Laurence CE Blography: Chyeah! Get Yer Shred On - Ep.4

May 11, 2010
by Laurence Crossman-Emms

The road trip continues, and it's just been ride, ride, ride. Hitting up so many different trails in such a small period of time. It's been tiring, but damn has it been one hell of a time. This episode takes us around Kamloops, Chilliwack, North Van and more!

Photos and More Inside...22nd April 2010 – Kelowna – Sign Design

Every road trip needs a family van to go in. And I must say, the '98 Dodge Caravan is not a very good looking van. Naturally we had to try and pimp it out and Nathan Kemila from Sign Design hooked us up with a killer set of decals for on the side of the van. If you saw it, then it was us!

Must say Nathan did an awesome job for us, and if you want anything done, for your truck, bike, or business, then give this guy a call!

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23rd April 2010 – Kamloops – The Ranch
Guest Riders – Chris Van Luven, Chris Ashton, Jordan Masse

We rock up to Kamloops on the 22nd in the afternoon and decided we needed to get some evening riding in at the Ranch. We head up the race track for a play around on some of the features. Come up to the road gap, long story short, hit it cold, blown by the wind and go down like a sack, throwing out my shoulder and getting a good ol' bit of road rash. Which has to be said not the best start to the Kamloops' experience.

But this didn’t stop us getting out there. Day one, Kamloops, headed out to the Ranch with the respected photographer Chris Van Luven, aka CCVL, and his crew, Chris Ashton and Jordan Masse. Hitting up some of the ranch tracks, but also having a play on some of the ranches more famous features. Here is what we got.

24th April 2010 – Kamloops – Backside Kamloops
Guest Riders – Rob Cochrane, Rich, and one big crew

Today really wasn’t much of a photo day, we met up with a big group of people from Loops and Kelowna for a big ride day. Hitting up some up the back side trails in the Loops, here are a few candid shots from the day.

25th April 2010 – Kamloops – Race the Ranch 2010
Guests – Chris Van Luven

We picked a pretty good week to head up to the Loops, sunny, dry and Race the Ranch 2010. Headed out with Chris, and the boys for a day of shooting some races. I'm pretty sure everyone saw the write up from the day so I will keep it short with just some shots.

The ranch doesn’t just attract the racers, even the dirt jumpers were out. Toby headed off to shoot some of the guys riding the jumps. Here is what he got.

26th April 2010 – Kamloops – Harper Mtn

Went to have a chill day up at Harper, but that didn’t happen. Had one killer time at this relatively unheard of Bike Park. Great trails, all prime and super buff ready for the 2010 season. If you haven’t yet gotten up there, then go. Here's a few shots from the day’s antics.

27th April 2010 – Kamloops – Rio

Another world famous trail that just had to be ticked off the list. I must say if you can’t get your van, like us, to the trail head then the ride/walk from the road is a bit annoying when shuttling. And I must say congratulations to Chris for getting the van stuck on a drain pipe.

Has to be said, Rio goes up there with one of the best trails I’ve ridden, just brakes off and pump through all the berms, rollers, jumps, and drops. Totally wrecked by the end, but so much fun.

29th April 2010 – Chilliwack – Sumas
Guest Rider – Jordan Holmes

Headed down to Chilliwack to meet up with the Jordan and Tyler from Pinkbike. After a tour around their head quarters, Jordan took us up to Sumas in Abbotsford. Sick trails, with some amazing wooden structures, but good classic west weather gave us rain and wet runs. I must admit, we didn’t have the most successful shoot, but we got a couple of nice shots between me and Toby.

30th April 2010 – North Van – Loutet & Seymour

The riding that we have been waiting for a while now, the Shore! After a rough night’s sleep in the van on the highway, we made our way into Van at about 8 o’clock, and what’s best to do when everything is closed, go dirt jumping. So we got some early morning therapy in at Loutet and hit up the jumps there.

After a few hours there we headed to “Steed” to find out some places to ride. Decided to ride up at Seymour to get some classic north shore riding in. CBC was closed, so we couldn’t go all the way to the top, but still got some awesome laps in on Neds, Corkscrew, Team Pangor and more. If you are yet to go the shore, you must go there just to say you have done it, you won’t find this riding anywhere else in the world.

1st May 2010 – Whistler – Dirt Jumps

After another rough night on the highway, we made our way up to Whistler. Didn’t expect to get any riding done, but the DJs there were still open from last year so we got our ride on, and all was going successful until my chain snapped. But that didn’t stop me from riding, still went at it without a chain, and for some reason I thought I’d do the pro line, without a chain, which naturally didn’t go too well. Down again on my other shoulder throwing it out, so no photos from today. And then from here on in the photos went a bit lapsed and we didn’t really get many. Had a killer day in Squamish riding some of the trails there, then had a bit of a disappointing day at Pemberton, but we got some good riding in, and it still has been a sick trip.

5th May 2010 – New Steed

After much thought I decided to put the good ol' Big Hit out of commission and get a new bike. After a lot of research and sitting on bikes I decided to go for this bad boy...Banshee Wildcard. Here is a few shots of her, soon to get some shots up of me riding it.

It’s been a long one and probably missed out a ton of stuff, but it's all good. Hope you people out there have enjoyed it as much as I have doing it.

Laurence CE


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 everysingle pic is pod worthy
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 Forgot to Add:

Sign Design
Nathan Kemila
250 215 7446

Hook this guy up for all your decal and sign needs!
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 great choices on places to ride,
articulate and positive vibe,
fantastic photos,
inspiring and light hearted,
how the hell do i subscribe to this blog then?
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 Haha thanks dude. The blog usually goes up on here every keep an eye out.
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 loveing it! keep up the good work boyzz
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 Awesome camera man! Salute
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 All pods Smile
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 Great Job Lawrence! Too bad you couldn't get more shots up a Jamieson but your shots of the loops are sweet! BTW your new rig is sic!
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 Thanks man...yeah would have been cool to shoot up Jamieson some more. Had some fun terrain.
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 Great writeup guys!!! I hope you had a killer time it looks like a trip to remember!
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 It's nice to have made a small contribution to the "BC experience"
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 Chyeah! Get Yer Shred On BOIZ. And your whip is looking really fresh Loz.
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 this blography shred on !
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 great article and awesome looking wildcard
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 that would be an ultimate dream! go on a road trip with ian hylands! always best shots!
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 over the top, great stuff !!!! Salute
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 The picture of the skidder looks scary, and awesome. Not to mention the other pictures...
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 u hav some killer photos buddy! we should go shoot squamish somtime i know a bunch of big hits and sick trails.
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 For sure dude. Holla when your up Whis too!
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 that would be an ultimate dream! go on a road trip with ian hylands! always best shots!
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 Looks like he needed todays Tech Tuesday to fix his chain
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 FML so many good pics... Awesome Pictorial
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 awesome once again bruv!
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 dude your the man .
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 SO Many potential PODS!!!
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 super cool photos
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 POD !

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