Beyond The Jump: Paul Bas Q&A

May 2, 2012
by Julian Coffey  
It takes a lot of dedication to be an athlete and even more to be considered a pro. Pro freeride mountain bike rider, Paul Basagoitia knows a thing or two about pushing limits. Here is a video and a Q&A to find out exactly what went into the partnership between Red Bull and Teva, and the process behind the big mountain move.

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Hi Paul! What's your take on the barrage of comments when the video first dropped on PB a couple of days ago?
I really appreciate the discussion. This is definitely not the first double backflip that has been done on a MTB. I give credit to my friend Greg Watts for that one…and we’ve talked about it in great length as I was preparing for this project. This project addressed a personal goal for me - to do what I believe is one of the most dangerous jumps, on a duel suspension bike, in the mountains versus on a course built by professionals. For me this was about the essence of mountain biking and progressing the sport at its roots. Yes, the lip of the jump was shaped by me because the success of a double relies on everything lining up perfectly…there is a very, very small margin for variations in this jump as those who have done or attempted will know. Call it what you like - big mountain double flip, back country doubleflip - either way, I’m stoked to have had the support and opportunity to accomplish something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. I look forward to celebrating with others who are progressing their riding in the mountains as well.

Paul Basagoitia Natural Terrain Double Backflip

So how are you feeling after completing this jump?
Pretty good for the most part. My ribs are a little sore after taking the bars to the chest a couple times when I under-rotated the jump. Other than that, I’m walking and couldn’t be happier with how everything played out!

That had to hurt!
Yeah, I slammed the bars to my chest so hard a couple times it knocked the wind out of me. That happened every time I under-rotated. Bruised ribs are a lot better than cracked ribs so I can’t really complain.

Paul Basagoitia Natural Terrain Double Backflip

How did this whole thing come together?
It’s pretty funny how it worked out. When Toshi [Corbet] started working with Teva he gave me a call and asked if I had any cool ideas. I told him I’d always wanted to do a double flip on natural terrain. That hadn’t been done before on a mountain bike. Toshi and I kept in touch and he kept asking, “Do you still want to do that double flip?!” The next thing you know I was driving out to Utah.

What kind of team goes into something like this? Do you go as far as to enlist a team of engineers to calculate wind direction, the angle of the lip and the speed needed to stick a double rotation?
In order to prepare for a double flip you’ve got to start in the foam pit. You can’t just go out and practice a double flip on the dirt; it just doesn’t work that way. I spent a few weeks doing twenty plus flips a day to create some muscle memory. When you double flip that many times you’re pretty aware as to where your body is in the air. That was my main focus. When I went to Utah, it was totally different than anything I’ve ever ridden in my entire life. The lip wasn’t anything like I’d been practicing on.

Paul Basagoitia Natural Terrain Double Backflip

When you’re preparing for a jump in natural terrain do you go as far as looking at the dirt and how you and the bike are going to behave off it?
Looking at those specifics wasn’t even an option; it was just super natural and raw. I wish we’d had the crew to engineer the perfect lip. I think that’s one of the coolest things about our sport is that no matter what nothing’s going to be the same, especially when you’re bringing that element to the big mountain. We weren’t dealing with perfectly groomed terrain and I hand-packed the lip so it was ridable.

How do you mentally prepare for something like this?
On one hand you have to not think about what could happen, just go for it and hope for the best. I had to have that mindset with this jump, especially after taking a few hard slams. Prior to that, I really didn’t think hard about how I could get hurt. I just held my head up, kept going and knew that I would eventually land on two wheels.

Can you run us through the process leading up to committing to the double backflip?
I straight jumped it a couple times to get a feel for the lip and then I did a backflip. After I did that single flip I went back up the hill and tried the double.

What equipment were you on?
I was on my Kona Bass - my pro model. I bumped up the travel quite a bit running a 130 fork on the front, which has five inches of travel. It was a perfect set up for this. I needed more suspension for the top section because it was super steep. You definitely couldn’t do it on a hard tail.

Paul Basagoitia Natural Terrain Double Backflip

Is there a specific song or artist who you listen to in order to get pumped up?
I like to listen to Eminem before I go riding. The attitude he has motivates me to go out there and push my limits—to just go for it.

What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? Any interest in throwing some variations of the backflip?
Not necessarily with new tricks but I definitely want to do some more stuff in the big mountain environment. I always think about doing things that stand out, especially on a mountain bike.

Any closing comments or some info about what you have planned for the future?
I’m just really stoked to be part of the Teva team! I’m really digging what they’re doing with action sports, especially with how hard they’re backing mountain biking.

- Interview by Dustin on the Teva Collect

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 he mad a good point arnt we all sick of mtb trying to copy bmx on perfectly smooth manicured dirt jumps. we need to get back to our roots of more natural terrian. when you see something on a vid and you say o wow thats cool step back for a second and ask... could that have been done on bmx and if it couldnt have then thats what we really want to see
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 keep the mountain in mountain biking
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 I only half agree- yeah it's cool to take things back to the mountain but I think we should embrace the fun that can be had on any bike in any place. I just want to see rad things done on bikes. Simple.
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 I agree with the mountain bikes in skateparks comment too but to be honest, I think it looks way cooler when those bmx tricks are done on a bigger bike.

But yeah...if you're on a mountain bike and in the skatepark all the time, maybe it's time to ask why?

My reason...I have no mountains within an hour of me Frown but I go when I can Smile I saw Paul at Northstar a season ago. Nice guy Smile haha everyone was trying to follow him down livewire. It was a mess!
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 I think he may have also set a new record for longest big-mountain bike launch (via bailing).
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 Maybe pros can do it, but i feel like a failed jump in the bike park can leave you hurt and the same jump can leave you shattered into pieces on a mountain like that! It looks great though and i'm looking forward to see many talented riders showcase what they can do on these adrenalin rides.
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 While I'd love to take the mountain back to mountain biking, I can't, the longest Decent around me is less than a minute... As long as people are riding bikes I don't care what they do! At least they aren't using scooters!
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flag sngltrkmnd (May 2, 2012 at 10:17) (Below Threshold)
 I also offer that we keep the TREES in mountain biking. I appreciate Paul's huevos to pull this off, but really a barren Utah mountainside is not drastically different than the jump park in his yard. I'm still underwhelmed.
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flag Andrew-Cuchessi (May 2, 2012 at 11:41) (Below Threshold)
 Oh my, Paul and the Pinkbike team owned all of you haters and you still have to add your critique on how to make it better. How is that landing not natural, get out of here with that garbage.
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flag FuzzyL FL (May 2, 2012 at 12:02) (Below Threshold)
 Well, he still did it over a perfectly shaped lip. I've seen dirt jumps in parks that weren't shaped that well. And he did it on what, a 13" frame with a singlespeed setup? That thing is build for one purpose only. And how many times did he try? And how many people can afford to break a frame just to perform one trick?

Yes, a double backflip still is among the sickest things anybody ever did on a mountain bike, and overall Bas' performance was way impressive. But "natural terrain" and "keep the mountain in mountain biking", well that's a bot far fetched for what he does. To me this seems more like a case of "well, triple backflip is not possible (yet), what else can I do to be first at something?!" Reminds me of mountain climbers, "first to climb all second largest summits without air bottles and wearing pink underwear"...
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 Consumerism is blinding!!!!!!!

1- The landing is natural, it went from a big mountain line, to Paul's wicked creation of a booter, to where he transfers the entire section and double flips it!?!?!?!?! Tell me how that has any relation to a dirt jump. If you go hit this line with no lip or a perfect booter, you will still be sending the same transfer!

2- "And he did it on what, a 13" frame with a singlespeed setup? That thing is build for one purpose only. And how many times did he try? And how many people can afford to break a frame just to perform one trick?" Whats your point? They need to make double flips more user friendly?

3- Take a look at the first time Paul takes a hard digger. Please realize that @ 2:13, if he rotated any less he would not be walking.....
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 Where does anyone here mention consumerism? Or buying anything, or pushing a product or anything remotely close to consumerism? Only consumerism present in the whole thing are the blatant ads placed around the jump. Which in all fairness... is perfectly valid considering they paid for Paul to come pull off his trick. However some food for thought...

1) If that landing (or take off for that matter) is natural then so is every other big double with a sculpted landing or take off, because it's obvious that booter had some serious spade work put into it. Not to mention the rocks they carried in to support the backside. Sure conditions were far from ideal, but that doesn't make his setup natural. He even states in the interview " I wish we’d had the crew to engineer the perfect lip." Engineering and Natural generally aren't synonymous.

2) "If [he were] to hit that line with no lip or a perfect booter,[and] still be sending the same transfer" why would he need to build it in the first place then? and, Why would he wish to have it built better if it made no difference in the transfer?

Do have to agree on the whole 13" singlespeed setup thing though. It's a 26" wheeled full suspension bike with knobby tires... sounds like a MTB to me.
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 "2) "If [he were] to hit that line with no lip or a perfect booter,[and] still be sending the same transfer" why would he need to build it in the first place then? and, Why would he wish to have it built better if it made no difference in the transfer?"

Uhmmm maybe because he's doing a double flip?! I didn't say he'd be double flipping with no lip. I was entailing that the same line would be hit, and that this is not a dirt jump and is a natural hit......... God made that zone....the occurrence of that whole zone was natural which provided for the perfect setting and perfect landing. The natural effect has nothing to do with the lip, the lip was created and altered to provide what was needed to double flip. its still a natural hit end of story.

And to adress consumerism, as soon as the word afford is applied that would entail consuming.....
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 I'll stop, guess my style of teaching doesn't work. Sorry I tried, won't bother next time. Time to roost.
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 Sooo... he built something and that's considered natural? So how is this jump any more or less "natural" than a double built on any given mountain side? Call it natural if you want. If you do though you have to include any constructed or engineered take off to be a "natural" jump as well. I don't think I'm being nit picky here. I can understand the need to maybe clear some brush away, or pack in a soft spot or two, but the moment they "constructed" a take off that involved the moving of enough dirt to bury a body, and then started placing rocks around the backside for support I do believe the jump became no different than any of the hits or doubles I've made myself, or seen at mountain bike parks.

Maybe you could give me your definitions of a "dirt jump" and a "natural hit"

To me a dirt jump is: Any jump designed and constructed by a human out of dirt. Examples include, The Post Office Jumps, Any doubles, step-ups, step-downs, etc etc that involved the use of tools to create.

A Natural Hit is: A naturally occuring terrain feature, such as a sharp rise, or sudden fall from which it's possible to gain air. It can be part of a man-made trail, but the point from which the rider leaves the ground has not been altered by a tool.

See your point about "afford" and "consumerism", but I still don't see how it led to a blinding effect in the guys comment. Not exactly the most relevant comment but again.. here we are trying to define "natural".
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 haha "as those who have done or attempted will know"
Oh yeah, I attempt double backflips all the time.
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 .....I think it's my time and place to be the obnoxiously friendly Canadian here and tell everyone that it doesn't matter. stop fighting amongst each other and go ride some bikes. and it doesn't matter how you do it or what you do it with. just ride. that's the reason why we're all here
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 i dont care if the lip was sculpted or not, that was a huge double backflip, in some gnarly terrain (just look at the drop in/run up!) on a 26" fully. Huge props to paul for accomplishing that, especially after those crashes. While ive got nothing against riding DJ or park (i enjoy riding both), i love what paul is doing here, and i think it does capture more of the essence of what mountain biking is all about
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 I think most people are disgruntled because the 'natural' part was added to make it a first, which is disputable at best. I don't think anyone would disagree that this is really phenomenal, ground breaking riding - just not the 'first' it was originally portrayed to be. My guess is a marketing guy at Teva created the title.
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 It was sick. Seriously guys, everyone builds stuff to ride, how many people just ride through the bushes? The building here was minimal and it used the natural geography of the area to create something crazy. Props to Paul B for throwing a double flip off of something that most people posting (me included) would be scared to hit.
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 he shaped the dirt a bit to make it rideable. Stop comparing this to a big mountian line of someone like Aggie. Look at seasons, Thomas Vanderham's section near the end. That is natural terrain, yes he builds lips, otherwise he would be rolling up and down hills rather than jumping over them. Paul did the same thing. He also did the first double flip on natural terrain. Get over it.
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 The thing is, who cares about the first double backflip over natural terrain? Why stress the natural terrain bit? It was an impressive double backflip under conditions that were far from ideal.

Still, it took hours - no, make that days - to shape that "natural terrain".

And when he talks about taking it back in the mountains and showing what a mountain bike can do (as opposed to a BMX) well what exactly can his purpose-build mountain bike do? It probably didn't see more than 3 or 4 full pedal rotations in all the time he was out there. And that's the "essence of mountain biking"? That's why I mentioned his 13" singlespeed setup earlier. What he did was definitely hard to do. It remains to be seen if anybody else can do anything like it (and how long that takes). But this has nothing to do with "taking mountain biking back to the mountains", not if it includes bringing out a large crew to water and shape the terrain first and riding the same short line for days, going through several specially built bikes in the process.
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 Can't be done on a hardtail? CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
  • 26 1
 May you rest in peace

or pieces Wink
  • 4 17
flag derpdownthehill (May 2, 2012 at 5:40) (Below Threshold)
 May your unborn children rest in pieces... lol
  • 9 1
 I was just about to type the saaaammmmme thing. You know some jackass on a hardtail is gonna go out and try it now. And probably land it.
  • 2 0
 hahaha xpirimint it would be in many, many pieces. And yes, some jackass will, and that jackass will not be me. I will be sitting right here at my desk watching the crash video when it is uploaded to PB!
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flag billy-smith (May 2, 2012 at 11:11) (Below Threshold)
 could easily be done on a hardtail, ive ridden fort william on a hardtail which makes this look smooth!
  • 2 0
 Well if paul needed a full suspension and was still having trouble then...idk billy Consider the speed he needed through that sketchy run in. I'm sure you could ride it on a hardtail, but probably not with the speed you'd need to clear that jump
  • 3 0
 Billys just an allstar, he probably smashed gee athertons time at fort william on his hardtail
  • 2 0
 Mate, Billy jumps from the hip at the top all the way to the jump into finishing arena.
  • 1 0
 Doubleback flip in Utah. Thats what the video should have been called. Gnarly
  • 11 0
 I can think of easier ways to sell shoes.
  • 3 0
 ahahahahaha hit the goddamn nail on the head
  • 4 0
 Still stand by everything I said in the other post, but all that aside, mad props for coming out and addressing the cynics, and giving his own two cents on the whole thing. I think I enjoyed this edit way more than I did the other. Makes me curious too see what a discussion of Big Mountain vs Dirt Jump would look like from a bunch of the professional riders. I'd probably even pay to hear all their perspectives.
  • 5 0
 Pinkbike... Think you could pull off a round table Q&A of the who's who in Mountain Biking? I'm sure tons of Pinkbiker's would love to chime in with questions to debate.
  • 6 0
 You're the man!! That was sick i dont care what anyone else says! more balls to dub flip than me!
  • 4 1
 This is way inspiring, this more in depth look makes me realize how much gnarlier it was than I originally anticipated.
  • 6 0
 No doubt, definitely cool! I thought he toasted his frame on that nose case, took some serious gumption to go back out a second day after that slam and give it a few more goes to stick it. Way to go Paul!
  • 4 0
 @simcik, That was the first time I think I've ever heard someone use "gumption" correctly. Well done my friend. To Paul, sick ridin', couldn't agree more with your views on what mountain biking should be.
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 you have to realize for Paul who is mainly a dirtjump freerider(depends on the kind of contests he does) to do such things and say such words is good's not anything supernatural, but it's within his limits.
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 I know people will have differences in opinion about whether this was truly done on "natural terrain" or not, but to me I still think this falls short of the true "natural terrain" claim. Not to take anything away from the trick, its awesome, but it still was done off a hand built perfectly shaped kicker with a nice smooth groomed run in, with a huge perfect landing spot. Regardless of whether he hit a huge big mountain line leading up to the jump, he was still presented with a perfectly manicured run in and take off when it came time to do the trick. It was certainly a step up in difficulty from doing the trick in a jump park or slope style setting, but to me still fell short of the "natural" claim.

As a frame of reference I use this backflip that Cam Zink did last year as something I'd say was really done on "natural terrain". Barely any run in, no kicker, barely a lip. Just straight hucking a backflip off a cliff.
  • 1 0
 I agree, although i doubt there is anywhere that you could do this trick without some sort of manipulation,Cam Zink is fucking crazy !
  • 2 0
 Yea agreed, the possibility of doing a truly "natural" double flip seems remote. If someone did pull that off it would be legendary.
  • 1 0
 You did notice he was carrying a shovel? That lip looked like it had a bit of work, not anywhere near what Paul had. I think people are arguing for a purity of lines that hasn't existed since freeriding began. In general it's just on big grey area. Big props to both for doing something I will never do.
  • 2 0
 This is the viedo that should've been posted on Monday, then nobody would've said sh!t about it "not being natural terrain". Massive props to Bas! Keep the MOUNTAIN in MOUNTAINbiking!
  • 1 0
 it is a nice thought to bring mountain biking back to big gnarly slopes and stuff but thats just not realistic to everyone. im from NJ so i have a few great places to ride but for the most part i ride dirt jumps with my friends. i cant get redbull or teva to fly me out to Utah and build a sweet run. anyways, props to bas on the double flip
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 I doubted the strength of his bike
  • 2 1
 Me too as I broke my Bass... Paul is great!
  • 3 0
 That was gr8 but why throwing your bike away after that lol :S show some respect bas Razz
  • 1 0
 Interesting that he's running a Saint rear brake but an X.0 front...I'm guessing that he borrowed the front brake from someone else since he needed the extra stopping power and doesn't normally run a front brake.
  • 4 1
 You try finding a mountin in Kent....
  • 1 0
 We got hills in Kent mate,no mountins though !
  • 1 0
 Yeah colts hill doesn't count! Haha
  • 1 0
 That's Paddock Wood ? You're right though, we're living in the wrong part of the world !
  • 1 0
 Well tunbridge wells but yeah haha!
  • 2 0
 Nicely done. By the way, what are those jeans he's wearing over the 661 knee/shin pads?
  • 2 0
 he's sponsored by Dainese for armor and apparel
  • 1 1
 Dainese make some moto jeans but none that look like that. I want a pair that go over my armour. Anyone else know what these are?
  • 1 1
 Cracked me up when he said "my bike cant take another hit" and then he throws it after he lands the double flip.Mad respect to Paul though for pushing the limits on big mountain terrain.
  • 1 0
 @Andrew-Cuchessi i think its about time to shut up. Ive never seen every single one of someones posts have negative props, but yet you accomplished that
  • 1 0
 the only things i dont like in this video :
his goggle !
his jeans and trikot combo!
kona !
the rest is awesome but pleeze dont wear this style bas !
  • 3 0
 Way cool!! Keep it in the mountains!
  • 4 2
 that Kona landen on top of Bass in that jump and still dent.. You gotta love Konas
  • 3 1
 With how much rotational force the bike had when it hit him, and also how far the bike traveled after he fell... it's nothing about a Kona. If someone can break 20+ bricks with their hand, a 1x1 ft ice block, or shear 2 pro baseball bats taped together with a shin kick, don't underestimate how hard the human body really is. I've seen people try to break 20 bricks with an axe, and it couldn't be done, but, with someones fist it can. Sometimes body parts are stronger than steel. It's all about focus, and prepardness.
  • 4 0
 Good points, still though all the Kona haters seem strangely quiet??
  • 2 0
 He was JRA, that dent was totally a manufacturing error (sarcasm).
  • 4 1
 So its still a dirt jump shaped by hand, just with a shitty run up lol
  • 2 0
 Someone should double back flip a downhill bike, at red bull rampage. That would be sick.
  • 2 1
 Didn't gracia do that the year he won?
  • 1 0
 WTF, this guy won crankworks on a hardtail, as a complete unknown. Documented by NWD! You wish you could, ya hater hipsters.
  • 1 0
 I wouldn't even try double backflip, cos I don't have such earnings to buy new frame again and again.

Ok, just kiding....the reason is my balls aren't big enough. Big Grin
  • 4 1
 Dual*** hahaha
  • 2 1
 lol, noticed that too.
Too bad about the "kona pocket" on his bike there.
  • 1 1
 What a badass! I have so much respect for Paul for doing the double out in the middle of nowhere. This does way more to progress the sport than some new, sloppy combo.
  • 2 3
 I think all the people hating on him stopped after seeing the first pic in this post. He looks like he wants to rip all the pb haterz faces off. Mr. Bass, your a boss, keep going huge
  • 2 0
 VOD !!!!! that's what we want to see!
  • 1 0
 Does he not run brake sponsers? Or dont the kona factory team? I spy saint and avid
  • 1 0
 Great vid. . Totally agree with keeping it natural and out in the hills . . That's what mountain bikings all about ..
  • 1 0
 so...basically he used two frames in order to do the double backflip.. EPIC....
  • 1 2
 I'm not really sure how this is newsworthy. Cam Zink doing a massive backflip off a, elephantine stepdown is NEWSWORTHY:
  • 1 0
 Who wants to see a DOUBLE at RAMPAGE this year???? Paul B has set the bar high in 2012.
  • 1 0
 Any idea of what camera is mounted on the RC helicopter?
  • 7 6
 I still dont understand how this is natural terrain it was a dirt jump...
  • 12 1
 This might help you understand.

"This project addressed a personal goal for me - to do what I believe is one of the most dangerous jumps, on a duel suspension bike, in the mountains versus on a course built by professionals. For me this was about the essence of mountain biking and progressing the sport at its roots. Yes, the lip of the jump was shaped by me because the success of a double relies on everything lining up perfectly…there is a very, very small margin for variations in this jump as those who have done or attempted will know. Call it what you like - big mountain double flip, back country doubleflip - either way, I’m stoked to have had the support and opportunity to accomplish something that I’ve wanted to do for some time. I look forward to celebrating with others who are progressing their riding in the mountains as well."
  • 8 0
 Haha! Riding a line with big mountain features on a dual suspension bike is nothing remotely close to a dirt jump! It was in the mountains not in your parking lot dirt jumps!
  • 4 1
 no the jump was shaped like a dirt jump I'm not trying to hate or anything its a super huge achievement and all but i think this is not natural terrain bro its still a man shaped jump...its just that if it was natural terrain it would be completely natural no a bit of shaping here and there...I'm a huge fan and love the riding no matter what that is a achievement and could not be more stoked on the amazing riding he does!
  • 1 6
flag Andrew-Cuchessi (May 2, 2012 at 11:51) (Below Threshold)
 Hello? Did he piss that landing out of no where??? Get a clue, if that is not a natural transfer what is? Unless you are going to start flipping with out a lip shut your noise!
  • 4 1
 ^ chill the f*ck out man
  • 1 2
 ^How would you feel? Try to comprehend what it takes to get to that point
  • 1 0
 i would feel fantastic because i can double backflip
  • 1 2
 Biggest judge's are the peer's, and when they see everything basackwards as fuck, it results in a scarcer market, which fuels such achievements.
  • 2 0
 Dude andrew-cuchessi get of your period my comments above before you start raging I'm not saying its an amazing jump and huge props to him for landing i could never land even half that, I am just saying if it was natural terrain double back flip there would be no shaped lip or anything just natural shaped dirt to natural shaped dirt.. Still an amazing jump no matter what anyone says huge props to him he's awesome crashing then he just hikes the bike back up and tries again he taking some hard hits! So much dedication to what he wants !!
  • 1 0
 Man you rocked it... excuse the pun!
  • 2 0
 Wow that was great.
  • 1 0
 Wow, for some reason I really need a RedBull.
  • 1 0
 i totally agree with him ! Nice work
  • 1 0
 Should have started with this video. Great respect for this guy.
  • 1 0
 excellent job hope to see more of this
  • 1 0
 More double back flips, less Eminem!
  • 1 0
 Thanks for clearing everything up paul B!!!!
  • 1 0
 Now I see why he's wearing £260 pads
  • 1 0
 sick now try downhill Smile
  • 1 0
  • 1 2
 Is that Icetech I see being run? YEAAHH SHIMANO!!!
  • 1 2
 Oh, he's running saint in the back, tits. Still a win for shimano
  • 2 5
 haha nice kona dent, and that run in was sick let alone the double back!
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