Blk Mrkt Riot-Build it on a budget.

Jun 20, 2007
by Tyler Maine  
Everyone that knows me, knows that I can't ride street or dirt jump to save my life. With that in mind I decided that I wanted to build some new skills that would help me out on the trails. This spring I set out to build up a little hard tail on a budget as I can't justify spending the money on a bike that will be so terrain specific. A DH or freeride rig, dumping cash is justifiable, but this bike would come to existence through low budget means.

Here's my budget build results:My original build up was with a frame that my buddy Mark gave me and all my old XC parts that had been sitting in the corner collecting dust. I quickly learned that the frame was too small and that gears would not be the way to go for this type of bike. Back to the the drawing board.

Since I really didn't want to break the bank on this bike, I decided that it was time to trade parts that I had for parts that I'd need and buy used as well in order to get a proper build up. Ok so lets see what I have laying around in the dusty corner that someone else could use and start going through parts that buddies have that I could acquire.

Ok first thing I thought I'd be getting was a correct fitting frame, but that took longer to figure out. In the mean time I acquired a fork that would work with my perfectly good front wheel (I've had this wheel since the first Brodie Devo came out in Silver with Hayes disk brakes-it was a revolutionary bike for me). Next up I wanted to go SS in the rear, so I either needed a SS conversion kit or a SS hub. As luck would have it, my buddy mike needed a rear DH 12x150mm rear wheel and he happened to have a new SS 26" rear wheel. Trade ya? Done!

I have a lot of semi used tires kicking around as most riders tend to collect them too, but ones that would be nice to ride at the DJs and park are kinda foreign to me. I had a Larsen TT 2.35 with a cut casing, so with some glue and a thick tire patch it was repaired. Off to the shop to find a rear tire now. Lots of shops have "used" or clearance tire piles and I found myself a Kenda K-Rad 2.3 for like $15 in one of those piles. While I was out picking up parts, I bought a KMC BMX chain for like $25 as I don't want to try to keep a nice MTB chain in good shape while a BMX chain is made to take a lot more abuse-right tool for the job.

Back at home I uncovered my old (basically brand new) Shimano Hone crank set that were wrecked in an unfortunate pedal thread incident. After talking to the local mechanic, he took a drill to them and installed a heli-coil for me. I found an old Race Face X-type BB that still spun, so a little mix n' match and I have a set up to spin on.

So I was getting quite the collection of parts ready, time to find a frame! I read the following caption in a press release and decided "what the heck, I'll spend money on the frame!":

Thanks to Deity Components white is all the rage and we're jumping on the bandwagon too... besides it just looks good!!! We now have white Bada Bing bars in 2" and 3" as well as a limited number of Riots in white. We also have the Brassknuckle seat, Revolver sprockets, and Underboss zero rise back in stock. Check it out at and all the other rider owned brands.
-Carter Holland

I made some calls to figure out who sells the Black Market bikes in Canada and to see what size my 5'11" body would require. Once I was sorted on the 22" TT White Riot frame, I decided that new bars and pedals would be ok to buy as well. I went with the RIOT frame over the MOB for cash purposes only-they are identical in spec, but the RIOT is made over seas and more affordable. Some white 2" rise Bada Bing bars sounded cool and really all the kids have white bars these days.... Pedals were tougher to pick out-too many colors. I said to surprise me on the color but that I'd give the 1664 Shaved Beavers a try as I'd ridden a buddy's Beaver Traps in the past and they seemed to cut it just fine. Thankfully the frame came with an FSA Impact intergrated headset as I would have gone-"oh crap" once it showed up.

Assembly was the easy task. Found an old 27.2 seat post with a 2 bolt head and an old Block 8 Sofa King seat (all the kids say to run the non XC seats, so I was glad to find this). An old Azonic Shorty stem and ODI grips attached themselves nicely to the new Bada Bing bar. I almost overlooked the need to stop the bike, but thankfully my buddy Jordan had a lightly used Avid Juicy 7 brake. So after some bartering, I now had an Avid Juicy 7 brake.

Bada What?
Bada What?


Everything else bolted up nicely to the frame. I decided to add chain tugs to the horizontal drop outs in order the possibly save myself an unwanted crash should the rear wheel shift under pedaling. Wow it looks good, but something was missing. Ah some bar caps will finish the build nicely!

Have a look at the whole parts list and cost:

Frame & SizeBlack Market Riot - White - 22" TT$499 CDN
Fork2006 Manitou Gold Label Series 2
•Regular axle
•Adjustable Rebound
•100mm Travel (Firm)
HeadsetFSA Impact 1-1/8" Integrated Incl. w/ frame
CrankarmsShimano Hone, 170 mm in BlackHad and Repaired
ChainringsRace Face 32THad
Bash RingEnvy Bash RingHad
Bottom BracketRace Face X Type 68/73mmHad
Pedals1664 Shaved Beavers-Aluminum
•Sealed Bearings
ChainKMC BMX$25
Rear CogAxiom 16TIncl. w/ hub
HandlebarBlack Market Bada Bing
•2 inch riser in White
StemAzonic Shorty - 50 mm - BlackHad
GripsODI Ruffian Lock OnsHad
Rear BrakeAvid Juicy 7 with 6" rotorTraded for it.
Front WheelHayes front hub - regular axle - disk ready - Rhyno lite rimHad
Rear WheelAxiom SS disk hub - Alex Supra BH rim - Bolt on axleTraded for it.
Front tireMaxxis Larsen TT 2.35Had
Rear TireKenda K-Rad 2.3$15
TubesRegular PrestaHad
SaddleBlock 8 Sofa KingHad
SeatpostKalloy 2 Bolt (27.2)Had bar caps
DMR chain tugs

Well in the end I spent just over $700, but my bike is something that I am enjoying the ride of and I got rid of a lot of parts that I am no longer using. I could have just as easily rolled into the local shop and bought a whole bike for less, but like I said, I'm stoked on the outcome and hell I spent more on my DH fork than on this whole bike! The white frame draws a lot of attention at the pump track and DJs from the groms, but the cool part is they are willing to answer my questions and give advice to see an old chubby guy learn with the rest of the kids. Should be a good summer of learning a whole new aspect of biking.

If you are looking for a Black Market frame in Canada, have your local shop contact 1664 Distribution or if you live in the states call up or email the folks at

Happy Trails,


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 when i heard budget bike i thought id be like a norco hardtail with like a stance or a dirt jam not a great frame and fork and ther stuff lol... better than like 70% of the djers/street riders own
  • + 1
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 Thats a sick bike! Talkin to a guy on craigslist about buying his black market mob off of him. I cant wait!
  • - 2
 i think if u want to learn how to ride street and dirtjumps the best way to go is buy a bmx and keep your freeride bike you'll learn lots of new tricks and skills you can bring to the trail that you cant learn on a hardtail
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 Great article Tyler, nice bike, I liked the budget concept, much more interesting than some punter blowing 5-6k on a 'build'. Props, enjoy the new ride
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 That's one fine ass bike.
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flag p3riderforlife (Jun 21, 2007 at 14:29) (Below Threshold)
 such a gay bike needs alot of work done to make it nice frame is nice but parts GAY
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 ^^and here's the beauty part mister p3riderforlife-I didn't build it up for you,but rather for me. The parts work for what I want them to accomplish and that's what I was hoping for.
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 i feel sorry for you PRIDEFORLIFE. Does it really matter that much if parts are 100% top end brand new. you are probably a little spoiled shit fu*k that needs to re-think your outlook on life. do your self a favor kid and keep your mouth shut.
  • + 2
 and sorry about my vulgor language, that just got my bad side out. Atleast I used an Astric or however you spell it.
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 hahaha just looked at his album, he is a little kid. lol. Wait until he has real life things called bills. Or maybe even a lady friend.
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 that is such a sick bike and fer how much it cost you i give you props fer just getting that bike for 700, and good luck with lernin,
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 hey that pic was taken at chilliwack's bike park right in sardis???
  • + 1
 Yep it was-going there to learn how to ride it is pretty fun. The 2 little pump tracks are so tough to do even remotely smooth, but looking forward to getting good enough one day.
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 that i a nice ass bike my friend has that frame its a super nice ride except he has shitty components
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 Man thats a really nice bkike and affordable, don't listen to all the rich faggots you got a beast there.
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 thats a sik bike, love the frame geo, its amazing considering you put such little $ into it. NICE BIKE
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 Smile if you don't upload some pics of you ripping that beast i will be really disapointed in you. i am looking foward to it Smile
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 Sick Tyler! You have all the tools to come visit the island now! We can be black-market-bike friends!
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 sweet. does this mean you don't need your norco 125 anymore and I can "borrow" it again?!?!

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 Hahaha Mulchee, I just have a frame left that was too small for me. You and your "borrowing"-maybe.
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 Nice Bike !!!!
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 how do you like the bars?
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 ty a sent u an email back soz it took so long
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 nice. i just bought a 2008 norco rampage. its nice too. your bike is nice
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 Love the frame, just ordered mine today.
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 how u like that fork? i got one and i think its sIck
  • - 1
 Well its the first "Street/DJ" specific fork I've ever run and its so stiff. It's taking a while to get used to as it is so different from 8 inch travel DH forks. SO far its good though.
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 also nice bike

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