Cam Zink's Winning Run at Teva Best Trick Crankworx 2011

Jul 22, 2011
by CONTOUR Cameras  

Cam Zink took home the victory in the Teva Best Trick at Crankworx tonight. Here's his winning run from his point of view. Pretty epic, for sure!


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 i can only assume that the other riders did badly if slipping a peddle wins. yes a cool trick but not done cleanly.
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 I find it awesome watching this get thrown down live then hours later his POV is up, so sick
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 IMO the next best trick was a double whip, and strait slipped a pedal on that, and the next best trick was messere's flip whip, and he landed super sideways and kinda wobbly. Still all those tricks were very impressive for this jump, but the landing were all pretty rough.
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 That was the winning trick ? Gosh a wobbley off axis flip with blown off foot lander ? BMXers must be rolling on the floor laughing
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flag manchicken (Jul 22, 2011 at 4:29) (Below Threshold)
 You gotta remember he got 10 bucks for that wobbly landing but Zink got 200 for frontflipping. I yet again don't think Zink should have won this, he wasn't the best.
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 Hello Manchicken! lol
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 RICHARD, have you come to haunt us?
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 What bike is that? anyone?
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 Have you ever tried doing a single front flip into a foam pit? it is so insanely hard. Cam Zink totally deserved that.
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 corsair konig, evil dont make a slopestyle bike
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 that was a burly trick on a burly jump. done on a full sus bike. you guys go do that jump on his bike and throw down a front flip then come back here and complain. Until then nobody can talk shit Salute
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flag nouser (Jul 22, 2011 at 5:58) (Below Threshold)
 actually brett.. We can. There were better tricks being thrown down and yet he won :s
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 He front fliped a dual sus bike down a burly step down, that is crazy. So no, you can't.
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 I'm not stating that i can do it, im stating that it was an unfair win because there were so many better people doing bigger tricks...
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 It's funny that these kids hate even though they've never thrown/seriously attempted any of the top 3 tricks. Here's a heads up to all the kids complaining about the results... it was RIDER judged. If you honestly believe that you know that a flip whip or a dub tail whip beats a front flip, all on an insane set down, then it would have. The guys judging the event know a hell of a lot more than you kids do and this is one of the cases where you should trust the judges and be stoked for the riders for throwing down even with the joyride still coming up. It amazes me how any of you can find something negative about this.
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 anyone got the update on the claw? atleast i think it was the claw... no doubt someone will correct me if im wrong, it looked like a broken leg when they were taking him off
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 hey steez, i think you're talking about paul bas? i know he bailed pretty damn hard, i'm not sure if anything's been released about his status yet...
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 Bigburd, i think the bmxers know that flipping that bike is hard, dropping that with lots of the tricks that did go down is insane.. and like Samnation say, messere is not old at all!
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 Go to your local foam pit and try a Front Flip. i guarantee you that you will be lucky to get your front wheel facing the foam (down). Cam Zink just did a front flip on a HUGE jump. if you stand beside it, it is really f*cking big. and you can't see the landing until you go off the lip. that means that as he is rolling into it, he has to judge the gap from memory. and if he gets it wrong and over or under rotates, he is going to get seriously destroyed. at least with a tail whip you know how if you can get the second spin in or not. He won that fair and square.
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 Can't hate when the riders picked the winner
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 shit yea it was paul bas, staying up till 5 last night been messing with my memory haha, yea that was nasty hate watching riders break bones! maybe he'll get off lightly
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 steez-kevin-mccloud on scene diagnosis was broken femur of dislocated hip
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 ouch, that sucks man. i hate seeing the guys that are out there giving it 110% go down hard and get hurt.
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 Cameron Zink deserves the win! that jump is massive, belive it or not.
This is what he wrote on his Twitter:
Finally stuck a seat grab flip in a contest... Plus a nerve racking frontie off the step down! #elated ! Everyone threw down sooooo hard!

And as we all know cam is the one to ask whats hard and whats not after his 360 at rampage so shut the front door!!!
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 Not to say that the trick wasnt sick and next to impossible, its just that in bmx (and dirtjump as far as i know) putting your foot down means it doesnt count. I say give it to the best trick that was ACTUALLY LANDED. now go ahead, neg prop me and lecture me about how i couldnt do the trick on a 2lb bmx in an anti-gravity chamber, but it doesnt matter because all of the true bmxers and possibly dirtjumpers will agree with me.
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 ^ well said
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 this video is proof that the laws of physics only apply to mere mortals
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 You need to remember this is 35 minute jam that was interrupted by an injury on a course they didn't get a whole lot of practice on. Plus NONE of you could do anything that strait zink or Messere did off that drop. Plus messsere is in 10th grade you guys were all begging your mothers to let you go on pinkbike at that age. Give the guys some credit. They deserve it. Plus they all have a slopestyle this weekend worth a lot more than best trick so why risk hurting yourself for that.
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 All you guys hating on zink should have been there. That was amazing and the crowd got more excited for that than any other trick, on top of that it was rider judged. Don't hate.
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 i was right there and saw the height Messere threw the flip whip at and it was landed clean! dont preach if you werent there Smile However As fair as difficulty goes, the front flip out off that lip was insane! Zink deserved the win.
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 I would hate if your back wheel clipped the little gap before the jump and you fell would just be such a bitch!!
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 How Come Brandon Semenuk,Cam McCau and Geoff Gulevich were in the contest but didnt do any runs??
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 Did anyone not see Watts`s flip, suicide to bar? An original, knarly trick off a drop and he landed clean
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 lil best trick video by Willow!
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 come on guys, i was just trying to make an original comment
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 that helmet cam sucks bad compared to the hero
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 Is anyone else getting really tired of SHUT THE FRONT DOOR?
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 Glad i didnt stay up.
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 you couldn't even do that jump let alone front flip it, show some respect.
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 lol...just saying it wasnt that thrilling.
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 Zink is worth alot more then, gold, silver or platinum
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 Oh aren't you so cleverWink
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 i was sure people would like this one.... darn
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 Ya, he's worth $200.
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 I didnt think it was so bad mtb1stdegree !
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 come on guys, i was just trying to make an original comment
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 sooo insane!!! :O
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 massere deserved the win with the flip whip!!! zink didnt even lnd his trick correctly. must be sucking the judges off or sumething
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 You sir...are a moron
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 Just because he is 14 or 15 years old, does not make him the winner because he did a high level trick. read my above post and that will explain it.
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 cam zink didnt even land with is foot on the pedals... and he still got first... epic fail on the judges!

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