Bike Delivered: Bryn Atkinson Replica Bike and Riding Kit Competition

Jan 17, 2018
by Bryn Atkinson  
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For three weeks in the month of August Bryn Atkinson ran a video contest on Instagram (see here). Entrants could submit their video's for a chance to win a replica of Bryn's bike and a full riding kit courtesy of his sponsors. With over 1400 entries, some great riding and videos from around the world, it was @jasperharley that was chosen by Bryn as the winner with the Hi-Vis Hucker video:

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As promised Bryn flew down to Tasmania last month to hold up his end of the bargain, while Jasper surprised Bryn with his very own "Hi-Vis Hucker" shirt. Check the video below to see Bryn be "unlocked".

First photo
Contest winner Jasper Da Seymour receives his brand new "Bryn Atkinson replica" Norco Range C7.1.

bigquotesWhat a trip! I feel honoured to have had an opportunity give something like this away. Just witnessing the look on Jasper's face when he saw the bike was worth the flight! To all those that entered and the incredible brands that supported this contest, thank you. You guys are rad!Bryn Atkinson

bigquotesI’ve never won anything before, and just hoped to make a few people laugh when entering this contest! It's not often you cross paths with someone you admire, let alone ride with them and win a bike/prize of this scale! You hope for something awesome like this to happen but when it actually does your senses and brain overload. Thanks for selecting me, I'll ride this bike with pride!Jasper Da Seymour

1600 long edge

MENTIONS: @norcobicycles / @shimano / @foxracingshox / @renthalcycling / @Maxxis / @BellBikeHelmets / @SombrioCartel / @slytechprotection / @Fabric / @MRP / @CaneCreekCyclingComponents / @StansNoTubes / @SmithOptics


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 Yep, a well deserved winner. Unlike me who expected to land a big prize just for clicking a mouse button everyday in December. Well done.
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 Well Done Jasper!
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 @railin: thank you!!
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 That was a really nice give-away. Win well deserved!

@Norco: Now tell me, what do those two extra bolts/bearings/pipes in the swingarm do?

@Renthal: When can we buy carbon Fatbars in your signature (bronze?) color again?

Have fun!
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 @mtb-journal You mean the linkage bridge assembly?
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 @qreative-bicycle: I guess that is a way to call it :-) Why are there what looks like bolts (and not just carbon)?
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 @mtb-journal: bc the rocker isn't 1 piece, thus needs the bolts to hold it together
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 @mtb-journal: The rocker compressing the shock is made in 3 parts (the two side and a central bridge). The two bolts tighten one side to the central bridge to create one single block (so there are 4 bolts total). This way the rocker is easier to manufacture and it also gains more rigidity compared to the old design (which was made of 2 parts welded together in the center)
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flag mhoshal (Jan 17, 2018 at 11:17) (Below Threshold)
 mtb-journal Are you new to mtb? At least half the bike manufacturer use the same linkage configuration. Your name would suggest you would have a little more knowledge on mtbs then you clearly do.
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flag mhoshal (Jan 17, 2018 at 11:19) (Below Threshold)
 You ride a yt but yet youve never noticed how your own rear linkage works lmao wow you must be a rich hoser.
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 Hey cheers mate! Renthal make the “bronze” bar in alloy only. The bolts are for lateral stiffness in the link, it’s 3 pieces ????
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 There was supposed to be some horns at the end of that comment *(????).. Sorry, I’m a newb..
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 @dhcharly: Thank you.
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 @mhoshal: If I look at the linkage of a Kona or a Session, the linkage is not being hold together by bolts. The only bolt that are there are actually the one moving (connection seat stay, seattube and damper). That is the case almost on everywhere. The Norco looks different (5 instead of 3 bolts).

But you tried to help, it's ok.
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 @Bryn-Atkinson: I hope Renthal will bring back a limited series of bronze carbon bars, soon as they did a few years ago. Still some around in the internet.
I wish you all the best!
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 @Bryn-Atkinson: I think he's talking about the Carbon Special Edition:
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 @cool3: yes! I'm waiting to buy one. I still see them on the pro's bike (such as Yeti or the Norco above) so I'm hoping Renthal will re-release them.
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 Love the updated video with unlocked Bryn!
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 Congrats for the very creative and very funny vid(s)! We need more like these! And Bryn is always a treat to watch! More, please!!!
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 thank you so much Smile honoured
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 Enjoy that new bike Jasper!
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 I will ride it with absolute pride guys! thanks for being a part of making it all possible!
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 Congratulations and happy shredding !!!
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 Fantastic. #brynforpresident
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 seems like a worthy winner!
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 What a sleddd. Good on you man
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 Which fabric saddle is that?!
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 It's his fabric saddle.
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 I think it's the black one.
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 It's a Scoop Flat Race, all black with raw Ti rails. Should be a standard colourway in most countries.
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 @Fabric: thanks.
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 You lucky bastard! Congrats and happy trails.
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 Super cool! Congrats and thanks to Bryn and the sponsors!!
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 That was so good!
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 Made me think of Seymour Butts. Nice bike fella.
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 almost haha
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 So the prize was a Replica Bike, not even a real one?
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 Love it!!
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