Commencal Insiders - PEF in Nepal - Part 2

Mar 7, 2013 at 0:02
Mar 7, 2013
by COMMENCAL bicycles  
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It took several days to hear back from them. They went deep into the countryside to ride new spots, lots of filming for our next episode of COMMENCAL Insiders, the Nepalese life kept PEF and Sam very busy!

The Pumptrack: "A Real Success"

Built near a school, the Pumptrack’s grand opening saw a good thirty or so riders test it out. A great recognition for the Nepalese who have contributed to this project. PEF tells us more:

"There was a lot of people, a true success! Not everyone had a bike, but it was no problem as everyone was sharing. In fact, I did the same with my Absolut. The atmosphere was really relaxed and chill. And even 35/40 year-old guys were getting into it. They were impressed by this discipline that seemed aimed at kids. In the end, it motivated them to come back during the week and work on their technique as opposed to just riding the trails. This track is an excellent initiative to develop the sport here and it's awesome ".

"Eager For Advice"

"The next day, with Tangui (our local distributor) and one of his buddies, I was able to discover the track used for DH championships. It was not really steep and had quite a lot of pedalling, which made it an Enduro-typed track, but it was still very fun to ride. "

As always eager to ride and looking for advices, the ride quickly turned into a riding lesson for the Nepalese riders: "We stopped on specific sections and we worked on jumps, burms etc.. Here, they watch a lot videos, but lack experience, so I really enjoyed spending time with them and they are more motivated than ever to improve their skills." And to push it a little further, PEF even gave them some … 4X4 driving tips!

Endless Escapade

Always keeping in mind to ride the most beautiful spots, Tangui did not hesitate to take PEF far, far away in the mountains: "We had a long hike and it was close to climbing at some points. I think we'll see it in the COMMENCAL Insiders' video. I really thought that we would never make it to the top ... " he admits. But apparently it was well worth the shot: "The Descent was super nice, very brittle because it is quite sandy here, but we went through the fields and paddies. Definitively not common for us, so it was quite an experience... ".

And finally, a few hours before taking off, PEF thinks back on the life in Kathmandu: "They are really in transition here. Street work to make the streets wider is quite a mess, but it's temporary. So, when you drive , there is no real rules on the road, they honk a lot. You just need to get use to it".

During this trip, PEF and Sam have discovered a country that is evolving, cosmopolitan, and ultimately sharing the same passion for riding. Combine good spots and good bikes, that’s what makes COMMENCAL Insiders. Video coming very soon ... 
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  • + 11
 I wish I could just take off to some crazy place like that and go ride... nothing is more fun than riding in a new place with some decent trails like that.
  • + 3
 But really, I wish I could just take off to some crazy place like that and go ride... nothing is more fun than riding in a new place with some decent trails like that.
  • + 5
 its very strange, everytime when these articles, i feel bad. those bikes cost more money than these people will ever earn in there whole life. sure, we cant compare their life-standards with ours. but nevertheless, i feel a little bit bad. but still a nice artice, with great pictures and expierences Wink !
  • + 4
 you raise a very good point Chriskate. however find me a mountian bike with suspension that doesn't. surely the thing here is they have these bike and they are sharing them with people who would never get a chance to see them let alone ride them. furthermore they seem to have built them a pump track! I mean how much more do they have to do to make you feel good!:-)
  • + 2
 I have the same feeling when watching TopGear:
Why on earth people are watching happy fews playing with cars they will never have a chance to drive?

At least here they were able to ride the bikes...
  • + 1
 I kinda agree but the thing is, if we think about that every place we go we will never ride anywhere coz many of the most beautiful places in the world are poor countries like Brazil(my homeland), Chile, Equador, Peru, Thailand, nepal, Turkey and etc....
  • + 1
 @keskiyo ... thx for that
  • + 6
 Establishing programs so local kids can get free bikes is something every bike company should do.
  • + 2
 Simple, dont feel bad, do something about it!!! I have a friend in Aspen Colorado that collects used bikes people are ready to throw away and brings them to poor kids after having them in usable conditions, here in my home town another rich guy used to do it, its really easy, grab theenrgy and get off the sofa and do something about it. It is possible, some friends and I do it with used but in good condition parts and give them to this kind of kids. Cheers
  • + 1
 Good article Big Grin

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