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Dec 14, 2012
by Chromag Bikes  
**UPDATE: Alchemy will premiere and be available as a free download Friday, April 5th on Pinkbike. More details to come.**

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Chromag is partnering up with BC Buds Productions to create a FREE, full-length film, capturing the daily riding that goes on within a tightly-knit group of friends in British Columbia. With Alchemy we are bringing it back to the basics: a classic rider-segment structure, awesome music, and no lengthy story to take away from the shred.

Alchemy is a project that arose from an unavoidable nothing: my 2012 season. After dislocating my shoulder over a dozen times, surgery was on the horizon and a competitive 2012 season was not. There was never a question of what I wanted to do in the off-season, I wanted to bike with my friends. Everything that I live and dream for is related to riding with my buddies, and I had to hold onto that over the next season. It was time to pick up a hobby and do something productive, so I thought why not make a movie with all of my riding friends?

We have fun on road trips.

Getting lost in Lillooet.

bigquotesEveryone knows that mountain biking is a great way to meet like minded friends. It has and always will be the glue that binds this industry. From jumping off of retaining walls, to competing at world class events, my group of friends has done it together. The ability to push each other and progress together has created trust and lifelong friends. I am truly lucky to have found this sport. Even more so, I am lucky to have such a truly talented group of friends. The level of riding has progressed consistently since we started doing no footers off of wooden ramps. With very few exceptions, the riding crew today is the same as it has always been, just larger. These days, Eric's house has become a commune for out of town riding friends. Whether Aggy is taking long showers or Kurt needs to get picked up after a long night out on the town, it's a tight knit crew focused on having fun. Seeing Eric deal with injury was hard. This is a kid who lives and breathes mountain biking. Not only was he off of his bike and away from the trails, but he was also no longer able to hang out with friends doing what he does every day. It is so easy to get caught up in the negative thinking associated with an injury, but it presents an opportunity to reflect on how lucky we are to have mountain biking in our lives. The fact that something so simple can affect my life in such a way is amazing. This is exactly what drove Eric to make a movie and it's great to see him take a tough situation, flip it on its head, and celebrate our talented and tight-knit group of friends. Enjoy the Alchemy - turning dirt into gold. - Jeremy Harrison

Digging in the woods: there's no better cure...for anything!

With no experience at all on a DSLR camera, I busted out the Visa and got a Canon T3i with a basic kit lens. I jumped right into it; as soon as my shoulder was healthy enough to walk around and to hold up a camera, I was outside and following my friends around at The Swamp, trying to figure out how to use the camera. Once I grasped a very basic idea of how to work everything on my camera, we started planning film sessions and road-trips all around Beautiful British Columbia. This is a born and raised in BC project about shredding with friends at our favorite riding spots.

The Swamp Rats!

Guilding showing us why he's the Trail Boss.

This leads into the perfect partnership that has been formed with Chromag, a very local brand that sits nestled in the mountains of the Whistler Valley. The boys at Chromag share the same extreme passion for riding that we do, whether it's closing the office doors on Fridays to go on all-mountain epics, or digging hard at the pump-track after work; it's all about riding and good times. With a heightened sense of detail and creativity, Chromag brings the key assets that are needed to turn Alchemy into gold.

Aggy will be carving some serious turns as always.

Reece Wallace showing you how to X-up when you are managing Chromag's Team.

Alchemy is now to be released in Spring 2013, with Pinkbike providing the movie for everyone to enjoy with an Online Premiere. Keep an eye out for a second teaser within the next 2 months.


Photo Credit
Adrian Marcoux
Bryce Piwek
David Fornier
Derek Dix
Eric Lawrenuk
Mike Zinger
Ross Measures
Rupert Walker

Chromag Presents Alchemy Filmed amp Produced by Eric Lawrenuk Margus Riga Photo
Margus Riga Photo

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  • + 37
 I am pumped for the full length film. The teaser is soo good!
  • - 13
flag denverdh666 (Dec 14, 2012 at 3:32) (Below Threshold)
 i creamed myself at :34!
  • + 8
 cant wait! finally a film i don't have to pay for!
  • + 10
 Chromag for the win!
  • + 10
 I could deff go for some fat BC Buds right now...
  • + 9
 I loved the vid but what kind of a dumbs rides that shit with no lid....
  • + 4
 spoilt by that bmxer without a lid
  • + 4
 Typical bmx'er riding without a helmet !
  • + 14
 Yeah Lorny! Stoked to see this.
  • + 1
 Amazing, showing everyone how you can make a rad mtb film with just a dslr and some mates!
  • + 7
 Whips don't lie !
  • + 3
 I'm looking forward to the second trailer because of what this was lacking. My fav Chromag vids are always about an AM hardtail in the middle of nowhere... More of that please!
  • + 3
 so incredibly stoked for this. nice to see all the bc boys get together and produce something amazing. I would pay money to have this on dvd hands down! Lornny please get some dvds produced. Sell them at Gullys garage sale!
  • + 4
 Did anyone else get freaked out by that picture of that thing in the guys wrist?
  • + 1
 that is his wrist. broken to shit. and yeah it freaked the hell out of me
  • + 4
 At first i thought that was a tree branch or smth with blood on it, then i took a second look...
  • + 4
 great teaser wanna see the real thing, wat song?
  • + 1
 song please?
  • + 2
 Edit - If You Crump Stand Up
  • + 2
 Awesome video, really loved the shot through curved limb. But the music sounded like an old Busta Rymes instrumental. i.e seizure inducing.
  • + 3
 a hat don't protect your head! by the way really nice edit! Wink
  • + 0
 protects it from minor abrasion Wink felt the need to leave a smartass comment
  • + 1
 This is going to be great!

BTW, I love all the photos... They would make a great coffee table book, that I would buy... *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*
  • + 1
 I want that aerial view carve track shot on a piece of canvas and hung on my wall.
  • + 2
 Hope Jinya has a segment!
  • + 1
 no jinya hardtail action?
  • + 1
 Lady in the pink pants- find me, ride me.
  • + 1
 looks sweet, but that bmx guy had no helmet...
  • + 1
 Looks good. I'm looking forward for this movie.
  • + 1
 Nice teaser! Dudes arm injury looks KNARLY!!
  • + 1
 That's Jordie Lunns wrist D:
  • + 1
 Another reason why summer 2013 should hurry up !!
  • + 2
 So rad guys!
  • + 1
 awesome!! btw- SONG - if you crump stand up - edit
  • + 2
 richtig fett !
  • + 1
 Really funky quirky trailer. I'm really looking forward to seeing this.
  • + 1
 Yay! Super Excited!
  • + 1
  • + 1
 Damn!! Can't wait..!
  • + 1
 You have my attention
  • + 1
 Such a sick video!
  • + 1
 Easily one of my Favs!!!
  • + 1
 Oooffffff like
  • + 1
 Yeah! Stoked!
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