something which is going to be remembered in certain sub-cultures.

  Do you have another job as well or is it just photography?

Unfortunately, the situation in Poland isn't ideal and it's not easy to find a good job. After college I had to choose which way to go - university or try full time photography. I had the dream to do something special on the polish action photography scene and that is when i decided to follow my heart. since then being a professional photographer has been my only aim and thanks to my personal motto - 'if you want it, you can do it', I put the plan into life.
I owe a lot to the polish mtb mag 'bikeaction' which gave me a great opportunity and chance to promote and publish my works. That is how it all began... It's been a few years now, but thanks to many great companies, mainly Dartmoor bikes, I still can do what I love the most. I am stoked to be able to travel and do photo shoots with the best riders in the world.

  As a photographer, you have the opportunity of traveling to many interesting places. tell us the best you have been to, the best memories or some funny story...

Yeah, that's right! Thanks to photography I have seen many places which i probably wouldn't have visited otherwise. I can't think of the best place I have been to... Every place which I visit is fresh and new to me, the people, culture and most of all, different scenery makes it feel good to be there.
It may sounds weird, but photo-wise, I really did like it during the boardmasters event in Koln. The amazing dirt jumps and the atmosphere were so awesome, regardless of being a competition.
I also did like the trip to France, as well, where we visited Bibi's ranch, which was a beautiful place with breathtaking views and a very friendly atmosphere.
The biggest hit was our totally spontaneous visit to Barcelona. We were welcomed by the rainy weather which soon turned into a storm. A funny story occurred when we were looking for a place to sleep and phoned a random hotel and by a great surprise we heard the voice of a Polish girl who worked there. The choice of our place to crash was simple after that!
I have been on many road trips and obviously there have been many funny moments, but most of them are too hardcore to speak about in public. Well, get yourself to an event and you'll see how good fun it can be...
One thing is sure, I know I have great fun and it doesn't feel like being at work. When road tripping with my tight crew, we always have parties and a fun atmosphere, wherever we are...
I dream about visiting BC and have this quiet hope that my photography will take me there one day soon.

  What is your favorite thing to shoot?

I don't have one specific subject to shoot. As I wrote above, when it comes to photography anything is possible, so approaching a subject in a creative and individual way is the best for achieving something that you're going to be proud of.

  What kind of cameras do you use?

You know, it's a kind of funny thing, but it's not the gear that make you a real photographer, obviously it helps a lot, but it's not the most important thing

My arsenal includes, if i can call it this way, is not too big... My only camera body is a Nikon D700, my lenses are Sigma: 15mm f/2.8 Fisheye, 20mm f/1.8, 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/2.8. I do like to play with flash lights which are Fomei Panther Mini 600WS, 2 x Quantum 300WS + Generator Leadpower LP750, Sigma DG500 Super.

  Is there any other gear that you use frequently?

Yeah, I like testing prehistoric analogues. From time to time, I find myself in a darkroom processing it all in the old school way

  Who are your main clients?

I am co-operating with many different companies. Unfortunately, the market in Poland isn't too big, but there are some cool people I like to collaborate with. Besides that my main clients are good people who are looking for something more than a simple passport snap-shot.

K2 Skis
Hiver Mag
Dirt Town
Bike Action
DMR Bikes
Joy Ride
Red Bull

  Anything else we should know about you?

Remember, nothing is impossible to shoot, simply - if you only want it, you can do it!

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 A-class shots all the way !! im stunned....
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 so many POD's
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 Colours seem so bright now...
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 Thanks all Big Grin !!!!!!!!!!! ... Behind the Lens is a great reward for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!

so photoshop is my friend, but the bigger the camera lighting and hard work ... Smile
  • + 1
 really love you work dude. but you allways tilt the horizon, kinda looks strange to me. but other than that stunning hard work. respect.
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 keep shooting the urban landscape scenes. I can tell you enjoy that environment and composition. I wish i could afford to hire you to take some shots of Los Angeles for my small bike business.
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 Sick, not a massive fan of big tilts but the lighting/composition in all your shots are so good.
  • + 4
 Amazing, one of the best behind the lens, such good work /inspiration
  • + 3
 Pod has got to be the skate bowl with the sunset back drop!
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 there was a pod a while ago of that same shot but the guy was doing a big table
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 Great article! Kuba's work is some of the best in the business right now and should serve as an inspiration to all budding sports shooters. Keep it up man! Smile
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 Wow, great shots , it's nice to see that we have such talented photographer. Added Your works to my fev.
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 Best Behind the lens EVER! tnx, nice photographers. wish I can someday get like you.
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 Very nice portfolio. Good use of post-production too, not overdone. Congrats!!
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 Pickbike should make a fav' all button for times like this!
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 Good job Kuba, gratulacje Smile
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 I love his use of colors in the shots! Great work man!
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 really enjoyed those colorful images. awesome!
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 bmx and dirt bikes! yessssss!!! haha
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 Amazing work man
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 no not amazing work weird work
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 Amazing photos
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 Wow, just amazing!
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