Bell Sports Gives Santa Cruz a Christmas Present

Dec 21, 2012
by Richard Cunningham  
Someday someone is going to design tools that stand up all by themselves - and we won t need volunteers

The folks at Bell had a rather unconventional holiday party this Monday, December 17. While employees at surrounding Bay Area companies may have gone the typical wine, cheese and sport coat holiday party route, Bell employees decided to celebrate the Bell way: give back and get dirty doing it with half a day of trail work on sacred local Santa Cruz dirt.

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For its holiday party, Bell rang in the holidays with shovels, rakes, gloves and plenty of mushy dirt along with reps from the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz (MBOSC), helping to improve a steep section of the Emma McCrary mountain bike trail in the Santa Cruz mountains (Pogonip). This hands-on effort follows a $5,000 donation Bell made earlier this year towards the development of the trail.

bigquotesTrails are the lifeblood of mountain biking, and mountain biking is a big part of our business and what the Bell brand is about. While we're happy to write a check for a project like this, it pales in comparison to the visceral sense of accomplishment that digging in the dirt brings.
- Bell Director of Brand Marketing Don Palermini

Bell and MBOSC team were able to:
• Reinforce berms and the trail edges to minimize erosion
• Build up proper angles on the trail to ensure that water will flow according to the trail layout and not wash away the trail
• Replant trees to prevent people from riding off-trail to cut corners on trail switchbacks

How did early mountain bikers go around corners without berms

Tomorrow we ll come back with our go-pros and destroy it.

The Bell Sports crew buffs out a berm in perfect digging conditions. I wonder who won the Ro Sham Bo for first-ride rights?

Big thanks to Bell Sports from PB for keeping the faith!


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 You know, you gotta really thank trailbuilders for everything they do.I love it when even young little kids gets all pumped up on building a trail,being inspried by the trailbuilders.
So THANK YOU trailbuilders for everything!!
(and people who ride it) Smile Smile Big Grin
  • 6 1
 Thanks Bell Can't wait to go ride it!!!! Once it's legal of course.......
  • 10 0
 which brings us to the heart of the issue- especially here in California.
  • 5 0
 I wish it was the same way here.... when we build a jump the kids tear it down and make it smaller so they can hit it =(
  • 3 0
 build it in a secret far place.
  • 2 1
 haha shoty ^ bunch of little bitches
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 Words cannot express our gratitude. Thank You Bell, we will put your work to good use, haha!
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 Yeeah! Santa Cruz is finally getting some sick legal trails, along with the new pump track that is being built by Natural Bridges!!!
  • 7 0
 Pumptrack near Natty B's??? Really? Who's building it? ABS?
Man it really is Christmas!
  • 5 2
 Yeah from what I've heard it's ABS
  • 2 0
 I spaced out and thought they were talking about Santa Cruz bikes... Derp.
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 Of course just as I have to move away from Santa Cruz, bell builds a trail and I hear the plans for a new pump track were approved near the west side too. DAMN YOU FLORIDA YOU'RE TOO FLAT
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 I don't live anywhere near there, but it's great to see a bigger company taking an effort to help build trails. This is awesome, now come to Ontario lol
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 Totally awsome to see. Thank You BELL sports..Im glad to see some progress no matter the size...This video almost gives viewers the perception that Sant Cruz County. is mountain bike friendly, too bad we cant get some video the the rangers & sheriffs up in the forrest hiding behind trees ticketing everyone and ambushing riders like they are Americas most wanted..Strange when you think about and realize that Specialized,Bell,Fox,Santa Cruz bicycles,Easton,Gamut,X-fusion,Kali,Rock Shox,Ibis,Giro all are here or started here but mountain biking is just about illegal...
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 Thanks soo much bell what a great gift!!! Awesome to see support in Santa Cruz for trail work, doing everyone a favor in sc keep it up, there is too much good riding here and not enough legal trails or build zones, HELP MBOSC they are a great group of people who keep it going for everyone.
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 The riding in Santa Cruz is going to get even better- thanks Bell! I love this place!
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 We are building in the city of Arcata's Sunny Brae Forest, with some to be built directional trails, how do we get that kind of sponsorship? We could use the help.
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 I have a somewhat related question. How does any afford to live in the Santa Cruz area? Are there affordables areas around SC?
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 This is what we need more of!! Love it
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 If only we could get some legal DH trails...
  • 1 0
 ehh a trail is a trail ryan whether its legal or not so don't complain
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 I will be riding the trail plenty of times. I just want MBOSC to put more resources into DH oriented trails.
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 hey guys where exactly is this trail at ide like to check it out.. and wouldnt mind bring a shovel along! Thanks Bell!
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 It's a new trail that's not open to riding, yet. The new trail will eventually link town to the Ucon trail, and they're shooting for a March opening. MBoSC hosts multiple trail building days. Check their site for specific dates, times, locations.
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 it's in pogonip (The Emma McCrary Trail). almost 2 miles of riding... WOOOHOOO!!!
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 Every time someone works on a trail an angel gets his/her wings. God bless us everyone.
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 were do i sign up for this stuff? im down in sc and want to take a more active role in the mountain biking community
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 I once went to a trail building down in South surrey and everybody was so happy to be there and afterwards, we rode
  • 1 0
 I have a somewhat related question. How does anyone afford to live in Santa Cruz? Are there any affordable areas around SC?
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 Get that girl on the left of the opening shot to build more often and local trail days would be a massive success.
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 super cool....and chicks digging?!? hells yeah!
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 is it worth departing BC for the winter and instead hanging in santa cruz?
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 Thank you Bell! That's an awesome, awesome thing you've done for us.
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 Really nice XC trails they got there.
  • 1 0
 Super rad that they did this.. anybody know the song name?
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 The "No Bicycles"sign at 00:37 is funny though Razz
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 monday DEC. 17 not monday NOV. 17th...
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 fixed - thanks.
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 "Only in Santa Cruz!"

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