Bow80 Trail Day

Aug 22, 2013
by Bow Cycle  
Normally at this time of year, I'd be prepping for the Bow80. With all the flooding and trail damage, I could not put on a race that I felt was safe for riders. Yes, I could have put on the race but getting a ham radio operator up to the top of Moose Mountain would have been tough, it would put pressure on Parks to let us go ahead even though they may not have had a chance to check out the trails and without River Cove we would have had to severely limit the number of racers (which would not have been fair). So instead, I thought a trail day would be more appropriate. I can look in the mirror and say that I have not worked enough for the trails I like to ride and admit that I should do more. I hope it gives others a pause where they can reflect and say the same thing. We rely a lot on the various groups that go out and work on the trails that we all enjoy.

So on September 15th, we hope you can join us for a trail day and realize that there is a lot of fulfillment out of putting work into your ride.

Please sign up on Eventbrite so we have a good idea of the numbers. Bow Cycle will provide the Spolumbos and pop and some draw prizes. MMBTS, GBCTA, and CMBA will provide the trail work leadership and hopefully we have a great day!

Thank you,
Bob Grunewald
Race Organizer
Bow Cycle & Sports


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 TouchMeslowly...this is the very attitude that our community doesn't need. Trails take work, and trails take time, even without having been ravaged by Mother Nature. The decision to cancel a race and instead attempt to contribute to the rebuilding of a community resource, is admirable and respectable. Instead of taking, they are putting back in. We need more givers than takers...so I'm looking forward to seeing you, shovel in hand, on the 15th. Giving.
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 Is it gunna be at moose cause i think they have a trail day on the 15th to?
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 that much more help!
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 MMBTS, CMBA, GBCTA are all doing trail days that day. The idea is for everyone to meet at Station Flats in the morning, send people off to dig, and then meet back at Station Flats for the BBQ.
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 ok thats sounds good!
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 Which trails are we working on?
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 MMBTS will likely work on the trails off of Moose Mtn Rd, GBCTA and CMBA will likely work on Bobcat, connecting Ridgeback to Ranger Summit South, plus some tweaks to Ridgeback.
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