Cam Zink's Red Bull Joyride Run

Jul 24, 2011
by CONTOUR Cameras  
This is Cameron Zink's 2nd place run at the 2011 Red Bull Joyride event at Crankworx from his point of view.

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 zink was robbed. he should have won his run was cleaner, unique and more bangers that no one else was landing
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flag stefkears (Jul 24, 2011 at 14:48) (Below Threshold)
 you would say that you're america! Was a sick run but at the end of the day semenuk pulled it off and was the well deserved winner
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 it has nothing to due with me being american i like to watch brandon ride and he kills it i just think zinks run was better this time, but in my opinion semenuk is a better rider hands down
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 I agree with Chipper.
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 I'd agree but only if Zink tricked in and did a 360 out of the sat. dish, instead of a superman. I mean at that point it's just a toss up because that frontie and 540 were mental... hard judging for sure.
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 I Agree. his run was much more impressive than semenuk's
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 you guys gota remember that on the hip semenuk pulled a cork flip while cam straight aired. thats a big diff
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 Honestly, Zinks run was terrible, seriously unstylish (except the 540, which was sick, although really low), lacked any kind of flow, landed none of his tricks cleanly and of course, one of the most discussing font flips I have ever seen, just to finish off the run! I expected much better from him! Definitely not a podium run.
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 Wow, you seriously need to adjust what your version of a winning run is... I mean if you think that massive 450 he did was lacking and the FRONT FLIP he did off the final drop was lacking as well then maybe you need to stop riding because that was one of the most idiotic comments i've ever read... Oh and get off steroids because you're making mtbing look fucking pathetic with all your cheap tricks.... for most of mtbing that is.
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 Haha, firstly you cant tell me what i 'need' to do, that is my opinion and I was simply sharing my thoughts on what I see as an undeserved podium place and over hyped run.

Sure, the 540 was sick, but it lacked amplitude, which is one of the factors competitors are judged on and he landed fairly flat and un-smoothly. The front flip however, of course it takes balls to pull of on a jump like that, but it was by far (in my opinion) the worst looking front flip Ive ever seen. For example, compared to Anthony's front flip off the start ramp, that is how a fronty should look. Zinks was horribly off axis, in a bad way, and he was all over the front of the bike, where Anthony was tucked up tidily behind the bars and spinning dead straight. Hopefully you understand where im coming from now ive explained myself a little better.

Im not sure what your on about steroids for, firstly i had never even considered using them, and secondly, what have they got to do with anything ive said. Theres nothing wrong with my 'cheap tricks' (im assuming your referring to my own riding), im simply having fun on a bike, riding with my friends, i dont see anything wrong with that, is that not what mountain biking is about??
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 Drunk talk... anyways, I just find it funny that a kid is calling a run with insane tricks that NO one was doing (how many others spun the quarter hit or front flipped the last drop again?) as terrible. You're comparing his front flip to Anthony's, which is stupid because they did them on different features, they have have different styles and Anthony is an undeniable phenom. Zink throws his fronties slightly different but that doesn't make them any less impressive than any other front flip that's thrown, especially off such a gnarly step down. If anything off axis makes the flip HARDER and saying a front flip can have style or no style is absurd... it's just a front flip... I understand where you're coming from but you're trashing a run for no good reason. But hey you're some random kid so you must know more than all those crappy riders that are judges... right?
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 What was drunk talk?? the steriods thing??
What im saying, it props where props are deserved, he pulled some manly tricks over manly obstacles, but all im saying, is that it definitely wasnt pretty, and I wouldnt have awarded any style points on the fronty for sure. I dont know if you've ever tried any front flips, but pretty much he pulls a fronty like someone trying they're first. Basically, when not committing fully to a fronty your head looks to the side (to see where you are in the air (putting you off axis)) and simply leaning the front flip rather than 'popping' a fronty which looks so much cleaner and more dialed. Anthony's fronty was much more tech, although abviously didnt count as he crashed on that run. Have a look at some sequences of it and you'll see what i mean. As far as 'just a front flip' is concerned, as with any trick, there are riders who simply make them look better, by pulling them in a different way, therefore adding a different style of riding, so therefore any trick can be pulled with style, which is obviously determined by smoothness along with opinion. Yes, he did say in an interview that it was the first he'd done on a step down (and a big one at that) in the best trick, so its expected, however, I am trying to say that although it is a ballsy jump and trick combined, it didnt look good, I respect him as a rider, and no doubt hes got some balls, thats clear after his 3 off the Oakley sender from rampage, I just dont think that he deserved the place he got. Just putting my opinion forward, and i dont see any problem with that, after all, is that not what the comments section under posts is for?
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 What bike is that he's riding? It's FS, so isn't an Order, but clearly isn't a Revolt/Undead either. Maybe the new carbon Uprising?
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 its the new Corsair Konig. Evil doesnt have a slope bike so he gets to ride this
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 No, its a Corsair Dominion prototype in the short travel setting
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flag Shorekid3 (Jul 24, 2011 at 13:40) (Below Threshold)
 Dominions a down hill bike
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 it has multiple travel settings, and it could also be the Ambush frame.
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 He was using a konig
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 It wasn't a Konig. There's a curve in the down tube, like the the Dominion, unlike the Konig.
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 look on the web site at the 2011 konig
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 shorekid is correct. i couldnt find a picture of the new konigs but he did it. i talked to them a while back and they said they where making some changes to the konig, and zinks bike is the output
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 Hey idiots... i've been to zinks house and seen the bike. Its his Rampage dominion setup in short travel mode... look at zinks bike on that website... then look at zinks bike in the comp... its not a konig...
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 It's a 2011 silver konig cuz he was dumb enough to sign with a company that doesn't have a as bike but it's not the dominion
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flag Da-Moose (Jul 24, 2011 at 17:22) (Below Threshold)
 yo, dumbass, do you live an hour away from zink? have you been in his garage and seen his lineup of bikes dating back to his 2006 haro downhill bike? have you seen his 2 crankworx winning bikes hanging from the ceiling of his garage? didn't think so dumbass, now try to talk about something you actually know a tid-bit about...

BTW he told me a few months ago that evil promised to make him a slopestyle bike... so its not his fault they dont have one yet... it dosent make him and idiot for signing with a company who promised to make him a slope bike...
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 dude, calm down.. sounds like someone is bragging? i agree with you on the signing with evil was a good idea... but seriously calm down, just a misunderstanding
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 proof bitches, check the seat-tubes of cam zinks bike, and the 2011 konig... the konig dosent have the triangle.... Zink's bike does... is that good enough for you?
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 Yo dumb a$& ^no one cares
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 You talked to zink your so cool try meeting the norco team and riding with them and meeting semenuk Montgomery and the claw so get out take your photos with you
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 And the second link is a dominion down hill
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 You saw some bikes hanging in the garage Congrats wanna medal
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 yo dumbass, you can lie about ridin with people, just because you are a dumbass and lose an argument, take it like a man. Dont try to get back at me like some school boy bitch with crappy insults... THE DOMINION DH IS THE SAME THING AS A DOMINION! he dropped a lower shock in... read about this stuff man.

please read this:

it might un-complicate the simple stuff your brain just cant wrap itself around...

You lost the argument... its a dominion. take it like a man and leave...
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 K I don't need you writing storys everytime you comment and ^no I'm not lying it's fact it's what happens when your from van city everyone rides hear LOL how many times are you gonna say dumb ass it's seams like that's the only word you know you sound like the gimp
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 cameron would be touched that you are having such an arguement over this Smile lol
the frontie and 540 were the lighlights of your run IMO, nice job cam.
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 Such a stupid argument lol
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 You guys are arguing about a fact (what bike someone has), thats just silly. Why dont all of you just go out and ride YOUR bikes (the ones you should care the most about).
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 What a bunch of darryls hahahahah
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 You're both idiots. Even if one of you is right, which seems increasingly unlikely, it doesn't give you an excuse to spread your stupidity. Argue intelligently or not at all.
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 who cares shut up
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 hahaha im done freaking out. im still a bit sore and tired from northstar yesterday. who cares what bike ya ride zink, you killed it. well deserved second place...
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 Thanks you yelling about bikes is dumb
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 That front-flip was WICKED!
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 Thats honestly one of the dirtiest front flips I think I've EVER seen!!
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 I am a Zink fan. But Brandon had a better run. If Zink wouldn't have crashed flipping the spine, then there would be a close call. But just a flatty isn't big enough.
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 yo but brandon did a flatty instead of a 540.
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 C'mon where is the love, this was judged correctly. The best run won.
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 Contour camera are so shitty !!!
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 And you're basing this statement on this video?
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 Cam was riding last years proto-type from evil, if anyone cares.
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 That was awesome!
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 Man, how sick was this run!
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