Bend Bike Rodeo

Aug 22, 2006
by Tyler Maine  
This past Saturday marked the 5th annual Bend Bike Rodeo, about 80 parking lot spaces littered with a mixture of jumps and park features. Posing as a rider to get closer to the action and kick it with the competition, I got an exclusive look at the event and it’s inner workings. What started out as a safety course with the police 5 years ago has turned into a full fledged “gathering place for the showcasing of mountain bike and bmx talent” says organizer and builder Ian Betteridge.A principle crew of 8-10 were given only 2 days to shape trannies from the 85 yards of dirt for 3 wooden ramps, along with assembling a roll in ramp, a spine, and a quarter pipe. A 25 foot tall wall ride was erected on the side of a trailer above the quarter last thing Saturday morning. For only a small registration fee, riders were equipped with a t-shirt and a full day of jumping under the sun in the G.I. Joe parking lot in Bend, Oregon.

Aaron Nachtrab hitting up the RAGE wall ride

Aaron Nachtrab hitting up the RAGE wall ride

Originally the event was slated to include separate mountain bike and BMX categories, but after only 1 of the 3 bmx’ers in practice continued to ride into the qualifiers, the organizers chose to combine the two to make a multidiscipline class. “The contest was well put together. It felt like another fun day at the trails with a bunch of friends” commented participant Travis Erickson.

Erickson suicide no hander

Erickson suicide no hander

Arriving in the Santa Cruz Syndicate van to judge the event was Bend local Kirt Voreis. There were 3 categories including pro class, expert and expert under 18, or in rodeo speak the ‘mutton busters’. Each podium standing received a bag of Nike 6.0 and Rage shwag , and a certificate entitling each rider to a Nike sponsorship for random gear and shoes.

(I apologize in advance for all the errors I made)


1st Place- Phil Sundbaum, $800 + Nike sponsorship

1st run: Back flip, tail whip, wall ride to table
2nd run: X-up, 360 tire grab, reuban wall ride
3rd run: Back flip, 3 whip to slipped pedal & gansta ride out

Phil Sandbaum- Jumpmaster flex- guys look hotter on bikes

Phil Sandbaum- Jumpmaster flex- guys look hotter on bikes

2nd Place- Garrett Sceil (sole bmx’er and winner of the 2005 bike rodeo), $600 + Nike sponsorship

1st run: Unturndown, 3 table, wall ride
2nd run: X-up, double can can pendulum, wall ride, spine
3rd run: Turndown, 3, wall ride, spine, start ramp, wall ride, 180 spine

3rd Place- Travis Erickson, $400

1st run: Flip, flip tuck no hander, wall ride
2nd run: Double tuck no hander, superman, double foot plant on wall
3rd run: Suicide, no foot can, wall ride table out

4th Place- Guy Marsh, $200

1st run: Straight air, turndown, wall ride, quarter
2nd run: Pedal to turndown, no foot can, wall ride
3rd run: Straight air, pedaled around 2nd jump to hit top of wallride, turndown out

Carl Buchanan

1st run: No foot can to nothing, over rotated 3
2nd run: No footer no foot can, 3, wall ride
3rd run: No footer no foot can, no footer no foot can, over rotated back flip

Andy Sundbaum

1st run: Tail whip, bar turn, wall ride x-up
2nd run: X-up/ double tailwhip, wallride air
3rd run: Tail whip to pimp slam

Andy Sundbaum parking lot facial- no pavement was hurt in the shooting of this picture

Andy Sundbaum parking lot facial- no pavement was hurt in the shooting of this picture

Expert- over 18

1st Paul LaClava, Santa Cruz jackal frame + Nike sponsorship
2nd Adrian Jensen, Diety part package + Nike sponsorship
3rd Aaron Nachtrab, Nike sponsorship
4th Audie Lisle

Expert- under 18

1st Austin Aldrich
2nd Carson Storch
3rd Trevor Ford
4th Nick Toigo

All you really need to know is that these kids were pushing bikes that outweighed them and still outjumped half the field.

Organizer and builder Ian Betteridge says- “It’s really nice to see some high level talent come to Bend.” And health permitting (limbs intact), they plan on putting their heads together for a bigger, better Bend Bike Rodeo next year. Okay, can you make the pavement softer?

Helicopter over roll in- Rage films brought out a heli to shoot some vid

Helicopter over roll in- Rage films brought out a heli to shoot some vid

Sponsors of Bike Bend Rodeo 2006 include: the Bend memorial clinic, G.I. Joe’s, and Rage Films; REI, Bend Broadband, Mountain Dew, Cascade village shopping center, The Source Weekly, Hooker Creek, 4R equipment and Unicom.

Big thanks to Sean Masai for all the pictures!

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 it would have been cool to see this event happen again.

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