2012 First Half Recap - Best Videos of the Year - Part 1

Jul 5, 2012 at 0:09
Jul 5, 2012
by Scott Secco  
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Mark Matthews' Freeride Line - Sweat Equity: Mark Matthews sending some rather large freeride hits he's been building for the last 18 months chromagbikes.com.
Views: 190,930    Faves: 2,878    Comments: 148

I Ride Gravity #2 - Four Days Rain: After two days digging, Mike Hopkins headed out for two more days of rainy riding. This is ''Four Days Rain.'' Shot and Cut by: David Peacock. Song: Tornado '87 - The Rural Alberta Advantage.
Views: 59,981    Faves: 1,234    Comments: 82

James Doerfling Gettin' It Done! James Doerfling is making a huge name for himself right now, and this edit will show you why! Big mountain skills, unique lines, style for miles, and massive drops. What else matters?!
Views: 109,075    Faves: 2,147    Comments: 83

The Graham Agassiz Profile: This profile recounts what would end up being a most epic adventure. From whiteouts to near death experiences, straightlining through head-sized boulders straight through to the precarious edge of modern big mountain riding. Here’s our journey to the heart of one of mountain biking’s most exciting riders.
Views: 92,855    Faves: 1,940    Comments: 88

Brendan Howey - Island Winter V.2.0: Aaron LaRocque video. Follow @aaronlarock on Twitter.
Views: 330,563    Faves: 4,319    Comments: 193

Norrona (V) Magazine fjørå replayed: Deep in Norway's Sunnmøre fjords is the small village of Fjørå. Over the centuries, local farmers have cleared trails up and down the steep mountainsides. Today, those trails challenge technical mountain bikers who descend to the rocky shore from 1100 metres over sea level. Check out the Norrøna fjørå mountain bike collection at norrona.com/concepts/fjora.
Views: 49,779    Faves: 1,144    Comments: 78

In the Woods with Amir Kabbani: Peoplegrapher proudly presents "In the Woods", a German bike flick featuring professional mountain biker Amir Kabbani. Inspired by the beauty of nature "In the Woods" combines high speed slowmotion with progressive mountain biking. Filmed entirely at Amir's home spot in Boppard, Germany. Support Peoplegrapher on Facebook.
Views: 36,824    Faves: 1,186    Comments: 107

Luke Fulton - Island Grown: Supported by: Smith Optics, Geax Tires, Dakine, Vans, Marty's Mountain Cycle, and Sombrio. Songs: FC Kahuna - Hayling, School Boy Q - Sacrilegious, and Trouble Andrew - Adorable.
Views: 67,523    Faves: 1,470    Comments: 75

The Coastal Crew Is On Specialized: We are very excited and proud to announce that The Coastal Crew have partnered up with Specialized. For all three of us, this is a dream come true. To have Specialized believe in our efforts has huge meaning to us, and we feel very fortunate to be able to work with a company that is so enthusiastic about everything we do.
Views: 113,698    Faves: 2,081    Comments: 80

Not Another Cali Trip: A Short Film by Nic Genovese and Mike Zinger featuring: Anthony Messere, Paul Genovese, Mitch Chubey, and Friends.
Views: 52,364    Faves: 1,273    Comments: 72

Sixteen-inch: Started a project for a local film fest. The lines we built got snowed over the day before we headed up to film, so we scrambled and came up with this! Turns out it was quite popular at the film fest. Enjoy, and check out Oliver Woodland Photography.
Views: 134,252    Faves: 2,385    Comments: 159

Vanderham and Simmons Ride Element MSL On The North Shore: Vanderham and Simmons ride ''cross country.''
Views: 97,209    Faves: 1,385    Comments: 81

Some Sketchy Dudes - Deathgrip Racing: Introducing Deathgrip racing, a new team based out of Kelowna BC Canada. deathgripracing.ca. Virtu Media on Facebook.
Views: 75,532    Faves: 2,152    Comments: 103

Sessions #2 - At Home with James Doerfling: Doerfling getting WILD in his hometown.
Views: 86,145    Faves: 1,422    Comments: 66

Ian Morrison, meet Steve Smith: Ian Morrison needed some training for the Whistler beer league this summer, so he met the fastest man around, Steve Smith, for a day of training in Pemberton.
Views: 148,432    Faves: 3,021    Comments: 129

Title Photo by: Mike Zinger

Do you agree with our picks? What's your favourite video of the year?
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  • + 44
 Its amazing to think that we get all of this hard work and time for free. Amazing work everyone!
  • + 5
 Except that it's to promote the riders/brands etc, it's not exactly altruistic. Not complaining though!
  • + 4
 Yeah but these bigger bike companies fund the videos you're watching, and most likely wouldn't be happening if they didn't. Look at how much funding Specialized puts into transporting their riders around the world for photo and video shoots, this is very healthy for this sport. Remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch, the money has to come from somewhere.
  • + 9
 As I said before I was not complaining. Everything you said is as obvious to me as everyone else.
  • + 9
 No shit Camarosam. Rolleyes
  • + 26
 I can't believe Silvia's Matt Hunter video is not in the list. Guessing it may be in part 2
  • + 3
 Its too incredible not to be. These features make me wish that I didn't watch any videos on pinkbike over the past year... imagine how awesome this would be if you haven't seen any of these edits before? Got yourself a day killer right there.
  • + 8
 LaRocque with 2 sick vids! Both are atleast 10.0 on the Richter Scale!!!
  • + 8
 dean tenants edit with laroque, voy..
  • + 3
 I believe the term is 'Off the sickter mate' ha ha. Gotta love Laroque
  • + 3
 Amir is holdin it down for Germany and he did a great Job to! But for me personaly Luke Fultons riding is exactly what i love about that Shit. And of course Aggy is the f.....n Man
  • + 1
 That would be my nameWink thanks man!
  • + 3
 I'm stuck inside today, waiting for the courier to deliver my new freeride rig. This is a great way to kill the time
  • + 3
 It's raining today so the pool i'm working at can't open. I know what I'm doing instead!
  • + 3
 You don't work much do you?
  • + 4
 no i do not agree with the picks. #Harrison Mendel
  • + 3
 Wicked Line up!!, But wheres Dean Tennent?!?!?!
  • + 1
 Have to say Aggy's comment that mountain biking belongs in the mountains made the PB Wise Words of the Week.
  • + 1
 yo leeroyy watch the videos damn it, no slow internet excuses. i no you can see this liam.
  • + 2
 Permalink! Thanks Mr Secco
  • + 1
 I have to say that my favourite vid is Brendan Howey- Island Winter V.2.0. Its just so awesome!
  • + 2
 Every time I watch Sweat Equity I end up watching it over and over
  • + 2
 Still watching Island Winter V 2.0 to this day...
  • + 1
 James Doerfling. Nuff said.
  • + 1
 Masters of movement The Claw
  • + 1
 The Fjora vid does it for me.
  • + 1
 Silvia Matt hunter at night in the snow?
  • + 1
 The revealing with Dustin?
  • + 3
 That came out in July, These are only the first 6 months
  • + 2
 Good point, I stand corrected.
  • + 1
 where is the amplitude video
  • + 1
 "sixteen inch" video is awesome
  • + 1
 No Aaron Gwin- shimano testing? I'm surprised.
  • + 1
 id go with stevies or brendan howey
  • + 1
 Semenuk wandering?:O
  • + 1
 why no silvia?
  • - 3
 pinkbike loosing it.
  • + 2
 Part 2 is coming...
  • + 1
 hope to see Chris Akrigg in the list - The Turning Point, it would be awesome.
  • + 0
 Aggy FTW!

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