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Video: Brook MacDonald Charging - #notbad

Jun 12, 2013
by Anthill Films  


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 Still faster than me
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 best comment
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flag Sysics (Jun 13, 2013 at 1:48) (Below Threshold)
 I want my time back...

Btw: Trek World Racing Jersey? Eh?
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flag bonkywonky (Jun 13, 2013 at 2:08) (Below Threshold)
 ...even in slow motion.
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 Seems to me that crickets sound the same whether slo mo or not.. Smile
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 added effetcs! ^ That is sick!
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 now there hash tagging on pinkbike...
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flag shredds (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:09) (Below Threshold)
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 first signs of the coming apocalypse...
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flag mfbeast12 (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:19) (Below Threshold)
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flag bbk7 (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:22) (Below Threshold)
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flag PoeticThreeD (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:26) (Below Threshold)
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flag mfbeast12 (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:31) (Below Threshold)
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flag angry-sasquatch (Jun 12, 2013 at 16:57) (Below Threshold)
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 And apparently when you hashtag, you can only show so many frames of mtbing....

The slow-mo was cool but please keep this self-promoting crap off of here. Promote the good riding/edits and the incredible shit that goes down, not the social media, free advertising BS.
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 ^Preach it brother. I don't know where Anthill is going with the #notbad shenanigans, I get them trying to cash in on the social media revolution, but this ain't the place, as mentioned above. And I don't care what others say, this slow-mo is getting old, all they've released for their new film has been 3 slow-mo clips.
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 Dafuq did I just watch. This slow mo is getting ridiculous
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 Being a film maker my opinion is theres good use of slomo and over use, but that would be in an edit....This 'clip' is fuckin awesome! Love the audio the most!!!
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 I watched it without the audio before, with the audio this shot is awesome
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 #Getting in line for neg props
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 Calm down Hodor, the hash tag is just part of the title.
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flag BRANDI1234 (Jun 13, 2013 at 0:18) (Below Threshold)
 So everyone jumps like Gwinny now
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 I still don't even understand what the point of hashtag is!? Does that makes me cool, or old?
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 This is how Josh Bryce sees the world... #stoned
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 Imagine seeing the world like and doing slopestyle. Everything would be so damn easy.
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 Wow , people who hate slo-mo mtb videos , are going to die of fustration with this video !!!
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 i dont even know what just happened!? he was going to fast!
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 I they must of got the sound from someone riding a kona
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 ^ Trek is the new Kona. The carbon operators don't make a sound.
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 Damn, that cricket must have been chirping pretty fast
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 It's a Cicada - and yup, that's how they chirp, uber fast.
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 Fun fact. Cicada is the loudest insect
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 I think the sound was played in real time, because the regular chirps are from some sort of grasshopper, like Brad-G mentioned, and unless it had a redbull or something, the sounds you heard was about as fast as they chirp.
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 Peaty smacking Bryceland in the nuts is still the best slo-mo...this is pretty cool though.
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 link? I have to see this lol
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 After seeing how much everything gets beaten and flexed in that, I would NEVER buy a used bike off of Brook.
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 When all you bitchy little whiners grow up and invest all your time and savings into building a company and a career that is fun, creative, and fulfilling, only then can you post some constructive criticism of others work. Until then, shut your trap and let people who are actually promoting the industry and making things happen do what they do best. Clearly you are all too dense and immature to see the significance behind this clip.
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 "... only then can you post some constructive criticism of others work"
Sounds like censorship to me. This is a public forum, if you submit your work here it will be susceptible to criticism, positive and negative, from anyone - that's just how it works. Anthill, being the professionals they are, are no doubt aware of this and don't need you to be butthurt in their place.
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 want to see someone eat sh*t this slow
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 how about that front wheel boulder smash eh
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 Yes, for me thats what this is about, he comes charging in fast, you can see the deflection of the tires and fork and even back wheel, then he hits that baby head and the front wheel goes flying way off just to grab somewhere else and rail around. I was just looking if it is instinctive or if he did any adjustments in body position. Like before he hits it he goes way down, but is that because he anticipates the boulder and wants to load the front when it touches down again or is it the compression from the landing? I mean was he prepared or did he just catch it by pushing the bike down more and shifting his weight to the side? Ride analysis this is, not an edit or a clip and for me it is priceless! Please moar!
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 I'm like 97.3% positive they dubbed in slow motion sounds of trees being chopped down.
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 And some Darth Vader at 0:57
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 and crickets???
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 im waiting for the val di sole pit walk articles.. heck even 1 week seems so long!! like time is moving in slo - mo...
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 mountain biking moments are BOOSH! and gone. so i enjoy staring at a moment. considering it. fully digesting what is happening. i enjoy the opportunity to consider how f*cking amazing each and every millisecond of riding is. our time riding is finite. tune in.
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 Well what I saw was pretty rad, I could definitely see the idea behind this one.; the visual stress put into that back wheel looked wild!
Try not to get too upset ay Pinkbikers. Anyone would think Anthill actually owe you something.
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 Pleeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee. I Waaaaannnnttttt mmmoooooorrrrreeeeee! Big Grin
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 I think I have a man crush on Brook....legend!
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 This guy is faster than me even in slow motion...
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 His back wheel flexing a lot, it is a little bit strange to me - but maybe it is normal Big Grin
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 I had my eye on the flying bug in the bottom right area of the screen, those bugs must hate humans
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 That was the slowest mo
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 no wonder gwin got away from trek with the session making noises like that
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 that was utterly hopeless. hope this isn't signalling a new era of filmmaking where it's fashionable to be retarded and uncreative.
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 Alot of hate on the hashtag but when #notbad comes out there will be alot of you guys buying it! Including myself!
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 I thought he'd be faster then that.
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 now do the same thing but zoom in pls.
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 well i thought that was awesome
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 This was artful and brought out suspense
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 Poor rear wheel...
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 a lot of nae sayers here
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 Another Anthill film !!! WOOHOO
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 the only time you will see Brooke going so slow
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 anyone else skip ahead to see if he made it got bored after 10 seconds
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 all day!
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 The shit that passes for a "teaser" now...if I wanted to listen to 90 seconds of doctored audio whilst things happen incredibly slowly on the screen then I would

watch this.
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 Just a bad video period.
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 I'm not sure why I was so surprised to see him in a trek jersey
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 Lovely slo-mo Session.
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 A 3 second clip slowed down to 1:30 makes the homepage??? WHAT A LOAD OF SHITE
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 that was pathetic
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