Carlin Dunne wins Pikes Peak!

Jul 1, 2011
by Tyler Maine  
From sending it for the camera in his NWD days...
From sending it for the camera in his NWD days...
Carlin at Pikes Peak.
to winning the Pikes Peak in the 1205 class, Carlin is keeping himself pinned!

Team Ducati Wins Again At Pikes Peak!

Racer Carlin Dunne Sets All-Time Pikes Peak Motorcycle Record In Rookie Appearance

Colorado Springs - Carlin Dunne won the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb Sunday on the Ducati Multistrada 1200, setting an all time event motorcycle record with a clocking of 11:11.32 in winning the touch 1205 CC division, giving the Italian brand its second consecutive victory in the historic race and earning Dunne the title of Motorcycle King of the Mountain.

It was another shining moment in a day filled with epic moments, including the fall of the elusive ten-minute mark when Japan’s Nobuhiro Tajima roared to a record 9:51.278 in winning his sixth straight Unlimited auto championship.

Dunne, owner of Ducati Santa Barbara, competed and triumphed on his store's showroom demo bike, adding more luster to the impressive debut. The 28-year-old Ducati rider was on target from the day he arrived in Colorado Springs, qualifying on pole for the race and setting a blistering pace over three days of testing on America’s Mountain.

"We were definitely anxious to get out and race,” said Dunne. “When the flag dropped I got the holeshot and went for it. The whole week's worth of setup work with my technician, Sam Swain, came together and the Multistrada 1200 worked flawlessly to give us the win. With the help of Spider Grips, Dumontec, BrakeTech and Burley Motorsports we went home with an all time record!"

While Dunne grabbed the top for Team Ducati, Pikes Peak veteran Alexander Smith roared up the mountain course and crossed the finish line at the summit with a time of 12:12.92, grabbing third place behind Dunne’s historic showing.

Screen shot

In what was a wild and treacherous race on a hot, windy, the other two Ducati entries had some tough luck. Six-time winner Greg Tracy had an unfortunate fall while charging to post a fast time, and lost his chance to defend his 2010 title on the Peak.

Second place qualifier Mark Cernicky also suffered from bad luck when his Multistrada's tire went flat several corners past the starting line. All four riders in the Ducati family enjoyed their Pikes Peak adventures despite mixed results, and were thrilled with the dominating performance of the Multistrada 1200.

The Multistrada 1200's race win came on the eve of the unveiling of the Multistrada 1200 S Pikes Peak Special Edition in the United States, a striking version of the Multistrada 1200 S painted and accessorized to match the Spider Grips team bikes competing in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Ducati is thrilled with the efforts of its riders, and hopes to return to the mountain with the Multistrada 1200 for a future title defense.

Motorcycle Winners

1205 - Carlin Dunne (Santa Barbara, CA) 11:11.329 (all-time course record)
250 - Chuck Lee (Ridgway, CO) 12:39.366
450 – Davey Durelle (Elizabeth, CO) 11:50.988
Supermoto 450 – Leeland Sinclair (Parker, CO) 12:05.178
750- Gary Trachy (Orange, CA) 11:32.004
Side Car- John Thomas-Wood (Adelanto, CA) 13:09.4
Quad 450 Steve Tutt (Kansas City, MO) 12:41.960
Vintage- Robert Spann (Pine, CO) 13:33.528

Article from USA Racing.

Addition coverage of the race and Carlin can be found here at Road Racing World.

Jeff Grace Pikes Peak Hillclimb 2008 helmet-cam:

This is the kinda thing that gives me goose bumps and stokes me out! I love to see people that helped progress our sport still killing it, whether on bikes, motor bikes or anything for that matter, he loves to push himself and whatever sport he's involved in - nice work Carlin!


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 There he goes! Wasn't too long ago when me and my friend were talking about where are these "old" NWD stars gone.. It's great to hear about these guys again! @ Swearmouth: Ashfanman is right. If you don't like a story, you don't have to read it!
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 This should be a reply for swearmouth's comment...
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 Did he stop in the middle of the race? What happened to his motorcycle...?
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 The dude in the video is not Dunn, 2008!
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 This is about the pursuit of flow and excellence, and that is definitely what Pinkbike -- and riding -- is about. Right on!

And, did you catch this line? "Dunne, owner of Ducati Santa Barbara..."

Dude seems successful on and off the bike. That is rad.
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 That's classic!! Grabs a "showroom" bike and sets an all time record!! No big deal!!
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 Wow! That's soooo sick to hear about! I remember him from the Race Face UFC and him getting a break from being a runner-up! He had the best moto style and it's sick to see him still slaying because he was always really fun to watch sending it biiig.
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 I am still wondering why he has given up freeriding?
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 Major props. It looks like he's doing pretty well for himself!

"Dunne, owner of Ducati Santa Barbara...the 28-year-old..."
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 Ahhh, we all love speed, taking corners and flirting with disaster. Nice to see someone successful post-MTB career.

At 3.00 you will see how close these racers go to flirting with disaster in this award winning short film of the race (it takes a minute to get going):
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 That first pic is from his filming with! He was a ton of fun to have with us and just shred it! All time course record in rookie appearance! So glad to see he´s still pushing himself and cleaning up! Way to go mate!
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 I always wondered what'd happened to him, the guy used to go big on a bicycle. I had big hopes for Rhys Millen at this year's race, however the batmobile from Hyundai let him down again.
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 So that is what happened to Carlin Dunne! I remembered him from NWD 6 as a great-style rider, but then he disappeared... I thought about a kind of injury or so (didn't hit on an idea to google him)... It's good to hear that he's allright and achieves new successes Smile
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 Seriously? Are we still on this? Jeezus, move along. There's as much useless BIKE related news as there is Non bike related news. Read it if ya gotta. No one invited you to this spitting contest, so dont try to jump in two days late all eexcited that you finally found the opportunity to use a word like "vehemently".

The fact that people who claim this isn't important to them yet still went out of their way to type paragraghs stating so makes me smile. And you're still the minority so back of the line with ya... What is a whopping 3 now that don't see the relevance here? Yeah... no one cares what you people think.

And I don't know you, we're not friends, so I dont give a squeaky shit what your likes or dislikes are so dont flatter yourself! Good Grief!

Now go look up more big words and blabber all you need. I'm heading over to the grown up forums where you must be this tall ------------- to ride...
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 Stupid "reply" button...
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 It was awesome when they were pinning it on the pavement and then it turned to gravel and ur like ...................WTTTTF?!
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 That's so rad. NWD 5 was my first NWD, and I always wondered where Carlin ended up tup
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 I was kind of wondering what happened to him. Pretty cool even if its barely bike related.
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 hell yeah fool was a sav back in the day, glad to see he fell into another sav sport instead of falling off into some hairon on crack
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 anyone ever thought red bull or some other big company could sponsor an event for downhiller's or well anyone to have a big race down the hill on bikes, mega avalanche style?
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 Awesome!! NIce work Dunne!!!
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 Edited: posted in wrong place, so I moved it to where it should have been.
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 woah the 10 minute mark is finally broken!! nice job to carlin too
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 Great to see an old name come back to Pinkbike. Moto-style rules.
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 pikes peak is gnarly
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