Canada Cup DH and XC Schedule 2013

May 14, 2013 at 0:09
May 14, 2013
by Tyler Maine  
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The 2013 MTB Canada Cup Cycling Series is back for another summer, with exciting cross-country and downhill mountain bike races to be disputed in three different provinces, starting this weekend.

The mountain bike series, in its 22nd edition, will feature four cross-country and three downhill races in 2013, hosted in three provinces throughout the summer, travelling to Québec, Ontario and British Columbia, with the finals hosted in Whistler BC.

2011 World Champion Catharine Pendrel labels the Canada Cup series as critical to her international success: “The Canada Cup was a critical stepping stone in my development. The courses were challenging technically and physically, and by racing Canada Cup races, I met the racers that pushed and inspired me to improve. Learning to race for the win on World class courses at home allowed me to transition to success at the international level."

Geoff Kabush, who was Canada’s top mountain biker at the 2012 Olympic Games and posted the country’s top result in its history at the Olympic Games, also credits the Canada Cup in his international success: “The Canada Cup was definitely a major stepping stone in my career. The Canada Cups refined my skills, taught me valuable racing lessons, and gave me the confidence I needed to progress to the World Cup. I still remember the accomplishment I felt in 1997 when I won my first Canada Cup in Bromont.”

Canadian Mark Wallace took the win today here in Port Angeles. The next race here will be there first Underworld Cup MTBGP NW CUP combo race . With Trek World Racing Specialized Cedric and many others showing up leaves a lot of us wondering who will dominate at the end of the month

Mark Wallace image by Paris Gore

In 2012, Raphael Gagné took the Elite title in men’s cross-country, while Sandra Walter took the overall title in the women’s elite cross-country category. Mark Wallace won the overall Downhill series of the Men Elite category, while Danielle Uyesugi was proclaimed the Women Elite Downhill champion.

Former Champions of the cross-country Canada Cup Series include Olympic medallist Marie-Hélène Prémont, Olympian Emily Batty, and current national team members, Sandra Walter, Raphael Gagné, Derek Zandstra, Mikaela Kofman and Jean Ann Berkenpas (McKirdy).

The Canada Cup series is designed to provide competitive opportunities to the next generation of cyclists, transitioning from provincial race series to international competitions.

Hosted in partnership between Cycling Canada, its provincial sport organizations and local organizing committee, the Canada Cup Cycling Series is sanctioned by the International Cycling Union.

May 18 – Mont-Tremblant, QC [Cross Country]
May 19 – Mont-Tremblant, QC [Downhill]
May 25 – Baie-St-Paul, QC [Cross Country]
July 7 – Sun Peaks, BC [Downhill]
July 14 – Sudbury, ON [Cross Country]
August 17 – Whistler, BC [Cross Country]
August 18 – Whistler, BC [Downhill]
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  • + 29
 No clue why Downhill is not an Olympic sport by now...
  • + 6
 Yeah even Racewalking is an olympic sport.. so unfair!
  • + 2
 It should be an Olympic sport considering how big it is. Makes no sence!
  • + 6
 You make no "sence" LOL
  • + 3
 I believe the biggest issue is that not all countries can host a proper DH race because of lack of ski hills and the only mountains are way out of city limits. But seeing how hand ball is a olympic sport..... someone should figure something out....
  • + 1
 Yeah thats a problem.. Maybe the downhillers could go to the nearest mountain.. Or the nearest Pro track.. like in london it could have been Fort William.
  • + 2
 fucking curling is an olympic sport.
  • + 2
 They Dropped Wrestling so who knows.
  • + 9
 I wish I was racing in Tremblant next weekend. It is a really nice trail, good old days for me. Maybe next year, I'll make it a trip back home. For now, lets go ride Schleyer on Friday morning! I agree on Olympic Downhill mtb.
  • + 5
 There should be a way to un do disliking a comment bc I accidentally neg propped you....
  • + 5
 I raced the very first canada cup series in canmore AB CIRCA1991 and proceeded to race most of the races across Canada till 1998 !!
  • + 1
 where was that held? nordic center?
  • + 1
 yup !! snowed I think during last couple laps !! frozen fingers
  • + 6
 not much of a series anymore only 3 DH races for the Canada Cup back when i was racing it was 5 to 6 events a season for DH
  • + 1
 There's obviously a call for six or more races, i wonder if it's a promoter thing, as in not enough people trying to put races on. like sexley said panorama makes 4, there still needs to be more, to really get the talent pool the racing time they need to succeed. i wonder how i can put my money where my mouth is?
  • + 5
 Good luck to the guy I sold my bike to this weekend!
  • + 2
 Total shame what has become of the DH "Series". I mean come on only 3 races?! That is a joke.
  • + 2
 Can a racer from Quebec give me a schedule of the Quebec cup I can't find it anywhere!!!
  • + 0
 do a search en francais!
  • + 2 there's an English button somewhere.... but here you go!
  • + 2

No english button that I can find. Google translate
  • + 2
 Good to see Canadian Cycling sending out some info. Also note that Nationals are at Panorama July 14th 2013
  • + 2
 its a dump question but is stevie smith gonna be in tremblant
  • + 3
 Stevie usually does make the Trip to Tremblant. Still don't know this year. My Parents live in Tremblant and I just wish they would have DH there all year round(Instead of the Canada and Quebec Cups). It's really a Rad place and it's a Huge Mountain with so many lift access it's not even funny. So much potential.
  • + 1
 Tremblant used to have DHing back in the 90's. A seasons pass was only $75!! Once the bubble quad chairlift was replaced with the gondola they stopped all mountain biking on the hill.(except for one race weekend)
I will be there this weekend
  • + 1
 Nice use of the NW Cup track to promote the Canada Cup! #fail #haha #hashtagsdontworkhere!
  • + 2
 Nice to see Sun Peaks getting back on the race scene

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