Chrome SHINS-Knickers that aren't just for the couriers.

Nov 28, 2006
by Tyler Maine  
Ok, so with all the clothing companies out there, you'd think that we'd be all dialed in for new gear and designs. Well this new garment isn't coming to you from a clothing company, but rather from a Messenger Bag company that happens to know a few things about fashion too.

Chrome is the manufacturer of some of the most in demand courier bags on the market. With all this time spend flying around the streets of all major cities, their clientelle was in need of some user specific functional, fashionable wear for during and apres work. Enter the SHINS.

The SHINS are a three quarter length technical cycling knicker and I first saw them back in the spring but wasn't able to get a pair for myself until this past October. Which turns out was the perfect time to be running 3/4 length riding gear. The appeal to me is that they look really good-no big gawdy logos that stick out like a bad hair cut. They are fashion meets function, straight from San Francisco, USA.

Yep we sometimes have to hike up too

Yep we sometimes have to hike up too

Ok so you're going "Tyler, who cares if they look good, what else can they offer me?" First off, I know that you care what they look like or you'd be rocking Louise Garneau bib shorts and a Yellow leader's jersey while free riding, but since that's not the case, I know fashion matters too.

Here's the tech low down though. The SHINS are made of a breathable, water and wind resistant, 4-way stretch fabric that features articulated knees for ease of pedaling. The combination of the articulated knees and 4-way stretch fabric makes for one nice pair of pedaling friendly knickers(I laugh each time I type that word!). Since I have been primarily wearing my SHINS on downhill runs, the re-inforced padded ass and inseam area hasn't been a huge benefit, but I can definately see how it would make a long day in the saddle on some down town streets more enjoyable. Getting them all wet and muddy on the last weekend up at Whistler was fine as the mud just fell off once it dried (No Staining) and the fabric dries so fast too.

The features on these shorts are also well thought out, from the nice big belt loops to the zippered cargo pockets. Belt loops mean you don't need to worry about lame pull tabs to secure your spare tire in place and you can wear that favorite belt your grandma bought you for Christmas too! Cut higher in the back and lower in the front for a nice natural fit.

-Machine Washable and Dryable
-91% Nylon 9% Spandex


Small: 28"-30" / inseam 21"
Medium: 30"-32" / inseam 22"
Large: 32"-34" / inseam 22.5"
X-Large: 34"-37" / inseam 23"


$135 USD (Suggested Retail)


-4 way stretch material is great to ride in
-big zippered cargo pockets so you don't lose important items (mini tool, cell phone)
-short enough to stay out of your chain rings
-each time you say knickers you'll laugh or at least smile
-lifetime guarantee against defects

-lack of big corporate logo (even if I'm a lable whore)


-$135 is a lot for riding shorts, but damn they feel and look great
-Made in San Francisco, USA (just kidding)
-only one color option so far-Charcoal Grey

Not just for couriers

Not just for couriers

My final impression is that the SHINS are now a staple in my riding gear closet! I am way over stoked on the comfort level that I've found here. Yeah they were designed by a messenger bag company, but who else spends more time in the saddle then a courier does? Exactly! So you know that they are build for function above all else, the bonus is that they look good too. I'm looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the San Francisco area in the coming months. Good work folks!

Visit to learn more about other Chrome products and upcoming garments from their small clothing line.


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 how's about... who gives a shit??? if they work, get em... if you feel they wouldnt work for you stick to your dickies... i ride in shorts all year and i really dont give a shit. shorts work for me, and if thease work for you, go spend 130$
what ever floats ur boat people...
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 Go ride in -10 degrees outside. Then tell me you would wear shorts. WHen I lived in the midwest we rode year round. -10 was a common thing.
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 Get real people! Where does chrome get off charging that price? Buy a pair of dickies for a hundred beans less and cut off the bottoms or let Grandma hem them for ya! All the pockets you could want, bomber fabric and construction, and lots of colors. I do swear by their bags though, I’ve used one for 6 years in all seasons and the hidden pocket is a key survival item.

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 i don't get it. when did shitty fashion trends get the green light in the mountain bike werld? those over-priced and plain ugly man-pris. chrome should stick to making large purses for the always ambiguous messenger crowd and leave the real clothing design to people who have roots in dirt. i mean, who can't take a $10 pair of dickies and cut a few inches off of the legs?
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 I can't argue with you on the price, but they are a lot more tech then a pair of Dickies, but yes Dickies work too. The argument here is that there are those of us out there that are willing to pay more for a piece of riding gear that we feel is superior to something as simple as cut off Dickies. No average rider needs a V-10, but damn there sure are a lot of folks that have one-its called options and choices. The SHINS are another option for riders to clothe themselves in, and well they are as well made as their bags are, so that should speak volumes to those of you that are looking for such an item.
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 k first off chrome has been around for a while, and yeah thats pricey and yeah you are paying for the name... whats messed is obviously someone is missing the fact that we have the best courier bag/clothing manufacturer right here in canada they also sell pants that are just as good if not better for cheaper and they're bags rock so who is paying this dude to advertise for chrome.. bahh
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 I find it funny that several people praise the use of a chrome bag, but scoff at the idea of buying their pants. Instead of paying $100 for a Chrome Citizen bag, couldn't you go to an army surplus store and get a canvas messenger bag for $20? That would go great with your cutt off dickies... But really, the Chrome bag is worth the money (in my opinion) and the pants probably are too. Seriously, you are all upset because it's new to the scene and there is little reference point for the product. What do you pay for snowboard pants? $150 for a lame-ass pair... upwards of $250 for anything worth riding in. Why not snowboard in your beloved dickies? Get my drift?
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 I have to agree that the price tag is steep. For durability beyond the Dickies as suggested above, check out your army surplus shop, and the combat pants with the "rip weave" that stops those nasty tears from obliterating your pants. The combat pants are also about $100 cheaper alternative, and can easily be modified for the "knicker look" if you are that bent on fasion trends.
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 So Chrome hooked me up with a pair of these. (I work at a shop a block away from 'em) So they are vastly better than a pair of dickies, for one they are flexible. I have always hated dickies for their lack of flex, I much prefer Carhartts. The material the chromes are made of is the reason for the cost. Its super stretchy. They have a sudo-pad in the seat which helps. I have been using them for about a year of regular use (work, dirt, commute, crash, wash) and they look brand new. Granted I didnt pay $130 for them. I do want to try some Enduras though.
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 Of course we can ride in anything but the little touches do make a difference, especially after a long, hard ride. The price does seem a bit steep for what they offer though... Have you guys seen these:

They seem to offer good technical features at a better price. I just ordered a pair so I'll let you know how they hold out. There's an in-depth (roadie!!) review here:
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 Okay guys I've been for a few rides with the 3/4 length Endura Humvees and they rock! A plethora of useful pockets, comfortable lining and stitching, vent areas for good airflow, quick to dry and waterproof in light rain. They are also lighter than I expected and good for warm climates. I haven't bailed in them yet though so I'm not sure how tough they are. The only thing that bothers me a tad is the high-contrast khaki/black scheme that seems a little on the showy side but will probably appeal to most people. All in all well worth the money.

While on this subject, I'd like to put in a good word for for being such a great site to deal with. Amazing selection, prices good on most stuff, good service, shipping times and costs. Check 'em out, mateys!
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 Bah $135+. I wouldnt spend that on pants. Plus the fact they come from san francisco further adds to my dislike. Go get a pair of dickies 3/4 length for 30$ and go shred. Yea the belt loops are smaller, and ye theres no additional pockets but they will last forever. Plus they can be used with welding and or mechanic work. All in all I bet my pair of dickies will out last those overpriced pants.
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 I'd sure rather wear a pair of cheap-ass pants that i'm not worried about tearing or getting shit on and spend the rest of the cash on cheap beer. That's a whole lot of loot for some pants. Do they sell that shit at Le Chateau by anychance?
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 Haha but that is true, for you Aaron, you live on a budget and have to prioritize your spending accordingly. So obviously this piece of clothing is not marketed at you per say. But I also know that FREE is a flavour enhancer for you and should you be at Le Chateau and they were handing em out like the old days at the BS, you'd be line for a pair! Enjoy the cold nights in Calgary.
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 I think the shants look dope, although I can't personaly pull them off. It is alot of cashmoney but there are pretty tech.
I would rather shell out $100+ for some nice clothing from a good small bike clothing company then spend half that at my local MEC or REI for something with no style. On the same note I usually ride in $1 t-shirts from Value Village so what do I know.
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 Chrome has been around for ages. I have a Chrome jacket I bought at the Vancouver Bike expo in like 96, Tom Morello used to wear the same one in some interviews.
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 yea im a lil umm up here its either shorts..or might be great where you are but making one of the two for here would be killer.
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 to t3h 1337r... i ride in -30 temps, but in those temps i wear pants. im not that stupid
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 the shins hafe arived my! very very smoth pants!!
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 Are guys allowed to wear Capri's?
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 I've seen your Hardtail Jimmy and well if you can ride that, I can wear my Knickers! hahaha Capri's is such a bad word, let's use Knickers-Ha! Have fun up north buddy!
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 nice spants, ya wont get in gears yayayayayay
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 i hafe orderd this pants yesterday online!

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